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MD Christmas Treasure

Eagle Eye

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Its that special time of year. That magical, wonderful, time of year. Its the time of year we all look forward to, eagerly awaiting its arrival. That's right, the day has finally come around once more - Mur has misplaced has slave driving tools, the elves have escaped from captivity in Golemus, and the strange being we think of as Santa is more confused than ever before!


Join us for a whirlwind adventure through six of MD's Lands! Will you be working for the little people of Golemus, eager to see their elf slaves returned to captivity? Will you be working with the 'Loreroot railroad' to help the slaves escape to freedom? Or will you just be hunting down the secret Christmas treasure that was stolen in the breakout?


The third one, of course!


Follow clickie based clues, and solve puzzles and riddles, in a race to find the hidden MD Christmas Treasure! But don't let Santa know what you're after - or he might have a shipment of coal with your name on it!


This quest involves visiting NML, NC, LR, MB, MDA, and LotE, tracking down and solving puzzles and riddles that have been left on interactive clickies.

Passsword: MD Treasures
How to Start: State your player Name Here
Quest Start: Day: 357

Aramor - 9th Anniversary Edition

1 WP              - Sponsored by Chewett
Spellstones    - Sponsored by Chewett
1 WP              - Sponsored by Nimrodel
3 aged birds   - Sponsored by Fang Archbane
5 Silver Coins - Sponsored by Fang Archbane
6 Spicy Pickles - Sponsored by Syrian
4 Heat Stone - Sponsored by Syrian
No alt
The eligible for the rewards are the players sign-in
Sponsor are welcome Edited by Eagle Eye
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3 aged bird eggs and 5 silver distributable by EE as he sees fit among the winners ( o3o)^

Permanent sponsorship goes to EE as well, keep winning his quests and the rewards only get nicer ( oCo)! (Well, the ones sponsored by my crazy nubs)

Keep it up EE, this sounds super fun, im sure everyone will enjoy it thoroughly :3

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