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item mix - Bottomless Toy Chest

Muratus del Mur

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  • Root Admin

I am posting this here to remember to do it, i accepted the item so there won't be any voting on this one. Just for you to know whats comming :p



 Usable item: Cost: 100 items + Wishpoint
Item Name: Bottomless Toy Chest
Item Description: A wooden Toy chest containing uncountable toys. Each kind of toy entertains you in a different way!
How it works: The item on getting used gives a different toy randomly :
Plushie: 10% ve boost
Figurine: 250 Temporary heat
Board Game: 10% AP boost
Collectible card: 10% vp boost
Marble: 5 Ep boost
mixed by Items constituting toys. Like figurines, plush toys, collectable cards, marbles, board games, snow globes, anything that can be played with. Like dolls, doll houses and stuff. 100 of them.
- *Nimrodel*  131999


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Depending on the cooldown of production, amount of items and decay of items this seems okay.


However, I would suggest using the maximum stat of a person and not the current amount...else we will probably have cases where someone uses temporary boosts followed by these items resulting in effects that would probably be unintended when giving these items out.

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  • Root Admin

I just resumed work on this today, indirectly , i am working on forked combiners, that will be the way for any similar item to be created.


I am a bit confused, Nim, you say here you have the item already..but on email you sent me details on how to create it, i don't understand...explain?


Anyway, a way to mix toys together to form such a box is in work, i am testing stuff in willows shop interior, but PLEASE do not use the toy box placed there. I could just block it, but if its not blocked and i am in the middle of the code and something goes wrong and you lose your items in one click, don't complain...just don't click the box unless you ask first. I might need testers however.


This item is composed of 3 parts. First part is to finish forked combiners, second is to create such an item automatically and third is to make it functional. Nim, this topic is inconsistant with your emails...help me understand, thanks

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  • Root Admin

its very tricky to make this work on the forked combiner thing,

i did some progress today with it but the problem...the huge problem ...is that there is no way it can mix 100 items in that interface it currently has. It was designed for about 10 items tops, and thats plenty for any item combination except this one


so i am not sure what to do yet, ...maybe finish combiners first now that i started and add a second interface for such cases, or make a raw less fancy tool for this....probably the tool....anyway, enough for today, will continue later tonight maybe

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I dont think I mentioned anywhere in this thread that I have the item Mur. You must have misunderstood my post or something. I could clear the misunderstanding if you can point out what made you think that I already had the item.

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  • Root Admin

i was thinking about packing items like dst said,...its the only way it can work....still kind of complicated... you need ten combiners just to create one, this would be 3rd level item


1st level the item itself. 2nd level the item produced by packing , 3rd level the item produced by the second packing....that means each group will have totally different things in it than the ones mentioned initially. I don't mind doing it as i think fit and giving this item to Nim regardless if it fits with the "new" requirements... but still a LOT of work for just a secondary feature.... will do it anyway one way or an other, don't worry

Edited by Muratus del Mur
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