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Pending concept and terminology changes in MD

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I am planning a series of concept changes in MD, here are two of them to discuss:

XP term renamed game-wide, because it is not actually xp, it is more like "Heat tolerance". Make the xp flow, gaining and losing, more fluid. Make "XP" caps dynamic not static (!)
Suggest terms to better describe what current xp is.

Tutorial story
Intro story, what is now known as storyline, will be presented as a requirement to pass, something to allow you "in" what md is, sort of an introductory quest. The story and game start won.t change but part of the interface will be locked and fisrt part of the story will be presented to have the purpose of filtering players, in fact that is what it does.

open to any sort of replies

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[quote name='Fyrd Argentus' timestamp='1300480096' post='80846']
How about "Erolin Control" and you talk about your Control Level and Control Points...

You could also adopt the term "manna" and redefine it from its common meaning....

I like the concept of Heat, for soem vague undefined reason in my head. It works with the sun imagery and allegory.

Heat tolerance seems apt.
Otherwise, I was considering suggesting "Understanding" to reflect "Mind Power" levels as the understanding to do more with creatures, rituals and such gameplay. But then that causes the implication that lowering one' XP is a loss of understanding, which has it's own negative connotations to consider.

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If you think it doesn't make a difference, then you aren't thinking about it right :P

I won't spoil it for you, but it is a damn good example of how "A rose by any other name" can be a bit silly (although, take that quote in full context, and you can't really make the same comparison. So Don't T_T)

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  • Root Admin

maybe it wasn't clear enough , there are no other tehnical changes done with this name change at this point. A concept change means however that certain things cant remain the same because they are now based on something else. It is good that so far i saw xp in a different way and now this is just a name change because other things , like losing "xp" are already in place.

This concept change also reveals a lot more about so many things in md, that without "heat" made no sense in connection with the rest of the world. The most beautiful example is liquid dust seen as counterbalance of heat. It explains the four fold balance in md quite nice. player - heat - liquid dust - shades, become now more clearly connected and poles of the same balance model.

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