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A more readable Adventure Log


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[quote name='Guillak' timestamp='1319984397' post='94911']
If you appreciate it, I intend to do a similar thing for the announcements, although this one still grows. [size=2]Hopefully the Adventure Log too will grow again some day ...?[/size]

The announements will be finalized into a more readable format for highlighting of specific ones of intrest once i have finished it. Currently i am in the stage of catagorizing and commenting them. Once that has done i can prepare the interface to allow for easier searching ect.

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Try here; http://md-archives.com/categories/archives-of-legends/official-documents/adventure-log.html

I know md-archives hasn't been used in a while (massive shame, it's a nice place), but it does still exist - have people really forgotten about it?

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Yeah, no it's not finished.

Can't remember how straight forward it is, but you could set up an account, then upload the bits? Find an active admin on there first though, can't remember who they are XD will try and find out

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After checking it recently i cannot approve any new accounts properly. I need to talk to Mur regarding this and hope to resolve the situation in the coming weeks.


Oh yeah, and if you didnt guess im one of the admins on it :P

Awiiya is also one, But i imagine he has a similar problem to me after looking at the setup.

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We can create PDF's automatically when its updated if he shares the latex source, or i can do it myself. Its just some macros, anyone could do it if they want to. I can see that the server has some form of tex distro if needed.

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Yes! That way I won't go idle while reading it! That's what deterred me the first time(s) I tried and I just never bothered to try again...it's been a fun and interesting challenge putting the story together based on folks saying things like I (or others when I eavesdrop! :ph34r:) should know what they mean :P (and checking individual pages for reference every once in a while)

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