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MDNP Revival Effort


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MDNP has been dead for well over two years since the last issue.

It is time for a revival effort.

With the permission of the Lords of MD (Mur, the Council), I would like to take a stab at this.

Now, my writing skills are not amazing, nor are they something to aspire to. However, I can edit, monitor, and manage the MDNP. This will take some time to get going properly, but I am looking for the first issue to be written by the middle of the month. Then edited, organized, and printed by the end.

All I am looking for right now are some volunteers to help get this started. (Might be something in it for you from my own personal stock (NOT the TKs) if you do well)

If anyone, especially NEW players are interested in writing for the MDNP, please pm IG or through the Forum.

The following subjects I would like to cover in each issue:

1. Knowledge Articles (2/3 Writers)
2. Gossip Articles (1/2 Writers)
3. Advertising (1 Writer)
4. World Issues (2 Writers)
5. Quote of the Month (1 Writer)
6. Recognition Article (1 Writer)

If you would like to write for the MDNP, please write up an article and submit it to me. I will review it and then discuss it with you.

Remember, this is a serious attempt to jump start this. I will only accept well written SERIOUS articles that are not riddled with spelling mistakes and grammar mistakes.

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Well, the way this will work is I will act like this will be a normal issue.

I will bring everything together, and submit it to Mur. If he likes what he sees, then I will go ahead with the next issue and so on and so forth.

As of right now, its just a waste link. I would like to start it up again, with a real effort (no bashing on the previous attempts).

I think this will get a better chance due to my involvement with the FB Page, TKs, and other things. :)

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[quote name='Windy' timestamp='1315252749' post='91520']
But will there be enough activity going on to warrant restarting the paper?

In response to this, I would like to direct you to two meaningful things said in [url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/5832-calling-all-archivists/"]this topic[/url]. ^_^

The initial statement:
[quote name='Gargant']
"1. The newspaper is behind by months because there is nothing worth writing about, if there were then the writers would write."

The rebuttal:
[quote name='Akasha']
"...a newspaper, with true journalists [u]always [/u]finds something interesting to write about."

And, really, think about all of the stuff that's been happening… I mean, we just changed Stages, there's all of the cauldron testing, Necrovion's current status… I'm sure that they could find something to write about if they put their heads together. :D

Don't expect news to fall into your lap, you have to track it down.

Enough said. ;)

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I would like to point out the tools are in place as it is, even without the Council or Mur's assistance.

I have access to edit the page where they're displayed (you have to either get Mur to upload them to MD, or upload elsewhere and link), if you wanted to get access to the page yourself, then you'd need Council/Mur help.

But like I said, it's perfectly possible without the Council or Mur's help.

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Brulant, well said!

Everything he said was correct.

There has been a PLETHORA of things to write about in the past month ALONE.

I would like those of you who wish to write for the MDNP to submit an article to me via PM.

I don't want any "humourous" articles. Like the Metal Bunny Underwear article of the previous newspaper. The Newspaper should have a serious tone to it, but at the same time, quirps or humour are welcomed with open arms!

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I wish you the very best of luck. Two comments:

1. Consult with BFH - he headed the last effort to revive MDNP, and surely has valuable information for you.

2. I personally thought there was a high energy barrier to the "monthly" format of MDNP, which is why I structured the "People in the News" forum section as I did - to provide a venue for continuous/online updating. You can see for yourself the mixed success this achieved - probably more due to my tounge-in-cheek editorial style than the basic concept. Think about it... If there is any way to dovetail these operations, would be great.

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