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possible alt abuse

Neno Veliki

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  • Root Admin

i cant speak for anyone important, but my understanding of the rules is to use common sense :P

From my experience, the rules are applied to you as a player, no matter how many IP's you can use to log multiple accounts on. You should not have two accounts idle in the same scene, you should not have two accounts being played at the same time(some exceptions apply).

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actually i must disagree with wookie, and i will also use common sense

so from mine understanding, ya can have as many accounts idle in same scene, as long as they cant interact (different mp levels or accounts have no creats)

idea is that ya can have as many logged accounts at once as long as they cant interact

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[quote][color="#CCCCCC"]Ann. 2221 - [2012-02-28 21:06:47 - Stage 11][/color]
We have received various emails regarding if various things are alt abuse or not, and therefore this announcement is more detailed in regards. If it is still unclear then you should as before, ask us. Believing something is ok is not an excuse.
You are allowed multiple accounts and you are allowed to do what you wish with them - provided you play them separately and within the rules then that is perfectly fine. Breaking the rules with one account can get punishment on your other accounts as well.
With having more than one account, you need to remember these rules;
[b]You are not allowed to have (idle or active) multiple accounts in the same or surrounding scenes [/b]- log them out or keep them apart. This is to stop the farming of alts.

? :)

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pff, from what Mur told me a LOOOOOOONG time ago (im talking back when this all started status) your allowed to have as many alts on at the same time as you want, as long as they dont interact o-o

so yes, everyone above me is right in their statements 8D

and lawl, no, you dont need more than one comp, i USUALLY run all 3 of my accounts off of my one comp atm and run them all simultaneously 8'D

its called skill o-o

and no, you CANT get banned for that o_o

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Or you can...

[quote name='Multiple Pages warning']
Interface window deactivated
~ similar to idle mode ~
You can be attacked while in idle mode for 6 more hours
You have been disconected from the game interface because you opened multiple windows. You can keep only one game interface open at a time. This restriction is to prevent server overload and allow more people to lay at the same time. [color=#ff0000]You are free to use multiple accounts but use them one at a time[/color]. Also please read the Rules and Restrictions for more details about using multiple accounts or exploiting bugs.[/quote]

[quote name='Rules and restrictions']
Keeping multiple browsers with multiple game accounts open at the same time will trigger a firewall rule that will get you banned from accessing the site, you better don't try that. You should be especialy carefull if you are in a network that exits on same IP with many others.[/quote]

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It would be nice if this was made extremely clear to everyone. Chewett is an [color=#ff0000]Administrator[/color] and unsure about it even? If he doesn't know then how is someone newer to the game supposed to know? This rule is very confusing and it would be nice if maybe it was rewritten so more players better understand what they can or can't do. Especially if breaking the rule is bannable.

Edited by Isabella Finch
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[quote name='Isabella Finch' timestamp='1335834526' post='110492']
It would be nice if this was made extremely clear to everyone. Chewett is an [color=#FF0000]Administrator[/color] and unsure about it even? If he doesn't know then how is someone newer to the game supposed to know?

You misunderstand. Chewett is the administrator of the [i]forum[/i], not of the game.
Though he has been associated with MagicDuel for several years, that does not mean he has access to all the [color=#222222]intricacies[/color] of the game itself.

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Chewett isn't the LHO boss, he just knows pretty much anything you have to know about MD and all related sites.

'Everybody does it' and 'I've always done that' is NOT an excuse. I've seen lots of things that break the rules, and even more that require some rule bending to work, and people didn't get punished. Most of the time, and it's really that simple, nobody cares, so nobody gets jailed.
When somebody starts to care, however, you'd better not try to excuse yourself with the fact that you've been doing that for ages anyway. For example, Lightsage used alts to play Head Contest several times and didn't get punished, and then that one time, all his alts were locked and he spent something like 6 months in jail with his real account.

Even MD rules get applied with some sense, though. For example, if you take away the football of some kids who annoy you with their screaming, that's robbery according to the rules (in most nations). Haven't seen people getting jailed for that, yet, but it still is.

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  • Root Admin

Speaking as the leader of the LHO's :P

Rules and restrictions page is older than most of you, similarly with the idle page. The most recent announcement is the one Maebius quoted. and therefore should be used. Any other older announcements are undone with newer ones.

Also, as it was linked, the rules and restrictions are being rewritten because of their age, but then again has no one been reading the announcments?

Rules are applied on a case by case basis, thats what i love about MD. There is no fixed list of things you can do and get banned for. It all depends on the situation. There is a lot of play in them, but if you want to stick to the line, just follow them.

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