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Memory Stone spell casts


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Linked with; http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/10070-memory-stones/page__view__findpost__p__87650

I have the toadspeak spell with 50 casts of it.
As part of a trade with Eon, I agreed to add these to a stone for a fee, he gave me 2 stones, I used the item, added the spell to it and gained a "Toadspeak Stone" item (see previously referenced thread).

When it came to Eon using the stone, he activated it and only got given 3 casts of the spell - I was under the impression that all the casts would be transferred to the player, not that the majority would go missing. And yes, all 50 of my spells are now counted as used.

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From announcement 1896:
"If you have a memory stone, and a spell, you can use all the casts of that spell at once to "memorize" that spell into the stone, enchanting it."

From the Memory Stones meeting:
[09/07/11 04:22] Muratus del Mur:it gives you about 2 or 3 charges

Sorry for lack of context, but I can't control what Mur said <<

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  • Root Admin

the entire spell , regardless of how many casts it has (needs to have 80% of them available) will go into one stone, stone that can cast 2 or 3 casts afterwards (3 if it was created using 100% spell casts available, 2 if it was less). You are storing information into the stone, not power/quantity. The ine using the stone recalls that information , the initial quantity is irrelevant. If you have 1000 identical books, all you need is to read one to know whats inside all. This is the reversed process of that, it transfers all your "information" on that spell to the memory stone.

clear enough?

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[quote name='Muratus del Mur' timestamp='1310427767' post='87666']
If you have 1000 identical books, all you need is to read one to know whats inside all.

Then surely once you have learnt how to cast a spell from one stone, you should be able to keep some of that knowledge and not have to replenish it with more stones?
Perhaps for each stone used you could get a new skill, such as "Spell Casting"? It would be like Woodcutting but at a certain amount of points you can remember a certain amount of each spell permanently.


Spell Casting: 0.3 <--- You remember 1/10 of this amount of each spell cast (0.03). >1 means that the spell is still too dangerous to cast without a stone.

Spell Casting: 20 <--- You remember 1/10 of this amount as a permant spell cast (2.00). You remember how to cast this spell twice without the need of a stone.

Of course the values could be changed to make it harder to get 1 full, regenerating, cast.

Just an idea I had, though probably won't work for a few reasons.


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The problem with the analogy of it being like a book comes up here.

With a book, once you read the information it is stored in your brain. You can re-access it and study it further, but if your memory is good enough you could remember and use the information for the rest of your life.

The memory stones, on the other hand, do not do this. When you enchant a memory stone, the stone stores the information required to cast the spells. When you activate the stone, however, it does not transfer this knowledge to you.
The knowledge remains on the stone, all you have is the knowledge of how to activate the stone. The stone requires any materials that are consumed still, such as Heat or VE, and you pay those costs, but the stone is what performs the spell, not you.

Think of it like an automated manufacturing line making say, a shoe. Assuming the factory line was made by a single person for simplification reasons, the person who made the manufacturing line would also need to know how to make a shoe, otherwise the manufacturing line would not work correctly. You on the other hand, as the operator, do not need to know how to make a shoe. You only need to know what materials the machine needs, and what buttons to push to make the machines do the work for you.

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I do get what you mean but the amount of spell casting you gained from using memory stones, could be extremely low. Though, as you said, there could be abuse with alts, although I thought items could not be transferred between alts any more. Meaning less alts enchanting memory stones for the main, making it harder to abuse? I could be wrong, but this whole idea is just that, an idea.

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