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So, I've been killed. I need to get back on my feet so that I may continue my duties as TK Leader.

No one seems to know how to get resurrected other than Council or Mur.

Council won't resurrect me.

Mur is way to busy to be bothered with this.

Apparently Chewett has a way to do this, but I dunno for sure.

Anyone else know how?

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[quote name='Seigheart' timestamp='1327113155' post='101549']
Apparently Chewett has a way to do this, but I dunno for sure.

You have already asked me, I have said i do not have a way to do it, But sure, i have a vague idea how one might get resurrected, since its happened before no?

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This topic has been dead far too long.

Isn't there anyone willing to step up?

I would gladly participate in Seigheart's resurrection if I knew what to do or who to call on.

Peace? Would you accept a price from me and/or others?

Please, post here if you are willing to help. We can gather at the GoE if people are willing.

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An invocation, to the Powers That May Be, and to myself, in the meantime.
Thank you all for your Heat these past few days.....

[quote]Within each person, within their heart and mind, the Light beckons, and beacons.
Beyond a single person, beyond each single heart and mind, the Light shines. We are one.
Light is known to be energy, Creation, progress, and Life. The Principles clearly speak this Truth.
Those dead, still speak. There is Life within them. Light can add to their Life.

[b]I seek to bring the Light.[/b]
In the past, Heat has represented the Willpower of those outside, feeding the Will of Life to those who died. Revival of the corpses poured outside Energy to them, in the form of Heat, and they lived. Heat is being gathered,and stored at the hidden Orb, by the Gazebo of Equalibrium. Now, four lie died within the realm.[b] I want them back[/b].

[b]I seek to bring the Light[/b]
Adding Time, this moment of active Heat has stretched over days, steady in it's levels, through the actions and will of those around it. Heat has been gathered. Heat is gathered. Heat is gathering. This outpuring of energy Lights hope in my heart. The four were alive. The four are alive. The four will be alive again.[b] I want them back[/b].

[b]I seek to bring the Light.[/b]
Death comes below, the darker Chaos. The balance shifted and life was snuffed. Heat facilitates all things, dark or light. The cycle turns, for Vitality and Action to renew. Syntropy fights Entropy, but outside this all, Heat still pools. I pool it in the Cause of Life. The other, the many, enforce their will to the draining of Time and enthropy. The dead will cycle back. Light blinds the death and banishes it.[b] I want them back.[/b]

[b]I seek to bring the Light.[/b]
When the will of the one if not strong enough, the many cannot drive it no matter how large? I reject this, and transpose my own Reality, if only for this moment. The will of many, the energy of the outer, can lift and bind the will of the weak. Balance can be shifted. Creation needs only measure and means. Our measured bodies rest, our means keeps the hidden Orb charged. The orb, suits Life, circled and efficient, as those orbs bind Creatuon of creatures. My will, our Heat, enforces this.[b] I want them back.[/b]

[b]I seek to bring the light.[/b]
Growing further, the Light of my will, The Heat of the Cause, I will purge the Darkness of death for those bound by it. I risk blindness, I risk Life, but the effort is mine to own. The targets of Seigheart, Guillak, Princess Katt, will Live. I also will live. The origins of Heat are abounding, surrounding, and focused. Light, Heat, Strength, Steadfastness, Strike Death down.[b] I want them back. [/b]

[b]So may be.[/b]
[b]Be[/b], very well.


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