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Curi Question of the Week


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What brings/brought you to MD? What keeps you here?


We all came to this "Game" for a reason. I know some of you folks gripe about a lot of things, but you are still here. Why? It's time for some self analysing and looking in. : D My favorite past time. Please, be honest with your answers, and don't snipe at others. Only you are liable for *your* actions. So let's keep it to that, mmkay?


I was looking for a game to play when I was graduating school. I found MD, and I became hooked. Albeit, I was confused, and had a hard time understanding some of the concepts, it drew me in. The artwork, the personal philosophies, the people. I found it was an extra curricular activity for me, and it wasn't just a game any more. It was a community, and there were people who I cared for a lot.


To me, this game is much more than the mechanics and the "power". It's about building relationships and insights. Don't tell me you have gone to MD and haven't learned anything, because I bet you have. About cultures, about people.


I stay because of this tether I have when I build sustaining relationships that are positive, and because I believe that MD is a part of my history. I miss some of the people who have gone and never come back. And I miss immensely, interacting with them on a platform that stretches the imagination.


It is also because my life is just plain boring without something to do that is bettering something in some way. I live in a spot that makes it really hard for me to get to anywhere and make a difference. So MD is where I get to get rid of some of that frustration.

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its because we are free here:)

well, "free"

you can be mushroom, tree, warrior, or whatever, and be accepted:)

we can be here that what we want irl, and not only that

we "are" here all those things:)

however, it is this "power" of MD that makes it very dangerous

and its influence should not underestimated, real life is "real"

and while MD help us to be what want, we should not forget what we are in first place:)

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How I came here I don't really remember... I think some add somewhere, not sure though.


What made me decide to play was a text on the old main page saying something along the lines of "With the right creatures and the right tactic anyone can beat anyone. Even a player a few days old can beat a veteran." It's a shame that text is gone, but I would really love to see a new MP3 defeat Eon's killer rits. So they couldn't really leave it there.


So I played the game for 2 months and quit.


About two years later memories of some unique game with beautiful hand drawn artworks and a story about some little girl in a cube invaded my mind.


So I came back.


After that a lot of things happened. I've always loved exploring the realm, how behind everything there seemed to be a deeper meaning, often just out of reach. How it isn't required to fight while still playing MD. And how the people of MD kept surprising me time after time, even if not always in a good way.

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I don't have a clue how I found MD, especially since it's way different from anything else I was playing at the time i found it.


What really kept me here (then) was that I could interact with people so much more easily (i'm a horrible introvert in RL) and if I didn't want to, I didn't have to. It does me a world of good in lots of ways to be able to be social without actually having to be social face-to-face.


After my long absence tho, what brought me back was all the friends I made way back then. Granted, there aren't many of them here any more, but those that I can still talk to are valuable to me beyond comparison. :)


All the hidden/deeper meaning/make you have to think about it stuff helps keep me here too. It's like a great big puzzle in a way, with lots of little puzzles imbedded in it. Just when you think you have something figured out, you have to go figure out something else instead in order to understand a bit more about whatever it was you were originally trying to figure out... if that makes sense ;)

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I do not remember how I came here to be honest. That was 7 years ago and I was just about to start college. I do know that I found the concept to be interesting and enjoyed seeing all the scenes. I am still waiting for more scenes to be made and areas that say in progress to be finished. I believe I am sticking around just to see how those areas will turn out. If they ever get finished.

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I have been playing rpgs for several years now.  Which actually makes me late on the scene.  I AM 39...  that said, what keeps me addicted to MD (AD 23?!?) is the people, the freedom, the imagination, the scenes, the creativity.  It's like no other game.  And it's what you make of it.  So pretty much, it's like we're all sitting in art class being given loose instructions for a our blank canvas and we all paint amazing things and some how, they all work together. 

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I came because  I thought it was a game with a kinda timer on it - how much you could move and such o.o So... Thought I wouldn't get too caught up and would still get some work done <.<.... The art and story were what made me stay I think o.o Then some of you lovely peoples o3o o.o but o.o now it's just nice to visit every now and again when I'm free because it always seems to be changing o.o 

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Once upon a time there was a game I believe called Kings or something which if memory serves Mur helped out on/completely made/generally had something to do with. There was an ad for this lil place on it, I clicked, I played, I was free. And the rest, as they say, is history.

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I saw something about a game that was in testing (MD), I liked the contest on the frontpage, and came back to it later when there was a forum, I then came back later when the game was playable and played it.


My friends keep me here, But thats a lot more loose than it used to be now :(

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