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A Call to all BHC participants!


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I feel its unfair that ignnus has a faster PC than me and hence its unfair that he's winning BHC. HERE IS A CALL FOR ALL THE PEOPLE IN BHC WHO HAVE SLOW PCS OR SLOW INTERNET CONNECTIONS OR SLOW BROWSERS! LETS RETALIATE! Its time we took some action!!

ARISE! AWAKE! Stop not till your goal is achieved!

Suggestions to slow ignnus' pc/browser/internet connection are welcome. Hackers are appreciated. Lets do this! Lets checkmate ignnus!

[size=2](Sorry for the spam mods. Sorry iggy for making you the goat. ;) )[/size]

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honestly people. was fang the only one who understood the sarcasm? -_- really. I now sympathise with wookie and completely totally understand his position when he's sarcastic.

THis thread was started because its against my philosophy to allow ignnus playing with such a fast pc and fast net. Doesnt matter if the game is not effected by it. i just believe it that ignuss with his super fast speed harms the land and is DEPLETING MY HOMELAND OF VISCOSCITY. LR and MB are next in line. so I called upon the people to help me fight against this mess!

[size=2](ring a bell slow pokes?)[/size]

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