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My short experience in MD.


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Why I left MD. Not that anybody actually cares its just a need to talk that made me write this. And it might actually be just scattered thoughts nothing more nothing less.

1) MD is a community based game. Authority and respect come from people believing that the certain individual is important. What can easily be seen from the start is that most people who are supposed to be "important", "respected" etc etc are usually idiots. As far as I learned without ever talking directly to Mur even he thinks the same about most. So here is step one in advancing with the game: You have to be polite to idiots, spend time talking to them and if they think you are ok then some doors may open for you. I am sorry but I never really got along with talking to people the way they want rather the way I want.

2) MD as a game in interesting but you play it through YIM rather than magicduel.com and anybody who thinks otherwise is totally blind.
It was amazing what I could achieve simple by talking to some people on yim and what I kind of achieved. (Granos it was a pleassure talking with you).

3) The main target of MD is understanding it. I cant really say I have a deeper understanding but from what I managed to see it is really a world based on something. An amazing creation by an amazing mind (probably). But why should I spend so much time trying to understand what an individual created? I prefer creating rather than understanding a creation. No offense but the way I look at it MD's goal is fascinating and stupid at the same time.

4)And last: For all of you who know watch closely how many lifes MD has actually destroyed. And I mean it literally. How many friends stabbed each other etc etc And in the end it works the same way many things work. It makes people think they are important in their little words. [insert name] is great in MD. People know him/her, love him/her but what about RL life? And just a random addition. If people in RL are assholes MD makes them 4 times worst.

And now come on you IMPORTANT people. Start blubbering about how wrong I am.

Yours trully

P.S. Thanks to dst, Jester, Azull, Kiley, Peace, Ravenstrider and Granos who actually made MD fun.

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I'd slap you if could, you know that...

You should have at least popped on YIM once in awhile, I thought something might have happened to you in RL (given what has[was] been happening in Greece).

1. You don't "have" to, look at dst. Also I would have to agree with that to an extent, but that's another rant, or an old one.. :))

2. You spent all that damn time bugging me and bugging me (not that our conversations weren't fun XD), getting others to bug me, and so on and so on, till finally I'm back and now you leave?! I will cut you -_-...

3. There I somewhat disagree with you, the main point of MD is what you make it--Play the people not the game :P

4. No comment...

Seriously , though ima cut you... It really annoys me to see you leaving, I was looking forward to seeing you unfold your masterpiece, your one of the very few people from MD who actually made me paranoid....

Ill probably edit and add more to this when I no longer feel like strangling you.. >.>

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Aww, I have to second that while TTL as a character really got under my skin at times, I actually really enjoyed your difference of opinions. Having a foil was nice, and I had hoped for Great Things(tm) from , as Granos mentioned, your unique ability to "play the people". Maebius, for one, will miss you with sincerity.

Best wishes in that other realm. :cool:

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*sighs* I knew this was coming, but have to say to see it written saddens me. First and foremost I agree with Granos and wish you would've reached out and let me/us know you were ok. I've worried about your well-being for weeks...[b]may the demented angels punish you severely for this:)[/b] I've not much else to say about your post..well I do, but losing a friend outweighs a game. I'll miss having "real" coffee with you in the morning, and wish you the best of luck in all of your endeavors. You are a bright young man that will carve a wonderful future for yourself I've no doubt. Take care and be good to you.

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As far as I understood TTL, it´s not a matter of "having no free time" why he left MD. There is one principle wich works mostly perfect - "Love it or Leave it" wich means (for me) that everyone is free in his/her decision to choose his/her very own way! TTL did it.

Applause for being yourself!

All the best possible for you TTL (even if we never meet or talked).


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I had so many hopes for you, ever since your beginning. I feel bad for not being there when you were closer to the end. But it is better to do what you feel is right. I will miss you in MD but not in reality, right?

Don't be a stranger, Johnie boy. ;)

P.S(for TTL): Το τηλέφωνο το έχεις, άμα κατέβεις Αθήνα μην κ δεν με πάρεις ένα τηλ... Σε έχω σφάξει!!! :P

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  • Root Admin

[quote]And now come on you IMPORTANT people. Start blubbering about how wrong I am[/quote]

I fell importand :D so here is what i have to say about how wrong you are or are not. First of all, thank you vey much for posting your opinions so honeslty up and not just leaving without any remark. That is very valuable to me and even if i am right in what i will say next (or not), i basically failed to ensure you as a MD player to achieve something out of it , so bad point for me. Anyway here it is .. the blubbering:

1) The way you behave to others is relevant for the way you respect, control, and value yourself, not them. If you have to be polite to idiots you learn to control yourself and still achieve your goal without crossing your ideals and ways..polite means diplomacy, you learn something, or you dont. In RL you are surrounded by idiots you need to be polite to but there you are not a character you can learn from , you take the hits directly. The people that reach leadership positions are not idiots in md..that should make you think..what was it that you missed when considering someone an idiot. This can make you learn something...like for example to understand those you usualy judge first, and only judge or label them after you understand them fully...
Again, this is not for them, is for yourself, for the way you respect yourself and your judgement. Its a mirror, everyone around you might be you , how can you understand yourself when your eyes can look only outside and you are unable to understand others?

2) Taking md to YM is something i was against and still am and will always be. If you take this beyond the virtuality border, md is no longer a training field or a learning experience , it becomes an extension of the reality you live in, so become the things that happen in it. I keep saying (with words or actions) that a character in md should not be bound by the person behind the keyboard. I use PLAYERNAMES with everyone, and i do mind when called "Manu" since you actually dont know manu at all. Same applies to each one of you. My advice..if you decide to go outside MD borders, keep being your character, or be ready to face whatever will come. Your character is NOT you , is ALSO you...big difference.

3) creation is perfectly possible, md is not only about understanding it..thats optional. In fact if you would look around, so many create rather that understand what i created. I don't mean roles, i mean ideas, discovering things, new things. See MD as a foundation that gives a start, a unwritten book. Its true you cant be as creative as you wish in md...just imagine the chaos. MD "goal" is not making you understand it..stop making assumptions to what md is. Anyway why do you believe "understanding" hinders "creativity" ?

4) true, a virtual world amplifies any traits , any character features or flaws. If assholes are 4 times more assholes as you claim, then you should think you should have been 4 times more resistant to assholes in this "virtual world". However you can't do that since you moved MD to messenger..your fault only. You think it give you the illusion of being different? well , in my opinion , if that illusion stands in front of others that judge it (in-realm) then its not an illusion. If you end up loved or important for some, its your merit, not an illusion. The fact you discover in RL that you fail badly at it its because the outer-world as influences you miss to consider. Lets assume you are a fat ugly pig with the most hideous face humanity ever saw (example), then you are a charming guy in a virtual world (ANY). Ofc this creates a gap between your daily reality and your virtual character, but also allows you to see things from an other perspective and learn about things you could have never knew existed. Me for example, i am a skinny littly guy, yet I once played the mighty Knator Commander, a strong beast (not so strong anymore at all but eh..). Being in a way in rl affects your judgement in a direction, making you miss things about yourself due to the way people see you. MD allows you to evaluate what might be if people would see you different. If you are a charming jonny bravo in RL, and everybody moks you in realm, you might think about why too...

I should write a big waranty note at login: MD experience waranty lost if YM opened.

Thanks again for your observations, very useful to know, the replies too.

dst, how true :)) ..sadly this was my painful lesson in md, i cant get attached to anyone because of what is described in the quote below. TTL at least you can run, I cant.

[quote name='dst' timestamp='1311177321' post='88358']
..there is an user life cycle which I've learned to respect ...

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