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Please direct all moderation to only the moderators


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  • Root Admin

I shall be stepping back from moderation and reading the entirety of the forum as i need to focus my MD time on other ventures.

Please send all moderation pms to moderators and not me anymore.

You should only be contacting me if you need a change to a private or public "owned" forum.

Furthermore you should no longer contact sys-chewett as i only checked that when i had free time, consequently i never checked it, delaying things. It was implemented based on a complaint of me being an admin and player and the member not understanding the crucial difference. If anyone has any issues with this they can discuss this with me. All current PM's with him will be moved to chewett and hopefully this should mean things get dealt with promptly again.

Moderators will have full power over all moderation decisions, they shall decide among themselves. If there is any issue with a decision of moderation it should be discussed with other moderators and if there is no agreed solution you should talk to me about any issues. I trust the moderators and therefore will investigate all allegations of abuse of power.

Moderator applications should also go to all moderators, they can decide who they wish to promote however i will have a veto in all cases and the ability to promote those without consulting the moderators if necessary.

Any comments or questions can go on this thread

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  • Root Admin

[quote name='ZenTao' timestamp='1352865032' post='125528']
Can we still bug you about random non MD questions? :D

If you can find me

[quote name='Seigheart' timestamp='1352871925' post='125529']
It seems that Chewy is pulling a Mur. lol

Im still here, just doing other things, i might actually get forum requests done on time with the better system.

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