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  • Root Admin

Since there seems some misunderstanding to what moderators and admins can do, i will spend some time to explain here.

Root Admin - These people can view all forums, and subforums, Visible or invisible. Currently the only root admin is Mur and it is planned to stay that way. They have all the powers as an Admin.
Admin - These people have the power to add/remove people from user forums. They can fix anything regardnig the forum not working and resolve disputes between moderators.
Moderator - These can resolve disputes between members, if they cannot the issue should be forwarded to an Admin. The admin has an overall decision regarding all moderators actions.

A Forum Moderator or admin has no powers in game. They are however expected to have a basic understanding of MD, becuase of this, all moderators past and present have, at one stage of their MD life, been a LHO. A good LHO will have the understanding, tact and more importantly, the time to give to the forum to be a moderator.

This isnt a paid job, no one received monetary compensation, Forum Moderator like LHO is done because it helps the community.

When a moderator is talking on the forum, unless they specifically say they are talking, as a moderator or they are using their moderator powers. Their views and all things they say are not a officially from them as a moderator.

I have removed myself as an admin and currently moved myself to a moderator, and created a new account sys-chewett that will be used for all admin actions. If you need something done that only an admin can do, you need to contact that account. This is because some users were mistaking things i do and say as a player, from being an admin. This should hopefully clarify a bit more that what i am saying, unless i state it, does not come from any additional power.

The issue of me having two accounts will probably come up, as to why i can have two accounts. To be perfectly honest, i could just say "because i can" and that will suffice. But i feel thats a tad rude and hypocritical so i will explain a bit.

Currently i have 4 accounts, Chewett, sys-chewett, Test and Test2. The two test accounts, are used to test various permission settings and such. And Chewett and sys-chewett is to resolve some issues. The reasoning to forbid people from multiple accounts, is to stop vote biasing when mur uses the voting. Having multiple accounts doesnt matter to me in this regards, because if i really feel inclined, i could just edit the database to "fix" something. Mur trusts me that i dont, and therefore multiple accounts, provided they are publicly known about, doesnt affect me.

My freedom to speak on the forums without any power or role attached to me either than Chewett is important, and if people still have issues i might as well resign. The only thing that stops me from doing it now, to gain the freedom, is that currently there isnt one person that knows enough about the administrative side of the forum.

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  • Root Admin

Due to this change forum changes will be less frequent as I will not be on sys-chewett as much as I would do stuff with an account that has all their rights. This is nescessary if people are having problems separating me and the forum admin

I have pmed all those people who I thought needed things done, if I missed you bump the pm please

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You, Boss Wookie, are an amazing leader and hard worker, and anyone who has complaints of, due to, or about you, should promptly shove their complaint up their keister D:<


Don't step down Chewwy. Ever. Your doing an amazing job, as always ^_^

~ Your #1 supportive wolf, Fang

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Or maybe just organize a little quiz - forum ban for 1 week of people, who are complaining about something, that obviously they don't understand.

If answered correctly to few questions, then the ban could be raised. If not - then another week.

I know how this sounds, but haven't your parents ever punished you one way or another, when we did something wrong, either if we didn't understood it fully or just acted prematurely?

As is stated somewhere:
[i]“Ignorantia legis neminem excusat”[/i] - "[b]Ignorance of the law excuses no one[/b]"

Chewett, we appreciate all the things you do, please don't take hasty actions.

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I'd have to toss my hat in with those similar comments. "Forum Admin" and "Chewett the wookie" are two seperate roles, but I dont' see why they can't be the same "account" if you have been trusted with it for so long. If folks think you are abusing your power one way or the other, have them sue you.

Otherwise, [b]I think in terms of an efficient "administration/moderation" of such a popular forum, the easiest method for you, should be used. [/b]

In this case, "Chewett" should stay the access account, since that is you, and doing otherwise, as you stated, updates/fixes/changes "[i]will be less frequent[/i]". Your call though, and if you do agree a secondary account is Needed, then do so. I would not do it merely to appease some peers.

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  • Root Admin

There will never be a punishment for misunderstanding, or not reading things on the forum. We will always try and be flexible for people who have not read specific posts. Sometimes however it is unavoidable to give a short term ban to solve an issue quickly.

I have said before, multiple times, that unless im doing an admin role, im not speaking as an admin, and unless me or moderators are doing moderator roles, we are not speaking as moderators unless specified. If people want to refuse this, then this is the option, im not longer an admin. All admin work will be done by another account, which [i]will[/i] be slower, but if stops complaints, then i dont mind doing things slower. Mainly because im not volunteering to get complaints, im volunteering to run the forum.

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I have seen this - you gain access to all the forum's options (including posting and creating topics) after the system is sure you have visited the right places and know the basics. It is one of the best forums I am using so far, thus I have made my proposal :D

Sadly, sometimes people come short for understanding what exactly hides behind one's title, being a moredator, admin or else.

As Maebs said and IF I were "in your shoes" the best solution for all is to ignore some isolated comments/questions and do the things as you best see/feel them. All else is compromise.

If someone is affected from my comments - good. Cause Chewett is a man to be trusted, and not to be doubted by ones, that haven't interacted with the Forum long enough.

Patience always repays. Neg-rep me as long as you want, but as dst says: "Save time... see it my way"

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