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Christmas Tombola

Eara Meraia

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 Christmas Tombola






 This event is similar to Christmas Santa (Christmas Reindrach) that is being conducted previous years. The main idea is presents exchange between participants.  






 If you like giving and getting presents on Christmas – put your name in this thread. After the registration is over we randomly assign names to every participant. Each of you will have to decide on the present you want to give to another unknown person beforehand. Your presents can be creatures, items, coins. Everything you think is worth to be given as a present. Naturally you will be able to receive the present from somebody else who will get your name assigned.

Once you decided you want to participate there are 3 things to do:

  1. Post your name in this thread until deadline time.
  2. Send me a forum PM with the name and CTC/ITC of your gift creature/item etc. until the deadline.
  3. Deliver your gift to the person after you got the name.





 As stated above you alone decide on gifts you give. So you cannot be sure that what you get is absolutely equal to what you give. But if you plan to participate in this – keep in mind – you make nobody happy if you send them a fresh Remains or 1 unit of Unidentified Plants (as an example).





         For registration: December 23, 2013  -  23:59 ST.


You will receive the name of recipient assigned for your gift during December 24 – 25.



IMPORTANT NOTES: no alts allowed. Only 1 character pro player.



Have fun!

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