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Unfinished work you would see finished


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If there is anything you feel is unfinished, and feel it should be worked on, please state here.

Learning from the last topic, do not just say "X needs work" state what and why you think it needs work.

MD is constantly in flux, some of these "unfinished work" could be seen as new features/developments on features which is why you need to explain what and WHY.

Trolling posts will be removed without warning.

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http://magicduel.inv...tion-moo-spell/ <- This would be nice although it should be on the bottom of this list.

http://magicduel.inv...assword-change/ <- Not very important

http://magicduel.inv...-error-message/ <- Not very important

http://magicduel.inv...tc-to-the-game/ <- Anything that improves game clarity and makes a player more easily understand the impact and consequences of their actions should absolutely be implemented


Also broken vit on non-HTML5 creature page. We need either that fixed ASAP or get the HTML5 view finished ASAP

It affects how the game looks and many a newbie will likely dismiss this game as broken and poorly made if their very first creatures do not properly display their vitality. Displaying the current and maximum vitality of a creature properly as it was a few years ago will greatly improve communication between the game and the player improving the experience overall.

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Ok I took some time to review the announcements published in stage 12 and tried to sum up the most important stuff (at least from the general public point of view).


New features:

- Purchasable RP items;

- Kill contract(s?) introduced;

- A25 tools introduced for quests and clickables (or about to be introduced);

RPC quests used to get me so excited and interested, obviously I am the one that has changed, so I can't call it MD's problem that I don't anymore, but if someone were to show off A25's tools with a truly amazing quest, I think it could inspire great change.

- Title-docs escaping MD borders (or about to);

- Creature shield (immunity to fights);

- Pickable items from scenes;


Change in features:

- Kill and revive items requiring gold to be used;

- Fighting cool-down time decreased for allied players;

- Max viscosity reduced + NML freed from viscosity;

- Tags evolution (multi-tag now possible);

This feature gives something tangible to RP, and is a step towards integrating roleplay with gameplay. I think if used properly, this could inspire many people to achieve some cool stuff.

- Expire date introduced for some items;


Cleansing and cosmetics:

- Avatar shop cleaned;

- User interface redesigned;

- Default items artwork introduced;

- HTML5 creature page;

Covered by Rophs



- 9th and 10th anniversary aramors introduced;

- Santa creature level 4 introduced;

- Root warrior creature introduced;



- New kings in MB and GG;

- Labyrinth Kingship introduced;

- MDA land leaders introduced;

- Tribunal crown waiting for a head;

- Lair Keepers came back;


Quests and events:

- Build your own drachorn permanent quest;

- 3 Spell doc permanent quests; 

- No more HC or BCH;

I used to live and breathe for heads contest every 28th day of the month, I hope we can either reinstate it some day, or start up TC again, or something. Not for the rewards or anything, but for the glory of fighting.


Admin & organization:

- Hidden Council was restructured a few times, then got disbanded;

- Public Council was introduced, then disbanded;

- Judges introduced;

- Mur is back;

Mur is no longer the leader he used to be. The Mur Effect still happens (where Mur appears, so does everybody), but people treat him more as a player and a flawed human, and of course that's fair to him, but is it best for me and you as players? A question I'm scared to answer for Mur's sake


New skills:

- Volition;

- Cartography;


New spells:

- Petrify spell;

- Send to Trail of Agony (unless it happened before stage 12);


New lands:

- Shadow labyrinth (to be disclosed, but I've been there :P);


Get involved:

- Legacy (people documenting existing features);

Important, but I don't see how it works, and Mur's focus is on other things after starting this. I signed up thinking more instructions would be given later, but I suppose it's another puzzle to know how to work the code without knowing the code. I'm not great at puzzles I don't already know the solution to.

- Project Omega (know nothing about this);

- Sky visibility and sky scouters;



- Night mode ready to kick in (what happened to this?);

- Adventure Log restarted then paused again;

The AL is important to MD's charm. Your actions can write the story, it's a point that draws people in. Also very difficult to do consistently, as has been seen. When there's no drama and intriguea, people don't want to make their own.


... I may have missed something, I hope not too much.


I went through Lashtal's list and picked everything I saw that was important to me and wrote a couple lines on each.

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As I stated in the last one;


I believe that the totem system should be worked on until it's at a point where it is fully operational with interesting outcomes.


One of the reasons I have gotten so deeply involved in creature totems is because of it's potential and the fact that encompasses so much of MD. This a step towards a completely different side of MD, a place between role play and combat. 


Here's a quick list of everything I feel creature totems encompass:

  • Heat - Heat is required to make the totems, which then forces us to think of how we can gather enough? Through stones? Briskness? Fighting? Which way is most efficient?
  • Items - Totems require items to create them, thus making us think about what we need, where we can get them from and how we're going to get the item(s).
  • Resources - This has been the biggest challenge for me, trying to get enough timeless dust. Now that it has a value people are expecting large sums of silver or aren't selling at all. Those that are selling, only sell the smallest amounts. I've finally found a way that suits me and I see efficient...but it still causes you to think.
  • Creatures - The core of a totem. Yet no one, probably not even Mur, know's what will happen to them when totemized and then brought back into reality. For me this raises many questions and has caused me to search for creatures to "test" on when it is ready. But for good tests you need varying creatures, levels, stats...everything.
  • Community - For me, this is the best part. You can work by yourself to achieve goals or you can talk to others for help, make friends and work together. I've found that making totems has caused me to talk to lots of people; some I perhaps wouldn't have spoken to before or haven't spoken to in a long time...you chat, get to know them or reminisce with them and then help one another... Like true friends.


In my experience totems have brought together nearly every huge aspect of MD, with one simple item. But that one item could have so much potential...if only it were finished.


So (to Mur) should you read this, I'd like you to think about setting totems as a priority for one of the bigger features. I feel it could interest a lot...the possibilities are endless.


So yes...totems please.

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A25 tools, AL, and game intro for newbies.


A25 tools being implemented in MD would give new depth to quests and to a lot of aspects of the game outside of rp. I think it could add to the introduction for newbies and if AL was restarted it would validate interactions between players and players with the items/environment.


So I am strongly for the A25 tools. Other things can be worked on or polished up... but A25 tools to me have a lot of potential.


edit: Even if it is implemented in small steps. :) It is those small steps that I think will make some changes to md.

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Personally, I want to see more done with resources and "crafting". 


- Edit -

For Herbs and any other plant resource (lumber, bark, etc.), Bones should be able to made into a sort of fertilizer. Maybe by mixing Ground Bones with Saw Dust and Flowers? That, and Water should increase the Herb regeneration significantly. 


For Water... It would be interesting to see if we could have Floods which are caused by having TOO MUCH Water in a scene. Of course, for that to happen, we'd have to have Water replenish by other means than just over time. Rain would be a good way to do that. This would require that Water can go over it's max, but only if caused by rain.


It's been mentioned before that Bones should regenerate/"appear" on the death of players.... Maybe they too can go over the max, but only when players die.

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I actually think that there are some very nice, clean, points of expansion in the realm. The Gazebo of Chaos is one of those very few places. What I consider nice and clean are places in the realm where paths end, but appear to go on, or places that you can see, but can't get to. There are many such places in the realm, some are small, the side paths in front of the temple in the east being one of the more obvious examples, while others, such as the Gazebo of Chaos, are much larger.

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That's not quite what I was trying to say. The point I was trying to get across is that there are many places in the game that are a game border, the Gazebo of Chaos is just the only one that directly states it. What I failed to express in my post is that I believe that these areas shouldn't be hastily finished and closed off, but rather, that I believe that much thought should be put into such an expansion of the game's boundaries, and that that thought should make significant consideration for both the future, and also the past of the realm. An expansion to the realm should never be used to close off boundaries, but rather, to open up new ones.

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Ah ok i see what you mean now. seems like a ok idea. here is another suggestion ........ every one knows of the nest off the side of the cliff when you go under ground. what if we took the bird creature, i believe it is called a winder wild and put its egg there as a recruitment spot for its egg instead of in MB. (like i said just a thought) i feel it would fit better with its recruitment due to its coming from a nest as to it is a bird so it would only make sense to get its egg out of a nest 

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There is a screen in MD that allows you to click as if you were going to move on to the next screen, but instead it says that you can't move on because it is still being worked on. Something along those lines. I would either like to see that next area completed and implemented or just remove the ability to click on it and the error message. I just don't like having the hope that there is other places to go, but never being able to go there.


I would also like to see the challengers steps completed, if it's not been done already. Last time I went there it was still being worked on and the puzzles were unable to be tried.

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