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MD Long time bets


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I recently noticed that there is really no gambling in MD. So this post will try to create the first gambling association named: Long time bets.
The procedure is simple: One person will have to make an assumption about MD with a time line also proposing a bet. (example: I bet 2 silver that Chewett will succeed on passing Mur on active days in the next 6 months), then some other person will have to call that bet. The starting day of a bet, is the day a person calls that bet.

Some rules:

1) Only gambling on MD stuff (but it can be anything about MD)
2) The bet can be from coins to silly acts or anything you might think of as long as the participant agrees. (No credits or real money and stuff)
3) Betting on a "sure thing" is allowed. So try to be sharp and choose your bets wisely.
To make it more fun all the bets should be placed in this topic so we all know what the bet is and who is participating.

I will start with my example: I bet two silver that Chewett will succeed on passing Mur on active days in the next 6 months.

Lets start gambling.

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  • Root Admin

I Would take that bet :P Eitherway lol

Its an intresting idea, But i dislike gamberling in general unless you really can afford to lose what you are betting (which should be ok since its MD and you dont "need" anything). But then what about the whole "family friendly" side? i dislike the idea of minors betting and such, But i agree that you shouldnt nesscarily ban them since most MD'ers iv met (young and old) are very responsible, I just dislike the idea.

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I like the idea, but also agree with Chewett. I think a simple way to prevent it getting out of hand would be to limit the bet to Silver (no creatures or credits, ever in a public bet), and limit the max bet to something like 6 silver.

I'm confident that people won't be silly with this, especially since there are no odds multipliers on it (ie, you are betting for a pot, like in poker, rather than betting like in horse racing or boxing where you bet against the odds)

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As much as I like of the idea, I'm going to have to disapprove it, there's just too many problems and downsides.

The first would have to be rigging. Take for example the bet for above, if the bet is made between two people other than Chewett, Chewett could essentially not log in if he desires one of the parties to win.

The second is the time limit placed on it, just on the same example, although it is stated that is 6 months, would this be anytime within the 6 months or only at the end? (This is probably a petty issue but I guess this one isn't too much of one since it would most likely be explicitly stated.)

The last is payment, I mean if it's a bet you would either need someone to hold on to the bets or risk not being payed out once the gamble has concluded. We haven't had many big issues with trade yet but the council has been called before so this one is probably something that would happen.

I mean on the flip side; everyone has fun! But I'd still say no to this, sorry.

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Family friendly side: I must say this didnt cross my mind. Well limiting the amount you can bet can be a disaster, on the other hand since there is only a pot and its basically an agreement between 2 people i think it will be fine. Gambling is not always something bad. And i doubt there is 1 player in MD that isnt familiar with the concept. Thinking that this can turn him into a gambler isnt a bit extreme?

1) The bet above is an example of a "sure thing". Chewett didnt start it, i did. So its my decision to basically lose 2 silver.
2) Any time during the bet counts.
3) As for payment well its a bet. It kind of is like a trade deal. I doubt people will not pay and stuff, its supposed to have funny bets not make a profit out of this.

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Hmmmm. The six months could of course be 1 week, 3 days, 2 months. No real limit to the days. The "long time bets" is more of an advertising trick :) Maybe we can have a person that collects the bets the time a bet starts. A neutral person that we all trust wont leave MD without giving his place to somebody else first. After all its an association.

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People can bid on auctions with no specified deadline, pay with rl money for in-game features etc... Bets are not really much different - when betting you consider reliability of your partner :-P You do not like the bet or partner you do not bet :-P

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This family friendly thing has always confused me.

We can't watch imaginary violence, or hear naughty language on tv, yet I clearly recall watching people get brutally murdered on the news a few months ago.

Where is the line between reality and fiction? MD is fiction. What ever happens in it does not exist. If I were to command my creatures to kill the other creatures, is that not a double standard? Violence trumps gambling, does it not?

MD is not the place to put restrictions on what we think is "healthy" for children. If we get rid of gambling, get rid of the bars, sacrificial altars, the hanging dead children in Necrovion, the references to demons, the jail, etc.

The way I see it is if the parents let their children on the Internet they should be responsible for what they see... Not us. We are not responsible for raising children, let alone deciding what they should be exposed to.

The Internet is a scary place, but enlightening as well.

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Vicarious you bring up a good point (although not really on topic here).
As for the bet idea being actually educated in law though I have no personal issues with it I for see allot of court cases in this case. Although I try to mediate and make people settle there disputes without entering the court of mur or give the defendant a little extra time.

However there is an easy way to keep this out of the court system. In order for something to be a contractual agreement both sides have to have ensured benefit. So in this case people can not go to court since no side is guaranteed some sort of retribution in the case of losing. Unless that agreement is presented to the person with a wax drop or red sticker applied to it. Basically what I want to say is bet at your own risk the court system wont help you with this.

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