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Token Competition


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This tournament will be a little more difficult than the former competitions.

Generally, everything except for spells is allowed this time. Any shop creatures and tokens are allowed, as are tokens, combo and all that.

However, and here's the fun bit, tokens that are used can change the behavior of your opponent greatly.

As usual, it'll be a 1 on 1 tournament, and you win against an opponent by winning the outgoing as well as the incoming fight against them.
The defender uses a ritual with 0% influence and announces a token count to the attacker. The defender obviously mustn't use more than the announced count, but he has the strategic freedom to announce a higher count than what he actually uses (aka, put the attacker on a wrong trace).
For every token in this announced count, the attacker can use either 5k combo OR 1 token OR 5% pray power, mixtures possible, in the attacking ritual.

As examples: The defender announces 0 tokens. In this case, the attacker has to fight with 0%, 0 combo and 0 tokens as well.

The defender announces 20 tokens. In this case, the attacker could use 20 tokens, or 100% influence, or 100k combo, or a mixed strategy of, for example, 6 tokens, 50k combo, and 20% influence.

Just like the defender can play with announcing a higher count, the attacker doesn't have to use up all the points they could. If there were 5 tokens announced, the attacker could as well play with 4 tokens, no combo and no influence and let the last available point open.

If one of the two fighters goes over the announced count, the fight counts as won by the other party. In this game, such a failure doesn't lead to disqualification because it really could happen easily. Don't sign up if you have problems with maths <.<

'Useless' tokens count for the token count, of course!

Rewards depend on the level of participation, as usual.

Sign up for the event until Friday, 9th of September, please include the MP level you will play in, as usual.

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MP3 has no competition, sorry. Maybe another time.

MP5 (including Amoran) has 2 groups of 3, who have to be reduced to 4 people until saturday. So, starting today, the following groups have to fight:

Group 1:
Lone Wolf

Group 2:

One of each group has to be eliminated until semifinals.

On Saturday 17th, 21:00, Semifinals take place in the Sparring Grounds, with the whole MP4 group in a battle to eliminate one of them, and the MP5 semifinals.

On Sunday 18th, 21:00, Finals take place in Sparring Grounds, with the first and second from MP4 group and the MP5 semifinal winners.

Tournament Scheme:

[u]Until Saturday[/u]

Lone Wolf - MasterB: Lone Wolf WINS!
Lone Wolf - Shadowseeker: Shadow WINS!
MasterB - Shadowseeker: Shadow WINS!

Alyon - Amoran: Alyon WINS!

[In the unlikely case that all players in one group win one game and lose one game, the whole group starts over]

[u]Saturday, 21:00[/u]

Passant - Tipu: Tipu WINS!
Passant - Elthen: Passant WINS!
Tipu - Elthen: Tipu WINS (without combat)!

Shadowseeker - Amoran: Shadow WINS!
Alyon - Lone Wolf: Wolf WINS!

Sunday, 21:00:

Tipu - Passant: [b]Tipu wins the Grand Prize: St. John Allerdyce, Elemental with 2,9m heat and 162 age.[/b]

Shadowseeker - Lone Wolf: [b]Shadow wins Grand Prize: Prot Freeze Stone, Master of Puppets and 3 gold.[/b]

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SS beat me in both attacker and defender fights.

No, I meant , For each fight as defenders to announce it.But Anyway ... it does take only MAX 7 minutes to do both fights in calculation and preparation of rituals, so nvm :P

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Unfortunately Eon decided to leave the contest due to the complications that come with having an MP6 in her group. So Al and Amo pretty much just fight to get the easier semi-final opponent now <.<

Might have to change the MP5 price now, too, participation is dropping before the combat time runs down already >.>

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I don't like this thing about change the reward for mp5!!! I have beat Eon and now that he decided to leave the contest you change the reward for this competition? I don't think that if he would beat me he would leave the competition... you put the reward thinking that Eon would win it??? I hope no and I think no about this...
however the choose is yours... this is only my opinion so don't get it as thing that you must change but only as my personal opinion...


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I've decided for the reward based on a participation of 6 people in MP5 group. Eon decided to not play, unfortunately, and lower participation leads to a lower reward. That's how all the SGCs worked, and that's how all further SGCs will work.
It's a pity that so few bother to try, and since my rewards are not as plentiful as those of Mur, I can't give out WPs and pricey creatures for contests with just a few people in them.

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