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Transmitting the knowledge about the A25 Questmaker Tools

Message added by Muratus del Mur

This article is copied also on the locked Questmakers Backpack forum section. The version here will remain visible for everyone to see and to get a chance to get involved and become the next superpowered quest maker. The other version will remain on the locked section and will be updated if ever needed, with more detailed instructions, based on the feedback and contributions received here on this one.

Those who show they are really interested in this and that i consider to have the mentality, wisdom, perseverance and passion needed to go on, will get access to the locked forum section where you can digg deeper into the docs of these tools , and participate in their use in an active way.

Consider this article a sort of gateway. (Oh and you will have to explicitly ask for access if you wish it, i can't guess intentions, but do not ask without first trying to do what i said in the blue part of this article)

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  • Root Admin

Veteran or Skilled Questmakers, ...this is for you..... Help is needed

Summary: i am looking for legendary, trustworthy, wise, super smart and creative people :))) to bring to life a new generation of quests and interactivity in MD, with the a25 tools that are already in use for a while. Similar to how Azull helps with this, an other legend.

This document is long, it is inteded as a sort of documentation / tutorial / GUIDEBOOK. Its is a sample, and more than enough to give you a good hint or start to continue it yourself!

Dream scenario: Quests will be made by players working in teams , with help of permanent or mercenary artists, or story writers, etc. One or two could have access to A25 Tools, an other makes the drawings for scenes and items, an other plans the logic, they all agree on the theme and idea of the quest.

I tested this on the island with A handful of people and i think it could work. If a SINGLE person will find this article useful and contributes to it, and gets to use any of the info here, i am happy, it means my efforts to bring a next level of interactivity in md where worth it.

I am sorry its so long, but i put everything i could in here, because except me nobody else knows all the details, and i wish others know too, and bring A25 to life not keep it as mysterious admin interface for two people.


i need help to write this better ..or at least structure it better, right now is a salad... maybe better more clear english, or better, NEW examples, more accurate ..i don't know..read and you will understand :)

I wrote it as an initial tutorial or usage example to explain just one of the ways that the A25 tools could be used to expand md with one type of quest.

The plan is to inform anyone interested of the current capabilities, and see what comes out, maybe expand the number of those with A25 tools access, or just make a brainstorming and tutorials on how to add better and interesting quests in md. Either way, i will decide on the way, but dont expect rewards. This is not a contest. Its true that if you have a sound logic and i see you also have a good reputation, are trustworthy, smart and most of all WISE (yes wise, or smart enough to seem wise)....then i might promote you so to speak. I intend to let anyone that i trust with these powertools, and with the needed mentality, to build quests for md, his own, or for others..but with these super tools.

I believe that if someone could grab the ideas from this document and make a clearer version, eventually shaped on an actual scenario or quest of his own, It could serve as a good example for anyone that would want to add a quest using these tools.

Currently the access to the tools is limited, because as you see they are very powerful, but if others would know what they do, even without using them, they would have a better understanding of what is possible and what not within a clickable a25 based quest. Maybe this would lead to me or others that i trust to use these tools, to implement those quests at some point. 

Its do-able to have a handful of people that can actually use the tools, like coders equivalent, and all the other quest designers that understand how they could be used, and guide these "A25 developers" to continue to expand MD.

A25 quests are not designed to be one time quests, they should be automated, perpetual adventures, for all new players to come. Thats why this type of quests represent the future for our community, because people come and go, but these are intended to stay and expand MD.

Feel free to add your changes, suggestions, anything...

Feel free to copy this doc to your own post and make your own version of it!

Depending on how much interest is shown for this, i will oganize the related posts better

Anyone that shows an obvious interest and capability in understanding the A25 tools at least in general, and adapt the text here on other better examples, can request A25 forum access, to see the details about the exact commands syntax, and much more. Its complex stuff, and i am not arround to babysit anyone..if you want to do this you have to be confident you are able to.

For now i think just Azull has full access to all these tools, his temperament, reputation over the years and impressive ability to decide what much and what less means in terms of rewards and effects, made me to trust him in this experiment. He does exceptionally well, that for me means that others could become part of this select group too, but its hard to pick you.


So it beginns.......




Implementing a Quest

ATTENTION : I assume you have a quest plan, artworks, logic and a general idea of where and how you want it to work. You are the creator and designer of the quest, not this document. Use this document to get some idea and suggestions of how i believe it should be done but feel free to be more creative than this.

A25 Tools: All the commands here should be checked again in the docs Action on clickable Items where they are kept updated, here just example uses. 

Tip: When commands allow messages/alerts, personalize the command messages, but only after you check their default value and order of variables if any.

Tip: Do not work alone, try to find yourself someone to help. Its always better to have two opinions or more...plus you need someone to test what you do.

Tip: Give temporary or consumable rewards for the checkpoints, but permanent ones for the final step.

Tip: Make your quest worth playing even if not won


Define the map zone where it will take place, or start.

Define its final outcome options/reward/result



All examples i give are actual things that can actually be made with these tools. If you are not certain of a capability of a tool, i will detail it more as needed. There is a huge documentation for all these commands and triggers, and more examples, explaining each paramter effect..so there is a lot more that could be done, but i am writing just the first few things that cross my mind right now, the rest you can think of yourself (and complete this doc by writing your ideas!). The name (word before the # sign) is usually explanatory for what the tool does, and the parameters should spark your imagination on how it could be adapted to a certian scenario.



Add checkpoints
 try to divide the entire journey from start to end , in steps, so you can reward or give some feedback to the participants periodcally. 
Paying attention to the participants only just at the start and at the end , can lead to a frustrating experience. Try to have clues or smaller activites on the way, so they have a sense of progress as they advance thorugh the quest.


Define the entry point and start point
This entry point can easily be a place on the map that contains a clickable with startquest command, and a relocate parameter, so that they players are all set for the quest when they click it , and also get transported to the starting point via the relocate parameter.
Entry point could be the same with the start point, in such a case you don't need to add the relocate param to teleport users away. However, some areas of the map are impossible to reach for most, so be careful how you plan your audience.
Planning a synchronized start? all you need to do is adjust the paramters of this command that starts the quest and set parameter ''who=onlinehere" so that everyone online at that moment in that location starts the quest or competion at the same time. You can also relocate all or scatter them across the map for an even more fair start.


startquest#key=quest-autumn2050;nomsg;nosound;msg=You took the boat to the tournament, You have a new quest key [[%s]];relocate=1_0x0_2;who=self;announce=[isle coords %s] ::: %s Took the boat Tournament."


You can limit participation to a quest in many many ways, but one that is certain to bring a certain type of people in , is by checking their active days. Active days are not lowered or increased by ANYTHING in the realm, they will always represent a rank of activity and loyalty towards the realm in general, but not a rank for skill and personal abilities or charisma.



Patience is a virtue, you can verify how long someone waited in a place with this simple command:



Pickable items, Public use items,  Progressive combiners, where recipes and only certain planned combinations of ingredients return a well planed result, and a lot more advanced features are possible to be created with the A25 tools, its really a lot. I will leave this sort of features out of this document because each one needs a lot of explaining, and the documentation provides it, its redundant to write it here. 

However, keep in mind that they are an option too, but consider it is an option that requires sometimes my help, at least till you master these tools better.


You should read the docs of all the commands and also check out their default messages , in general by not specifying your own msg or announce parameter. In case you need to swap the order of variable in the message, ai ma afraid thats not possible, but you can do as then above example by placing the first paramters thats the key, first, as a sort of label, then the only remaining param, in this case, is the playername.........announce=[isle coords %s] ::: %s Took the....... Like this you swapped apprently the order of variables, but technically it is same order.  Instead of  ... key ... playername ...., it reads isle coords:, followed by a visual sepparator ..::::: , then the playername as if it would be the first in the sentence. You can use the order of params as they are in the default message also, much better actualy.

Players should begin at the entry point and be taken to the start point. The startpoint itself is best if locked in such way that others would't be able to participate if they do not have the quest key received from the entry point.

Use the activated rules and triggers to configure what is available when and how


Checkpoints (you can name them differently if you consider, steps, levels, stages, trials, etc)

Plan the checkpoints, their locations, and their role. 
Prepare art that is suitable for those locations.
Accessing the next checkpoint could be a matter of finding or obtaining something through trading or otherwise, and using that item to receive the key needed to open/access the next checkppoint:

takeitem#item=Large Rock;key=labyrinth_hidraulics;t=85000;msg1=ACTIVATED! You used a Large Rock to hold this device in position.;msg2=You need something heavy to hold this device in position;msg3=The rock still holds this device in place, go further.

(A sample use is in the labyrinth, check it out)


Group effort or teamwork tasks are great ways to separate access to the next checkpoint. Using storeitems command you can create fillable clickables that will activate and do something only after they get filled/completed. Check out 'scope' parameter to configure if you want it as a group effort checkpoint, or a personal effort task. If you make it personal, think from the players perspective and try to determine if what you ask is possible and how could it be achieved. Leave hints of your solution.

storeitems#needs=Piece of Cake;howmany=12;processtime=3600;info=Assamble a big cake;whenused=removeitems;scope=player;
optional: scope=player  will count items per player, ignoring progress of other players loading this item
optional: reset=true will clean up the storage giving back all loaded items.
Heat is useful as a measurment of activity too. 'Problem' with heat is that is gets lower every second..but there are jars and heatstones and spells, and fighting and sacrificing and so on, basically nearly everything in MD influences heat a bit , lowering or increasing it. Heat is something that can be controlled on your own, or with help (in a team). Let them decide how, and face them with a challenge related to heat, using this command


helper commands to consider: apboost, scatter, moveto, alert

Situation based triggers can also be used to unlock a checkpoint, or a side feature of the quest. You could plan group challenges where a team needs to work together to complete the task and move on, or be cruel and just one of the team members moves on...depends entirely on your design.
the tools allow you to activate something remotely by a group of people, each holding an item at a certain location. There are advance parameters and usage scenarios for this. It could be used to stage wars and clan fights if needed, or even setup a burgler team with some watching over and other stealing the others team treasure.
...its really just your imagination that should go wild , the command is powerful enough to face anything :D.
Its also a great trigger to check online players in a certain place...or to build a land weapon of your own design, all in one powerful but simple command.
itemsatlocation#items=Test Key 1|8_dockpathtree_1,Test Key 2|8_dockpath_1;mode=all
Well there is a tool to use that part of md in a more creative way. A dangerous way if you ask me because i don't remember what happens if the actual ancient heads competitons starts again while people are under the "influence" of this head ripping tool...but i guess it will just be more interesting :D
With this tool you can check the number of heads on a player to do whatever other action you want based on that. Heads are obtained through fighting so this is ideal for a more intense fighting based quest/challenge
Heads system has been enhanced to be usable in a specific area and group, without the realm-wide heads competition to be on. This is currently used as a way to exit the island , as an example of its use.
Note: Expanding the realm through branched stories and new scenes
Oh yes, that is also possible now quite easy. I will not go much into this here, but i just want to mention it. You could create your own locations, just like the rest of the realm scenes. All you need is a perfectly fit drawing, an good reason to convince me or whoever will play with A25 tools to help you upload it. Do you remember when an entire Labyrinth section was uploaded overnight, well, thats part of these same tools , 3 clicks to add new scene. Only if artists like Sushi where more easy to find :) 
Passing the checkpoints
To access a checkpoint you need to complete the challenge from the previous one, get the checkpoint to give you a key, or item, or trigger, or anything else possible through the commands, that will be required at the second checkpoint. In addition, the second checkpoint needs to ask for its own challenges to be completed in order to pass. In this way, each checkpoint has a requirement to be accessed, and a requirement to be passed.
Use trigger activation to configure when something becomes activated or not. The activated state of an item allows you to show a different image of it, make it do different actions and so on. Any of the possible commands can be set to be available only in the items activated state. By simple not setting an image in its normal state, you can hide the item entirely and have it appear only when the requirements for its activation are met.
Trigger (activate when..)
itemsatlocation#items=Test Key 1|8_dockpathtree_1,Test Key 2|8_dockpath_1;mode=all
hasitems#items=Hot Air Balloon|1,Balloon|1,Wings|1;mode=any

itemsatlocation#items=Test Key 1|8_dockpathtree_1,Test Key 2|8_dockpath_1;mode=all


Linking the checkpoints
Link the checkpoints!!! One should point to the other, and provide needed items, keys or triggers to access it. there are many ways you could give the participant something to take with him in order to open the next door/checkpoint. Be careful not to make these things more interesting than the rewards themselves. Their usage should be limited to activating the next step in the adventure, and only that.

IMPORTANT: Consider to begin with easy to pass checkpoints, for all the participants, and slowly make it harder, or even have "boss levels".
Double check the access and activation of each checkpoint, keeping track of how their access is interconnected through keys, items, or triggers obtained from the previous checkpoint, You need a map of your quest, and a logic plan... and someone to help you test and double test everything.


You could use these commands to link checkpoints

Method 1: Give and take. Checkpoint A gives you something, Checkpoint B requires you that something, plus something else in order to activate. Just the item from the previous checkpoint is obviously not enough unless its time delayed, otherwise your participants would storm from one checkpoint to an other without restriction.

Use these, combine on one and the other checkpoints, and use  "activatedaction" and "activated when" and "show if key" , "show if item" and so on. You should read about them or check the interface for all these goodies.


trigger#key=opensecretgate;param=4;t=3600;msg=This message is visible when trigger is activated. Param can be anything unique not just 1/x but also 1, 2 etc



Intermediate rewards for progress

If you cascade the checkpoints, allowing access to one only after passing through the previous, you should assign them a small reward, proportional to how difficult it is to reach that place. Design rewads in a flexible way, or a creative one. Think that it is stupid to give stuff to people that already have stuff...so don't give powerful crits on checkpoints that require crit fighting, or actionpoints on checkpoints that require access through high ap gates...
In such a way you could allow for unexpected turn of events, powering your participants where they don't expect.

You could use the following commands to configure these clickables (just example settings, use your own, and check out the exact and updated syntax in the doc: Action on clickable Items:



giveskill#skill=cartography;points=1;msg= %s increased by %s point.

(special use) givehiddenskill#skill=tester;points=1;msg= %s increased by %s point.



Traps and side challenges

This type of checkpoints could be very well be used anywhere in the quest, at the beginning in order to begin, or at the end as the main final event of your quest. Commands that affect all the online players in that location are good for this. Also, you could manually oversee the event and handle things more organized if you have time and wish.

The scatter command pushes away towards predefined locations (random from a list), and can keep some in place (you or an organizer for example). 

Its only a matter of interpretation how you can use this feature. You could make a scarecrow ..or Playercraw :)  ..or a bomb, or a wind related event where a tornado takes all the participants far far away....use your creativite mind.


scatter#locations=1_0x0_1,1_2x2_1,1_-2x1_1,1_-1x3_1,1_-3x-3_1,6_-4x4_2,7_borderviewstairs_1,7_mansiondoor_1,7_melodystairs_1,7_tribunalview_1,7_walkway_1,6_1x2_1,4_1x2_18,3_1x3_19,3_1x3_17,2_0x2_1,1_4x4_1,1_2x-4_1,1_0x-2_1;anntype=individetailed;exceptions=1028;announce=%s was thrown to %s


Riddles are also a great way to challenge participants. Riddles are fully functional but they are limited to the available pool of riddles. You can use them like this, or add to the pool by submitting a request for this. It takes longer time and your riddles must be well themed (md style, no sci-fi, outerworld, etc) , not only quest specific howoever, because once added to the pool they will be available randomly to anyone using this command in his quests.

Depending on the reply you can move them to an other checkpoint, or take them on an other path, or anything really, ad this is one type of command that supports nested commands for correct and wrong answers.

   correct: moveto#loc=3_librarytunnel_1;forced=yes
   wrong: alert#msg=This is a message


Negative events are also welcome, to punish those that fail, or plan surprise events and challanges. Imagine he eats a poisonous mushroom and speaks nonsense a long while after, instead of being able to CAST THAT SPELL he needs so much.

trigger#key=pubdrink;toadspeak=I am very dumb;t=60 (say "i am very dumb" a couple of times and then silence) 


You can use triggers in many creative ways as they are responsible for very many things you could do in MD. Triggers cast some spells, power weapons, unlock things, ..most importantly they are temporary effects that can work together regardless who or where "triggers" them.



You can mix triggers with pickable items, or use just pickable items to implement a quest if you wish. Pickable items can be in turn activated to do something, or mixed in combiners, etc.

Remember that all items, pickable or not, access keys and so on, all these can and SHOULD be set to become visible only when the quest starts for that person, and they will all vanish when the quest ends. It is possible to leave all these in the participants possession, if your scenario is of this sort, but you need to consider the consequences of this happening in a quest that is always available to new players and participants. I prefer to use pickable items only in the context of that quest, but its possible to create a quest that represents a source of certain items or resources in the realm (!!!),

For example: "in search of running rocks", could ask players to find rocks with personality, scattered across the realm, and such a quest could be the only source of such items forever.


Final Step Rewards

The end of the quest is important , but not as important as the quest iteslf.

The reward here however, will be the attractor that motivates players to compete. The flavor and style of the quest, is what determines the quest success, not its reward.

The rewards are in general sponsored, or in this case generated, so you won't lose anything from your own account. If you overpower the rewards, you do MD a great harm. If you let them too low, you will dissapoint the participants.

Untill i will find a way to set reward values automatically based on quest designer reputation or somehow, you should check with me or with some other veteran to see if the rewards are acceptable or not. 

It is essential to keep your quest rewards themed to the quest and not to clone existing items or ideas. Please put an effort in this. It is a sort of an art to determine what a good reward is, don't disconsider this step.


Automated Rewards
You can set a clickable in a restricted place that one could only access with the key received from the last checkpoint, or by activating it somehow, or with a collection of keys, etc.
On this clickable you should place the reward script, and a congratulations message. 
Keep in mind that you should close the quest for that player once he gets the final reward...it will be harder to get them to click a preconfigured clicky to remove keys and such AFTER he gets his reward :))

The reward giving commands are many, because most of the things described till now have one way or an other to be used as reward systems. To reward something you could  give a shop item, access to a locked place, skill points, secret skills, credits, creatures, resources. 

Interactive rewards
Hand picked rewards are the best, the most fun, but they are not instant. You could of course give him a series of points or items throughout his entire journey


Ending the quest

If you wish to reset the quest and remove all its influences in the realm (except rewards that are permanent by their nature), you can use this command. It is also the command to use mandatory at the final clicky of the quest, where the big reward is. 

resetquest#key=quest-autumn2050;who=all/self/onlinehere;nosound;nomsg;msg=Quest based on key xx was reset for yy;relocate=here (or coord, or 'no'); announce=Resetting quest keys[[%s]] for %s;resetmode=reset-everything/reset-pickup/keep-pickup


Cleaning up after a participant is important, because that player will want to play in other quests and the map should be free of interference with other quest items and triggers! 

This last command is also very powerful and has lots of interpretations. You could use it for example to organize a competition where the winner stops the entire quest and takes the win.

By changing its parameters, you can configure it to do much more. Do you want to throw someone in jail if he fails the quest, or send him in a dark dungeon as punishment, also with this command, using the 'relocate' paramter.



Pfew...done...i hope i put in here enough ...there is more in the command docs for those that i will grant access to that, depending on your level of interest.

I am just a man, and chew all the same, this amount of work is nearly impossible without a huge team, so..thats what i am dreaming of...

Till next :)



Ps, i said at the beginning that there are no rewards in here..well if you reached this far, i think you can imagine that whover will be involved enough in such a megalithic project, and will actively implement quests, and decide permanent rewards, or plan and shape md, will have his obvious benefits and eternal legendary status :)) We are basically talking of an other level of playing md, by creating it ..its something some of us are doing for a long time already, and its very interesting next natural step im the evolution of this ...online experience.

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I would get involved but I dont consider myself technologically or imaginatively advanced enough to do so responsibly.

Wild ideas though I may have, I lack that "knowing too much & too little" part, and that's rather crucial.

I do however have a suggestion for those that take on this challenge. I think a good place to start is a simple adventure/scavenger hunt style quest that takes participants across all easily (enough) accessible lands. Maybe reward something simple like +5 cartography since it's the first of its kind.

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4 hours ago, Muratus del Mur said:

i need help to write this better ..or at least structure it better, right now is a salad... maybe better more clear english, or better, NEW examples, more accurate ..i don't know..read and you will understand :)

I can't help but picture all this information organized in a documentation page style (such as https://networkx.github.io/documentation/stable/, for instance). That way, we could have separate sections for actual documentation, guidelines (questmaking, rewards, etc.) and examples. And on top of that, it'd be easier to navigate when compared to a forum subsection. What does everyone think? Would it take too much work?


That being said. This is great news! I look forward to seeing more stuff done with these tools (and possibly help too). Hopefully this will be an important step towards a meaningful repopulation of the realm.

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  • Root Admin

@Fang ArchbaneI am not interested in people giving ideas or random advice.....i am sure that someone that would want to do something with these tools has enough ideas of his own. Lets not turn this into an offtopic discussion about what other should do. Write about what you would do and more important just do it

But i do appreciate the positive attitude, thanks

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  • Root Admin

@Aelis might be a good idea to get all organized in a dedicated editor. Please search "chm editor" it makes help files like old windows help ..might fit

The disadvantage is that with this sort of organizing it will be hard to get updates and changes and more important it wont have DISCUSSIONS


Maybe have a place where to put all final details but keep discussions online? 

Maybe an online system for this..but a good one. Forum is fit to..tell me what it can't do? I hate it that we have no way to download the data, its cloud based or whatever..and i dont like that..but too late now..

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Forum could work, but in my opinion it should be more structured/organized than this: http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/forum/168-md-script-manual/

I think discussions should be kept separate from the actual documentation so as to make it clean for the reader. The forums are great for discussions, but I'm not so sure as the "final version" page.

I've read about document generators that use markup to make pretty pages, don't know if that could be applied to the A25 tools though (also I don't have experience with that kind of thing :().


As for what could be done with the tools: let's create a land weapon for the East! ;)


Edit: Still on land clickables, perhaps land mechanics such as weapons could require at least one player from certain strategic alliances for said land in the same location (e.g. at least one member from CT, SoS and SotIS) in order to activate its function.

Edited by Aelis
Added alliance requirement idea
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  • Root Admin
4 hours ago, Muratus del Mur said:

Maybe an online system for this..but a good one. Forum is fit to..tell me what it can't do? I hate it that we have no way to download the data, its cloud based or whatever..and i dont like that..but too late now..

Wiki type system?They have pages and then discussion on said pages?

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  • Root Admin

Just don't wait for my reply on this, just discuss it and do as you think best. After you discuss it you can plan a team work and divide the work.

I like the forum as it is now too..if nothing else better is available.


What i hate is that there is no functional search on the forum...it never gets results right.

It is hard to put links on all the small keywords that i would want to. Plus if you want to format things you need to do it the hard way each segment.

Oh yes and also no subpages. I can use links to an other forum section ..works better..but if the subpages are strictly related to one thing., its bad. 


The forum also has the advantage of being all in one place...and integrates the entire community..thats not aomething to ignore.

Leta find alternatives, see pros and cons..then decide.


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  • Root Admin

If a quest happens in new scenes or in an isolated enough location that does not imply a potential unwanted damage risk to the rest of the realm, you can have much more freedom than in a quest that is done in a more popular location. Because this is new to all of you, including me, i suggest starting slow and in teams with good communication..and test everything you do. 

I am afraid that if you do a major damage to your accounts with these tools i won't be able to fix it.

@Nava i am looking forward to see your quest, but first lets get these docs in a better organized form, because based on that i will give access to a group of people to the rest of the docs.

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I'll take a crack at it. If I'm not mistaken using Google Docs can make it so everyone can Read them but only those with Privelages can edit & save them to personal files. In this way we can have multiple people aiding to organize, reorganize, and add on as well as save any potential backups. If anyone else has a better format or setup I'd be happy to hear it.

Edit: Work has been rough lately (6 days a week from midnight - 7/8am) and I barely have time to meditate but I'm happy to do what I can.

Edited by Fang Archbane
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  • Root Admin

the syntax is the one in green, what to other docs hold are details on how to use each parameter and how to use the interface .


so current people interested in organizing the documentation are Aelis, Nava , Fang ? who else?


i need you to explicitly request access to that forum section because you will be required to work as a team to organize those docs. So even if more of you said all this is interesting, i need ot know who 'dares' to get involved with it

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I'll help with documentation.

And I propose we use GitHub (accounts are free for public projects), so that anyone can contribute but with all changes being reviewed first. MkDocs (https://www.mkdocs.org/) with the Material theme (https://squidfunk.github.io/mkdocs-material/) could be used to make everything look nice once all the text is revised. (I believe this is what https://uber.github.io/react-map-gl/#/Documentation/getting-started/get-started is using if you want an example).

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