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Bubble Cost and Quests


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-The first bubble is free of charge. Pass by or send me a message, and I will either give you an ITC, or if you idle at the way, I'll pass it directly to you.
-The next bubbles require that you complete a quest of my choosing. These could be hard, or easy, or medium. But they'll most likely be bizarre and odd and creative, so be prepared.


1. What is Eon's favorite color (given to anybody):
Completed 11/18/11
Proof: [url="http://storenow.net/my/?f=3440"]http://storenow.net/my/?f=3440[/url]

2. Draw a scene of your choosing; focus more on impression than accuracy (given to redneck):

3. 3 word series (given to Shadowseeker):
Completed: 11/18/11

4. Recite MD's two line scene poems backwards, and tell what it means, and why you chose those (given to Phantom Orchid):
Completed: 11/20/11

5. Construct a poem from excerpts in chat (given to Kyphis)

6. Ask a newbie three questions (given to Grido)

7. Apologize to all those you defeat in battle (given to duxie)

8. Spend a day alone in the Underground (given to Clock Master)
Completed: 11/21/11

9. Report the best creature name (given to lashtal)
Completed: 11/20/11, 11/23/11
Proof: "Today's best one was baiano's toxicoden, named Esporos da bahia (Spores from Bahia). "
"I think I found a great great name... It's Shemhazaj's Walking Tree, named "Root, Bloody Root"

10. Find geometrical shapes in the World Map (given to falronn)

11. Marind discussion (given to Maebius)
Proof: [spoiler] The simplest answer of course would be to repeat Mur's post on forums regarding MArind being a fragment of our own childlike Dream-self, who had died because we grew up. Yet, I think otherwise.
Marind may represent us, still, but she has not 'gone' away. We've only forgotten her. Plus, since the realm has a bedroom and a Land itself named after her, I think there is a similar aspect in her having personality beyond our own. (like the creatures are described in tutorial.. independent, but bound to our spirit too)

In this regard, and based on clues with certain Stories I've overheard, I think that Marind exists "in our Past", in terms of memory and the somewhat 'physical' concept of time... and she also still lives a half-life within the realm, somewhat like the Shades exist, but are not generally present to encounter in our travels. [/spoiler]

12. Imagine an item (Zori Ca)
Completed: 11/23/11

13. Give a report on an alliance (darkraptor)
Completed: 11/22/11

14. Create a verbal dreamweaver (phantom orchid)

15. Dislike good qualities (Princ Rhaegar)
Completed: 11/24/11

16. Word (BloodPrinc)
Completed: 11/23/11

17. Dice game (Esmaralda)
Completed: 11/23/11

18. Ten herbs (MasterB)

19. Impromptu poetry (Esmaralda)

20. Friend sacrifices creature (Clock Master)

21. Sing your homeland a song (stavaroiu)
Completed: 11/23/11
Proof: [url="http://i40.tinypic.com/2qsqw0p.jpg"]http://i40.tinypic.com/2qsqw0p.jpg[/url]

22. Map (Hedge the Frog)

23. Tea party (Ivorak)

24. Famous player interview (fenriskingofwolves)
Completed: 11/28/11

25. Convince a player of a different name (Zori Ca)

26. Marind Bell personification (Princ Rhaegar)
Completed: 11/30/11

27. Portrait of a player (Phantom Orchid)

28. Firs Court (Princ)
Complete: [url="http://www.dodaj.rs/f/2j/Xc/3Ojkbljf/za-awiiya-2.jpg"]http://www.dodaj.rs/...za-awiiya-2.jpg[/url]

29. Acousticremains (Princ)


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