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Free Credits Work


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Work is been done in our Free Credits page. For now the page will remain locked for most of you.

Work should take some days. If you wish to support MagicDuel by voting unrewarded, you can still do it using this link:


Note: Consider that page as my mega beta page of votes. Some links doesn't work and obviously some sites are new for you, since there are a LOT of them. That page is mainly for my use so for now I'm not planing fixing it.

Happy Voting.

Edit: I could not resist and I fixed all sites.

Everything should work.

If you know of a site md is not listed in pls let me know

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I have an opinion and usually i dont say it in public, i let other peaple to tell their opinion, but in this case i want to say it: i tink if the voting is without reword for "most of us" do u tink peaple will still vote? i dont tink so.... i hope u will get the best decision for us and for the game. If u tink my post is too revolting, u can deleate it.

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[quote name='samon' timestamp='1329476774' post='104534']
I seem to be unable to connect to browsermmorpg.net


[quote name='Peace' timestamp='1329569757' post='104613']
Unable to vote here:


You need to open the link from any md source and it will redirect you to the voting page. (It's some sort of anti cheat security from them)

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@sir BFH, the link for [i]browsermmorpg.net[/i] is now working, but it only directs us to its index page. any pointers on how can we help MD to improve its popularity and rank on this site? i felt guilty of gaining $0.01 credit just for opening a non-MD-targeted page.

thank you!

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