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Scary Monster Contest!


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[center][center]Scary Monster Contest ('11)

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We have all seen a fearsome Drachorn, a lumbering grotesque Grassan, and the ever scary Knator War Master, but who has ever been afraid of a Winderwild?

Now is your chance to scare the bejeebus out of your fellow MDers by making the scariest monster in MD!

The Rules:

1. Only Images found in MD may be used. You may alter the image(using photoshop or paint to draw onto it), but do not add outside materials to it. It must be a recognizeable MD image as well. (Small additions are allowed. Pumpkins, skeletons for example.)

2. One submission per player.

The Winner will be announced on Halloween, along with their prize. It's a hefty one like usual. ;)

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[size=3][font=verdana,geneva,sans-serif]yeah, that's how i understand it too. there's another thing i don't understand though: "do not add outside materials to it". what's that supposed to mean? i.e. i can't add horns, or teeth, or something else to winderwild?[/font][/size]

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Brulant, and Elthen, and Katt are all correct.

You may draw on it (or use photoshop) but do not add random pictures from Google (etc).

So, if you wanted to make a scary Winderwild, don't use a picture of a demon and edit it into the picture. Draw the demon yourself. :)

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The Scariest Monster - DST


It dwells in the underground hunting down the weak and Innocent people. Poking its nose where it doesn't belong.

Only one Hero can save MD from this annoying monster and thats ur Awesome, handsome and smartest guy in the Town - ho yes The TIPU muwahahah...

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[quote name='xrieg' timestamp='1319748548' post='94730']
santa unlimited edition
No Santa I was good, I swear it, please don't suck my blood out or poke me in the eye!

The ghosts are the two hooded men from "The Passage of War", the pumpkin is Champions dome and a Joker body holding Guillak's sword with the head from Loreroot's Warhold.


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[b][i][font=trebuchet ms,helvetica,sans-serif]Once when a heavy drought occurred, only the mighty trees stood alive with full power, they helped all the other flaura nd fonna, they gave home to many seeds....but not knowing what they really are....and now they show there true face....."the Parasites", they have infected the trees..bringing his evilness out and now he scares instead of protect...burns instead of regen oh! God....please save the trees.....[/font][/i][/b]



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