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MD Awards 2012 - Chatlog and Feedback


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You can find the chatlog from the festivities below:

[attachment=4398:MD Awards 2012, Sage Keep Interior.htm]

Also, please feedback: what was good, what was wrong, what you wish to change, what you wish to see etc.

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I will sue Greedo and MDAwards organizers for not giving me my 'Outstanding Service 2012' medal!! :))


I want it GOLD!! due to the long waiting!


[log= SPOILER]

To the other organizers... Remember to use the LHO policy, if anything gets wrong it is GREEDO's fault!!



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question here.


do you give medals (those hanging on avatars) only to specific awards?


i did received the item '2012 Most Addicted' (than you again!) but without the avatar medal.


yes, i know, the item is big enough, especially for me, but who wouldn't want to sport a once-in-a-lifetime shiny medal? :P

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Ann. 2475 - [2013-01-22 13:55:13 - Stage 11] Posted By Council
MagicDuel Awards 2012

This year there were 13 categories and 32 nominees. The nominees were:
Ackshan Bemunah, AmberRune, Apocrypha Aquila, Awiiya, Azull, BFH Lightning, Burns, Chewett, Dante Lionheart, Dark Demon, Darkraptor, Eara Meraia, Eon, Fyrd Argentus, Fang Archbane, Gonzalocsdf, Ignnus, Lashtal, Lazarus, Maebius, MRAlyon, Mya Celestia, Nadrolski, Neno Veliki, Nimrodel, Peace, Phantom Orchid, Princ Rhaegar, Rumi, Tal, Tom Pouce, Valldore Nal.

The winners were:
BFH Lightning - Outstanding Service to MD
Burns - Fossil of the year
Fyrd Argentus - Pre-eminent Role Player
Lashtal - Prime Quest
Maebius - Helper of the Year , Most Popular, Top Techie
MRAlyon - Champion Fighter
Nadrolski - Most Addicted
Neno Veliki - Best Beautification
Nimrodel - Adventuring Award
Peace - The Golden Protector
Valldore Nal - Rookie of the year

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