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Non-mainland housing viewing


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There is currently no way to view membership/loyalty for alliances located outside the four main lands. Consistency would suggest 'housing'-tagged locations in designated scenes in these lands; the exact spots would be designated upon implementation (though the Underground and No Man's Land had capitols during the torch competitions which could be repurposed to show housing details for these guilds.)

Equal openness for all alliances seems fair, no?

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  • Root Admin

From the lack of any form of response i guess no one cares.

Why do you want to view them?

The question that comes to mind is, if all the locations are in Capital locations, we would probably need to deem a capital location?

Furthermore, what happens to Established Housing and such, Bob has one scene, and few/no clickables.

PS: iv only just found this topic lol, found a shedload of old ones

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Well... I'd say there's no need to view loyalty UNTIL you join an alliance (and of course, have access to that land) so why see alliance loyalty in No Man's Land when you can view it in your own land? Hence, it is unnecessary and might just be a waste of "Murry's" time :P

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I would have promoted this in-game but for time/connectivity issues with MD proper. From the +reps I assumed some people agreed, but had nothing further to share on the matter.

Why want to view loyalties? It's a way to independently verify who's in what alliance; the wiki relies on the generosity of players for its updates, which is at best a credulous approach. The same goes for making the rounds and asking ally members..
It's an interesting inequality: all four main lands are "open" with information not available for the others..which seems to clash somewhat with other details of the lands. Do the Archives really have more to hide than Necrovion? Possibly..but that's more for a different topic.

Aside from adding clickables, a possible quick-fix could be to enable the direct link to the page that displays an alliance's loyalty for players at the chosen capital location, though a real-interface link would be far preferable.

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  • Root Admin

Hmm, I can't remember going there without being ported, I was under the impression that it took a lot of time and required a large amount of ap.

But feel free to ignore the above if incorrect as I can't exactly check now

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Going to the Throne hall without help is near impossible for 99% of the realm, and I don't think asking for an audience with Mur every time you want to see the alliance list is such a good idea... Furthermore the Throne hall doesn't really have a suitable location. Perhaps the back of the statue hall would be a better location.

MDA has a lot of places that would be suitable, pretty much any book would do. Perhaps the desk in the room at the east corridor would be good.

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