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Why A25 gameplay changes

Muratus del Mur

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well the title was misleading to an extent but I just would like to say thank you for taking the time and actually explaining your thoughts and the direction you wish to grow your child into. I believe this to be better than simply stating A25 will do this without telling us the war plan behind it, simply wantwd to express my gratitude to your post.

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My target is and always was, to bring together people of various cultures, ages, talents and habbits, and to offer them a place where a well defined fragment of who they are (their player/character), can evolve and confront other real people... and through that it can learn, change and evolve. My benefit is very selfish,..i do it just for myself :P ..just so i can learn more about myself, same as you do. Learning about you helps me discover myself. I offer you something , you give me back pieces of who i am, thats my trade...

I find joy in learning and experimenting with such things, my life has a purpose when i confront issues in md that require my skills to be solved. I learned to write and to draw, so i could be of more use in md development... i have fun doing this, same as you have playing it.


And this is what I love about Magicduel.


Although it is only an online game and most of us have never met face to face or seen each , we are a community. A real community. We feel all the emotions for and experience many of the same problems with each other as we would in real life. The difference is though...we have no stereotypes to add a face to. Whether you're rich, poor, white, black, gay or straight...in Magicduel we are all the same! This allows us to have fun, socialise and learn without having the hate. Yes, we may all argue and squabble in Magicduel...but that's nothing compared to the "real life" hate that consumes the society we live in. It's one of the main thing that makes this game so unique.


In a sense, we're just one big, extremely dysfunctional and argumentative, family.


This may be completely off target and whatever...but that's something I've been waiting to see that said by someone and I can't be happier. This is what MD is for me and so long as there is a community there'll be me. (Bad luck people.) :))  :))



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  • Root Admin

A common feature of A25 will be easy to follow quests with idiot proof tasks. Spoilers will be common, in fact the most of the gameplay will be based on walkthroughs. This will make things really easy, but the way i will combine them it will keep them interesting even so.


After a long period of evolving in a pseudo hierarchy, the player that is already hooked in the daily activities, will start to discover more creative ways to entertain. The current quest creating will be an occupation only for the smartest of you :)


You will see hanges that at first might look too different from how md is, but keep in mind that the main core of concepts will remain unaltered, i am changing just its skin.


Patience filters such as the 24h waiting in the story, will be removed but in their place other ways to reward patience will be in place...so if something vanishes, its probably disimulated in an other place.

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I am personally happy to see things get moving and change. Whether changing for the better or not, I can't say right now.


My only question so far, is:

Will the vets be able to somehow experience the new intro/tutorial/story mode? Or do we have to create alts for that?

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  • Root Admin

Will the vets be able to somehow experience the new intro/tutorial/story mode? Or do we have to create alts for that?

It was planned as a quest, so it would just be another quest that you would do. The tutorial aspect of it would be that you are strongly recommended to do it, possibly even forced. But it will be a quest you can compete wherever you are.
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More casual is better for me :p


Ok, what I wanted to say is that the reason I'm still checking the forum and moving around in MD is a promise that this game makes - that a player can add content to the world. This is something most games don't offer - you interact with the game world, but rarely add anything. I'm not here for the artwork (which is lovely), the things I can learn, the social interactions - all these are nice and interesting, but what I like is the possibility of adding your stuff. So, as long as you keep this side open to new ideas, I think that death is not an option h3h3.

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All current players will be able to go through the new beginning if they want to, without using alts.

(and as chew said)

Being afraid of sounding too eloquent, I would like to add that we may be all going into a new beginning.

Between this, and the "legacy" documentation, we are setting new bases (and perhaps an increase in numbers) for the MD playerbase.

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