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Item Combiner Suggestions


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  • Root Admin

The best item combiner suggestion gets their item combiner made and given to them when it gets implemented as a shared resource item. Your personal item combiner will be yours to keep as thanks for the idea.


"The Best" is entirely subjective, chosen by me or a group as i see fit. Competition will end without warning, depending on when i have free time. Other suggestions implemented will be credited in announcements and given a "thanks" of 5 silver. Better entries will:

Use items that currently have no use (e.g. glass has no use? maybe?)

Fit in with their role (aka FS's chewan)

Fit into a "process" of current items (e.g. finding a use for glass, since we already have an item to make that)


The item name/description/input/output may be modified from what is suggested to balance it.



WHAT IT DOES: An item that can freeze fresh water into ice.

NAME: Magical Wookie Freezing Item

DESCRIPTION: Iv no clue how this works, but it does. Dont question it.

INPUT: 2x Rainwater

OUTPUT: 1x ice (ice melts after a month back into rainwater)

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  • Root Admin

Are we limited to one (valid) suggestion per player?

Yes. One valid, then you can make hundreds more, but dont spam and ensure they fit the criteria

Make it clear which one is the one you want to enter to see if you get a prize. 5 silver per idea implemented will always be paid provided its a new idea and not one already suggested by someone/mur/me/ect

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Don't hate on glass! It's time will come, one day..


Item: Glassblowing torch


Description/use: Used to blow air into raw glass, forming it into a [vial / useable shape]


Input: lots of heat(thousands, dunno) / heat stone

          5 water for cooling it off

          10 glass


Output: One vial.



Note: if there was a mold item, the torch could use that to make other glass things besides vials, but that would likely require much more thought in terms of fairness and applicability to other items (like recipes and whatnot).

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Item: Wax maker


Description/use: Used to make wax from grasan fat


Input: 5 units of grasan fat

          Heat: 15K units

         1 unit of grasan skin

         5 units of water


Output: 7 units of tallow wax



1. Grind the fat

2. Add water to the wax maker and heat it.

3. Add the fat to the water

4. Boil the mixture

5. Wait for 50 minutes

6. Strain the fat using grasan skin

7. Let the strained liquid cool down to form tallow wax.


Item 2:

Name: Glue maker

Description/use:Used to make glue from unidentified plants 

INput: 4 units unidentified plants

          3 units of water

          8K heat

Output: Glue


1. Grind the unidentified plants into a fine flour

2. Boil the water in the glue maker

3. Slowly add the flour little by little

4. Mix and heat for five minutes

5. Check gooey consistency

Edited by Nimrodel
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Well, for composing items there are , as you Chew said, thousands of combinations.

And I already made some in "Dream of an industry ..."

Just check  the below chapters

  2. Recipes with just resources
  3. Recipes with items
  4. Creatures at work
  5. Working places
  6. Time spent at work for creating stuff
  7. Team work for creation of items
  8. Work load


And instead of simple individual "combiners" I will still support the "work place", meaning a clickie in a specific area that can have multiple functionality.

Advantages are many for this kind of combiners:

 - there is no need for resetting items

 - there is no limit to the number of players that can access them

 - all, noobs & vets, can meet and work together in such places or teams could form for just specific recipes (just check the "team work" concept linked above)

 - there is already such a combiner in place (bushes), all you need to do is to add the time required to spend on location and working counts / day (check the workload linked above)

 - quests could be created based on completions / uses of working places

 - skills could be created and categorized based on working place

 - new item recipes can be added (and listed based on skills) just like adding menu items


As I named the original thread, this would be the beginning of an industry or an illusion.



By creating individual combiners, you'll only limit the access to certain items. Sure, this can be on if the number of individual wanting them is small enough.

But you want more ppl to want them. You want to make the items accessible and recipes desirable and at arms' reach.

Individual combiners are ... old items for the reach, we need more, we need an industry.

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  • 11 months later...
  • Root Admin

Originally I was informed by mur that it definately worked, after some review I was unsure if it did indeed work and had to leave it.


I will try and have a look into it again but Mur is playing with these stuff in A25 and im unsure if its in a current working state.

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  • Root Admin

i'll get to work on that part on a25 soon, after i am done testing the new item placing tool (that works so far).

planning the combners can go on however, artworks png8 alpha transparent, location details etc..so that when i announce it all works, chew can only use the tool to place and configure it

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  • 1 year later...

MRF ID:118540

WHAT IT DOES: Turns shapeless balloons into balloon aimals

NAME: Clowning around

DESCRIPTION: Using the creature card as focus the wiiya will fill the shapeless balloon into a balloon animal of that creatures shape.

INPUT: 5x wiiya + shapeless balloon + various creature card i.e tormented soul card, remains/rootwarrior card, shade card, bird card, Toxicodenren card, elemental card, angien card, elu card, pope card, joker card, aramor card,

OUTPUT: 1x one balloon animal of card inputted, (i,e aramor balloon animal if used an aramor card. bird balloon animal if used a bird card etc.)


WHAT IT DOES: Turns shapeless balloons into balloon aimals

NAME: Clowning around

DESCRIPTION: the wiiya will fill the shapeless balloon into a balloon animal

INPUT: 5x wiiya + shapeless balloon

OUTPUT: 1x one random balloon animal

Edited by MRWander
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WHAT IT DOES: Creates paper


NAME: Paper Press


DESCRIPTION: Grinds sawdust into finer fibers before compressing with water, and then drying, to create paper.


INPUT: 2 x Sawdust, 2 x water + 1 heat stone/10000 heat


OUTPUT: 1x Paper sheet.




WHAT IT DOES: Makes bushy juice that increases all stats by a minor amount. Trigger = "Sugar Rush". Stacks up to 4x but causes a "Sugar Crash" - Stats lowered by <x> amount for <z> time.


NAME: Bushie crusher and sieve.


DESCRIPTION: Crushes and sieves bushies to make a delectable juice.


INPUT: 5 x Bushies + 1 Tea Cup


OUTPUT: 1 Cup of Bushie Juice (Becomes Bushie Ferment after <x> time)




WHAT IT DOES: Makes a tasty jelly that increases stats/regen <x>% more than coloured candy or can merge the effects of two candies into one jelly.


NAME: Jumbo Jelly Mold


DESCRIPTION: Allows for heating and cooling of liquids


INPUT: 3 x Mineral Water, 1 x Grasan Fat, 2 x Sticky goop, 1 heat stone/12000 heat + 2 x <y> coloured candy)


OUTPUT: Transparent Jelly OR Blue/Green//Red/Orange/Yellow Jelly. (Turns into sticky goop after <x> time)




WHAT IT DOES: Allows a spell to be cast in the form of a consumable item, allowing it to be passed with various amounts of uses left.


NAME: Spell scroll printer.


DESCRIPTION: Imbues paper sheets with the remaining casts from spell stones, compressing both stone and paper in a vacuum jar filled with timeless dust.


INPUT: <x> x <y> Spell Stone, 1 Paper Sheet, 10 Timeless Dust, 1 x Heat stone/16000 heat.


OUTPUT: Spell Imbued Scroll (Disintegrates into 1x Timeless Dust after all uses or after <x> time)

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