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wts GG Glaive

Fyrd Argentus

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For coin of the realm or other valuta.

Glaive (ID: 8123)

Decorated with Golemus symbols like the drac and the little people
[upload picture]

1 gold minumum bid, will sell if no opposing bids for 72 hours.

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So help the peanut gallery understand this horse race better....

Jason V must be citizen of GG if he is a member of a GG alliance, yes?

Kyphis and Grido both have said they'd help a GG member.

Pip seems to be helping Vic....Vicarious, what is your citizenship? [If not GG, we must determine if you've got to beat Jason by 4GC or more...]

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Aye, this is all true. I was not aware Jason, who held the highest bid, was a member of the Guerillas when I was requested to raise the bid, so I raised it. However, Jason and I have been in contact and since sorted it out, so unless someone outbids what he is willing to bid, he is aware of my reserve, and if either of our reserves are met we will discuss to what extent we can work together to increase that.

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