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No homeland/No Man's Land


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I never actually paid attention to that thing, but as Tom pointed out, the citizenship tab tells you that you're part of No Man's Land when you have no homeland. All the other displays and the land loyalty count are fine, but for the observant player, that makes no sense.
Maybe you could introduce the no homeland option there, too?

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Like i proposed, i would suggest instead of making it that one has really a
[b] No Man's Land [size=4]loyalty[/size][/b]

[size=4]I was told that its not that way because it would be good (to good?)[/size]

[size=4]I desagree, as i dont see it overpoverded, nomans land is already with most part without viscosity due to the many people there, and the LFO going to aramory often[/size]

[size=4]but it would give a small decrease of viscosity there for new players and explore the remaining part that is 40 viscosity, and the small decrease would go at a small rate of only 1 loyalty per active day[/size]

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When you start the game, you should not (and indeed this is the case currently) be affiliated to any land. You are of No Homeland.

Being affiliated with any land, including No Man's Land, would have to be, and definitely should be, a decision of the player, rather than automatically when you start.

But yeah, that "typo"/bug should be fixed.

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another problem id liek to point out.

the Gazebo of Equilibrium has nothing under the land tab thingy.

i get -15 cost to move when at that gazebo, as that is my No Homeland land loyalty amount.

i dont know if thats the way it should be but, having No Homeland Loyalty helps me move from the Gazebo of Equilibrium.

make of that what you will o-o

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