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Maebius Madness - (monthly mini #2)


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Another New Moon (close enough :P ), means another mini-quest from me!
At the [color=#a52a2a]Signpost in the Marble Dale Park[/color], you will find a rather simple little game, that I'm sure many of you have played before otuside of this realm. ...[b]Hangman![/b]

The rules are simple.[list]
[*]Get exactly 19 points by the time the quest finishes. (near Full Moon)
[*]Losing a round lowers your score by one.
[*]Guessing the words/phrase correctly increases score by one.
[*]Six wrong letters makes you lose.
[*]All words and phrases are MD-related.
At the end of the quest, by popular request, I will have a Lottery drawing from my hat, posted to Youtube, for the prizes.

Extra notes:[list]
[*]You can keep playing and intentionally lose points later. so you can Self-balance there.
[*]Prizes will be announced later.
[*]Any typos in names or events were taken directly from Adventure log or copy/pasted from the game interface.
[*]The image of the poor hanging figure is not meant to imply any ill-wishes towards a certain former corpse, but should give him a chuckle.
[*]edit: click-spam may produce some odd bugs like letters being used or unused improperly. Since you can just play another round later, that shouldn't bother too much in the long run. If many people are playing, be warned!

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Oh, I really hope I don't need to say this, but please try to keep your Alts out of the winner list... especially if you've gone through and gotten a bunch of words on another character and speed through the rounds to 19 points on other characters.
That just goes agaisnt the spirit of the quest, having fun. :)

I'm not planning on asking Council to do a full alt check on such a minor little game, but if anyone notices a known alt, can you please ask them to lose a round or two in ortder to keep the winner list "fair" for players, not just characters.
Thanks! :D

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Ehm, I just found an alt in that list, one that I know quite well since it's mine... :P
Sorry for that, but lashtal was movelocked elsewhere and I couldn't wait to try the new Maebius sensation!

Anyway, I did it just for fun, feel free to exclude me from the Lottery.

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No worries, Lashtal. ^_^
I mostly meant, if your alt is enjoying the quest, I only ask you'd not also have Lashtal (or a bunch of other "you"s in the list, please)

I should have phrased it as "one character per player please, whichever character you want to have a chance in the winners lottery."
Your alt is fine, by itself there, if that makes more sense. And can remain as a winner!

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And as always, the Treasure Keepers would be happy to Sponsor any Maebius made quests !:3

Just tell me what youll need and ill be glad to oblige :D

within reason of course xD (do i even need to say that ^?^)

im proud of your monthly quests Maebius, enjoy your permanent TK sponsorship for these :333

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One more day left! Act now to join the Nineteener Names.

(ps: TK_Fang, I plan on using the remaining prizes leftover from last month's SeigSponsors, if that's alright. 3G and a few silver, I think, plus some stones?)

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From here on, the Prior Monthly Maebius Madness will be stored in the little Oak Log plant, at Awiiya's Way, in case anyone wants to just toy around with it informally. #2 hangman is there, at the moment.

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names listed below, please pm me here when you are available for your bonus prizes (5 Water):

Princ Rhaegar
Princess Katt

politely asking for your cooperation, thank you.

still let me know if you aren't interested with this so i can guilt-free remove you from the above list.

Edited by nadrolski
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[quote name='Ackshan Bemunah' timestamp='1349538295' post='123309']
Dark, do you not like the TK's or something?

Excuse me, I never meant anything of the sort! The TK's have my full respect!

I just thought that the garden community would find water more useful than the TK's, even if it's a small amount :P

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