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Neno's item artworks and avatars

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browsing through players inventories i noticed that lots of items dont have artworks done, so in endeavour to change that im offering to do free item artworks for such. yes free. theres no catch or anything, its just something i want to do.

but... yes there is but [img]http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/public/style_emoticons/default/smile.gif[/img] knowing that adding artwork to the item costs me one credit i wont be able to go to mass production. what i was thinking is that ill use funds from free credits for that cause. so as soon as i get my first creds from there ill be able to equip first items with artwork.

so if u would like to get artwork for your item u can post here or find me in game. or.... to go along with recent post i saw out there about reviving rp maybe it would be better that we meet in game than here in forum. i do not roleplay but in this way i would like to give support to their efforts.

ill just need full item description and maybe your guidelines on how u see item for which u want artwork to be done.

please dont expect it will be done express due to creds isue and ofcourse my "artistic freedom".

altough i said im doing this for free some people insisted to donate something, so i want to mention those noble individuals:

[b]Princ Rhaegar[/b] donated total of 16 silver coins for his 4 orders
[b]Fyrd Argentus[/b] donated 5$ code. 3$ for him and 2$ as a donation for others
[b]Shadowseeker[/b] donated enchanted memory stone
[b]Shemhazaj[/b] donated 5$ code. 1$ for him and 4$ as a donation for others

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uh, splendid ^^

I have my own stack of credits which I am willing to use on Item pictures, so I don't require you to spend yours :)

These are the items that I would like to have artwork on, tell me what you would like to do and we'll arrange some details via PMs:

1)Deer Hide Boots

A soft pair of knee-high boots made from deer skin. They enable the wearer to travel with near silent footsteps in woodland.

2)Drachorn scales

Scales of the fabled creature drachorn. Highly durable and resistant to fire.

3) Savelite Banner

Held by Anubarak, bannerman of the Church. Savelite crest on white background.

4) Savelites incense

Lovely scent which may cleanse your mind and enlighten the body

I will give some sort of payment for sure, though.

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I'd like to commission a scroll of parchment, which has a seal on it that's been broken, with the first line showing Jail Decree in letters, and the scroll not pulled out far enough to see anything else but the Jail Order line.

Is that descriptive enough?

I'd prefer to put the picture up myself, because it does have the reason why I got jailed on it actually, however I can wait for my item picture (until Mur finishes that feature).

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  • Root Admin

i think a remote item picture upload feature is needed so that artists can enhance items not in their inventory. Uploading art that is not yours is something i won't agree to so for now either transfer the item temporary to the artist or wait for this new feature. . For security reasons the artist should know a portion of the ITC but that will also allow him to remotely alter item image at a later time.just so you know.

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its bee a while i posted here..

heres something thats about to be uploaded to MD avy shop but wanted to give a chance to anybody that would like to have it exclusively. reserving rights are gonna cost u one gold coin. offer ends soon because im eager to let it go! :)



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