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Puzzling Experiences

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Roll up, roll up! 

Welcome to a new series of quests, made to frustrate and test your skills in various areas of expertise!

Each month I will be unveiling a new quest with different rewards and prizes, some will be small and some will be large, but all will be just as annoying (or fun, for some) as the last! 

To view the current month's, active quest in more detail, simply go to the GoE and tell the lower right tile to "Puzzle me!", then simply follow the steps from there!

But, to kick things off, the first quest shall be...

*drum roll..*

'A puzzle or four!'

Description: Four puzzles have been placed in various locations in the realm. Using hints provided, you must find the locations and complete the puzzles. The one that completes the quest the quickest (in it's entirety) will win one wish point.

Instructions: Check GoE for starting details. Once a puzzle is completed, PM (forum/IG) the completed image along with it's correct Co-Ordinates and (if it has one) location name. Once that has been received and verified, you will then be given the next clue to the location of the next puzzle.


  1. One account per player only.
  2. You will have 3 attempts per scene to give correct name and/or co-ordinates.
  3. Failing 3 times with any one scene will result in 'game over', so think carefully.
  4. Don't get annoyed at me if you think these are annoying (I got annoyed at me), you join at your own risk!


Player to complete in the quickest time will receive 1 Wishpoint.

Closing dates:

Final entries to begin the quest will be 23-01-17, 00:00ST and all final submissions 30-01-17, 00:00ST

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