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Feeding the Starving Elu


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As many of of you with Elu's already know, we Caretakers have retaken up the role of trying to keep starving Elus fed. The poor creatures do not deserve to go hungry in this world with so much candy about. As such we have started a PRIVATE list in which only CT people will be allowed to see it. This will help not only me, but all our CTs in order to hand out candy more effectively. If you have an Elu and wish to receive candy please send me an in game or forum PM stating as such. I understand privacy and the information will not be given out for any reason.

It takes 3 candy to make each Elu happy until farmed for their paper. If you should choose that option it is of no worry to us, however since we may/may not get candy boxes each week (since they are resources free for all to gather), we may not always be able to keep your Elu happy. There are a lot of Elu's out there so please be patient if we have not gotten to you.

Those who wish to help, I still buy candy 3 per 1sc. Donations are always welcome as well for the program. I did this once before the candy was horded and it worked quite well. I am excited to see this happening again.

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  • Root Admin

i think that the elus are about to get extinct ...i heard rumors they will start eating their colors and become colored themselves
.....now someone should really jail me under the "Mur said" law

oh..and so that this pont won't be considered spam...i need to say something related to it...hmm...ok..i consider this a contest so i will sponsor it by giving a COLORED ELU to the winner

(what , how? what winner? ...CT will ask the same don't worry... but the sponsirship remains _valid_ , its no joke)

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Sponsorship ... for what ?
Everything that I can think of relating to this topic is unfair:
- contest for only those that have an elu is unfair
- contest for only those that create candies is also unfair, there are only 5 boxes and way to far for too many to reach
- contest for giving for free candies ... sure, give phantasm the colored Elu as he is the only one that struggles to grab all the boxes for its alliance.
- for having the most colored paper ... unfair to those that never had an elu

If you put back the colored Elu, I'd like back the Elu that was taken from me after only a few days in 2011 .

Ann. 2149 - [2011-12-27 18:05:33 - Stage 11]
Morph rarity affected

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Now on topic:
- a list of Elu should be created. I will also support some of them

My support will be limited to stock without affecting my other offer / requests (change expired candies/Sticky Goop to Colored or Rainbow Candies).

The list can start from :
- Darkraptor, - need to check again
- soothing sands - need to check again
- dst, - verified
- Burns

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strange Noone you suddenly picked up on this quest, when before not only were you condemning me for it, but were trying to stop it. I believe this is a quote of yours

[b]*From: No one (ID:29704)[/b]
[i]*sent 1 week and 20 hours ago[/i]
Indeed, if they would get all the way inside, I would probably deplete them too. That depends of the person & its aliance.

As for "shared" ... are you joking ? Just try to get a tool to get bones / memory stones / fenths ... can you get those for free ?

As long as the others are not really shared, there is no point to give ALL for free. Let the come and get them.

Should I send you an email Mur?

Also The list has roughly 20 people so far, but i know there are more Elus out there. If there are others out there who have Elus and would like to be added to the list, please pm me in game or forum.

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:) I never tried to stop it, nor I am against it, it is your problem, I just want my access to the "Box of rainbow candies".
As I said, "My support will be limited to stock without affecting my other offer / requests (change expired candies/Sticky Goop to Colored or Rainbow Candies).".

And I think that at least last 2 weeks you managed to get all 5 "Box of rainbow candies" and give them yourself (if I am not mistaken) to the ppl within your alliance or other random ppl for your own role with disregard to others' needs with special intention to prevent ME (as Eon is out of the picture now) to get them.

And I still support the idea that the mentioned[color=#0000ff][b] items are not really shared as long as the access is payed , see the fenth & stone tools[/b][/color].

As for sharing some Candies with certain ppl ... what is the problem ?
I've been sharing for a long time (long before Caretakers or candies) your problem is that I was not doing it withing last few months when I was mostly locked in LotE.

Don't worry, I have other targets in MD, I will not take your role or your guild's role. Edited by No one
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i have never taken all 5 boxes. Yes there have been weeks I have taken 4. Yes I have handed them out to alliance members, and other random people. If they give the candy to me or others it is up to them to decide. Debating hording of any sort is a mute point considering the past of the SoS.

The boxes are free for all who make the travel for them. I can only try and do what I can for the Elus with what boxes are available, same as when you get 4 in a week. Of course its easier for us old time Easterners to get to it, same as all lands. As my first statement says, we are glad to help the hungry Elu's in what small way we can.

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By the way, I knew I was not mistaking so I had to check. I am sorry it took that long.
Here is it (and free for all to check) 5 out of 5:
19572 - Item regrouped 22/01/13. Item Taken from shared location by phantasm 22/01/13 16:29:50
18838 - Item regrouped 22/01/13. Item Taken from shared location by phantasm 22/01/13 16:28:50
18836 - Item regrouped 22/01/13. Item Taken from shared location by phantasm 22/01/13 16:23:37
19571 - Item regrouped 22/01/13. Item Taken from shared location by phantasm 22/01/13 16:27:05
18837 - Item regrouped 22/01/13. Item Taken from shared location by phantasm 22/01/13 16:25:51

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ah yes. I should rephrase that and say almost never take all the boxes. Of course this whole hypocritical conversation only degrades all of this further. Considering half the reason the Elus are starving is from you and Eon's candy hording days until decay. Your supply of sticky goop had a good amount in it from all the candy you horded before. Now that candy decay is around and the hording days of it are over, you complain to me about being unfair to you? Or that anyone wanting to help or sponsor in such a thing is being unfair?
This is a rather poor display if you ask me, and has made a simple gesture to the Halloween creatures into way more then it needed to be.

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You can rephrase all you want as long as you keep it correct. Don't accuse others when you need to rephrase yourself to so that your statemenst would look "correct'.

As for my goop ... are you jealous? Most of my Sticky Goop i gathered from trading good candies for goop. Why is that bad ?

Also, are those Elu's dieing ? I don't think so. Mine didn't died , it was taken from me. And that is the real reason I don't fully support your idea.

For your info: it was a colored Elu that I received for Xmas 2011 ... "by mistake" they said. If they retired them then for it was "a mistake", then all mistakes should be corrected and creatures / WPs retired especially for gift give-away.

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  • Root Admin

[quote name='Peace' timestamp='1359627620' post='131756']
[font=comic sans ms,cursive]I find it weird that Elus were taken from 2011 when in 2012 there were at least 2 given out again.[/font]

Apparently its now too late to take them back according to murry. I have already raised the issue that he did not want them given out but that they were and there are still some existing.

and i kinda agree with him really. But he was clear he didnt really want them "out" yet because they are not finished.

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Taking something back cannot be too late as long as that thing still exits. Instead, Mur's policy is like this :[i] does it impact 1-2 ppl then it is not important let it be[/i].
This is why he took them back in 2011 and not now.

Then Mur will come and say : [i]hey, MD is not supposed to be nor is fair[/i].

I don't have to agree on this, nor anyone else. But who am I to complain to ? The Council ? They will not do anything against Mur not even for "consistency" reasons.

The Council has the precedence on withdrawing the Colored ELUs, they don't have to ask Mur to do it.

And with all my respect toward Council's activity, [u]I will never agree with their lack of swiftness and initiative[/u] in applying decisions even if they have the "precedence" they need to.

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