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MD 10th Birthday Quest - Day 8 - Design a Deadly Weapon

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A hat tip to Kafuuka's old torture device contest here, which I so loved. Miss you dude.


Design a deadly weapon to destroy your most hated adversaries in the most horrible of ways!


Explain in detail how it works and who it was made for, why is your weapon a good fit to kill this/these person/people.


Include sketches and diagrams, and if possible pictures of a scale model.

  • A deadly 'weapon' can be just about anything so long as they die in the end
  • Quick and painless, or long a painful, how does your weapon exact and ensure its final result
  • A deadly weapon is a great story - so how does your weapon display flair on the battle field, or give you time to give a villain speech at a dinner?
  • Liquid is important. How much blood and bile have you caused to splatter about?
  • Humour is a good thing, i mean...how disparaging for your victim if everyone is giggling...
  • The weapon needs to be entirely unique, no copying existing weapons. Godmod all you like with your design.

Submit your entries direct on to this thread up until April 21st.


Judges: Z & Phan


Rewards: 1 x anni aramour for most horrific


1st: 1WP from DD & a sword shade

2nd: Darkling

3rd: Shade

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"Reverse-umbrella that rips itself off on special rope mechanism pull."
Simplyzero got his soul massacred when swimming the Golemus waters. Since then, he can 
travel underground waters to reach many locations, but every time he travels, he losses
a part of his soul.
Simplyzero obviously has a major weakness to water. (maybe all of us do :P)
My plan: Find Simplyzero somewhere on the open, and invoke rainy weather (spell stone,
or ask somebody for help).
Simplyzero will panic a bit because he doesn't like the rain, and I will offer him to
accompany me under my umbrella.
The umbrella is such that on the top it accumulates water. *points you to the sketch*
When it gets filled, I will pull the red rope which will rip off the top, and all 
that water will splash on Simplyzero, to take his soul!
Answering some FAQ:
- No, not much blood, this is an elegant, MB way, to kill somebody. But lots of "liquid"! Well, water...
- Very terrifying! He losses his soul! You should give me that anni imp reward straight away!
- Very humorous, mind the fact that somebody losses his soul!
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Ruber sling shot from the wood

Lone wolf slowly paralyzed and painful in the whole body to the deepest bone.
I need to be fast capture lone wolf and i need someone to help.

Lone wolfe always traveling in the forest like his own home. He feel safe on the forest

Lone wolf weakness spear and needles. You know it;)
My plan is to find lone wolf in MDA, make a rain and use move lock stone

Sling shot spotted only one target and shown a sketches


When the rain water comes, rain drop to the mountain to the leak and the stone slowly moving. The stone cut the sling ruber to fullfill and succeed. The rain water mixed to the leak become a poisoning and lone wolf slowly die painfully.

No blood drop, direct hit. Loreroot not torturing others lorerootians make love and friends.

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Using my endless skills with Paint, I present to you, The Silent Killer.




The upper part is a speaker, the middle is a chip containing information, and the bottom serves 2 purposes I’ll clear out a bit later. Its size is a few millimeters across. Water proof. Shock proof. EM shock proof. (because technology allows it :p)


This weapon is not designed for the battlefield. It’s an assassination method as cruel as I could come up with. It requires lots of time, observation and preparation.


Essentially, you observe your victim for as long as it takes to figure out what and who they hate most. When you have this information, you have that who is hated most by the target record themselves while speaking of everything the target hates the most. This information goes on the chip. Now, you have the weapon prepared.


Next step is to wait for your target to be unaware. Catch them asleep and make sure they don’t wake up while you work your magic, or simply knock them out cold and work your way from there. After they’re in the mentioned position, carefully insert the device inside the ear, as close as possible to the earlobe. The legs will allow you to insert the object deep enough as to remain there, while the speaker makes it undetectable due to its skin like surface. The legs serve another purpose: they tap in to the electromagnetic field of the body and sustain the device for as long as there is such a field to tap into = for as long as your target lives. Insert into both ears for good measure.


Now, you observe. Once they wake up, marvel at the maddening effect of hearing your most hated thoughts and dire regrets from the person you loathe the most. Eventually, self mutilation will occur. Suicide is what this will end in. The gore depends solely on your victim’s state of being, but I doubt it will be too pretty, whoever the target. If, however, death does not occur, you will have at least turned your target into a non person - at least mentally, they will die eventually.


Refreshing… :D


(edited for extra detail)

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So, I am proud to present you the most horrific and torturous (no idea if such a word exists) contraption: Dst's Gauntlet of Fun!!!
Below you have the schematics of the torturing device:
And now please allow me to guide you through the contraption:
1) You start by entering a hot coals room. It's up to you how much time you spend in there. You can choose to run or you can choose to...walk.
      Then you reach a tunnel filled with everything slimy and yucky (bugger, intestines, vomit, dandruff etc etc). It's a wabbley and slippery tunnel so you'll soon end up in:
2) Spikes room. Similar with previous room, you can run or walk. Up to you.
      At the exit of spikes room you enter a corridor filled almost to the top with hot chilli sauce. You have to drag yourself to the end (swim, walk, run if you can) where you'll enter:
3) A room full with sticky honey. Honey dripping from the ceiling, honey lurking on the floor. Good luck passing this room!
      Once you exit the honey room you enter a tunnel full of ants. If you were happy cause honey room was nice this is the time to feel sorry. If you manage to escape you enter:
4) Jellyfish room! You rejoice! You get rid of the ants and honey. And if you're VERY lucky you don't get to be stung by jellyfish! So you swim happily to the exit and you end up
      On an icy tunnel! All that water combined with this ice will do wonders for your body! But you're in luck: it's a slide so your behind doesn't have to suffer to much cause you enter the next room:
5) Rats & Bats room. Some will feel relaxed cause rats and bats are not that bad. Ye, I was nice with this one. Need to help people relax a bit so they will endure what comes next:
   Through a tunnel filled with snakes  (poisonous but not deadly cause I don't want you killed...yet) you advance to next room:
6) CLOWNS ROOM. Do you remember the clown you hit in story mode? Well...those are his brothers and are here to revenge him! Oh and in the right top corner there's a megaphone broadcasting crazy clowns laughs.
    Exiting the clowns realm, you enter a tunnel which gives you 2 passing choices: hot bars to hand to or blades to step on. Your choice! But once you reach its end you end up in:
7) Game of thrones spoiler room!!! This is a special room cause its door only opens after a certain period of time, trapping you inside and blasting spoiler from all corners! When the door finally opens, you reach
    A new wobbly  slider where instead of water, we have lemon zest! That should do wonders on all the wounds you got until here. But you escape pretty fast and end up in:
8) Bamboo splinters room! This is a classic torture so I could not give it up! But you're lucky. You get to play dice with a mysterious entity. If you win, you go unharmed. If you lose, you get as many splinters in your fingers as the difference between the dice you threw and the ones the entity threw. You exit (if you still can) the room and you discover you  have to cross
   A slugs infested corridor! Good luck and tough stomach! Watch out cause it's damn slippery! If you manage not to break every bones you are pleased to enter:
9) A pitch dark room where a stroboscope lights from time to time and which is filled with screams. Yummy! Find your way through the exit so you can now cross a piranha filled corridor. Put some pressure on yourself there and swim fast to the end of it! There you enter:
10)The spinning room! Yes. Now you'll be spun spun spun until you lose even the meals you've skipped. If you can find the way through the exit, open the door and let yourself slide through a tunnel full of bees and wasps. Enjoy! Bees venom helps if you have rheumatism. If you don't...tough luck! Now e thrown to the next room:
11) Tickling room! Yes, here you'll be tortured by being tickled. Till you faint. With a hen's feather. Or with a hen...You are kept here for a period of time. When the time expires, you are allowed to exit and pass the next corridor: one filled with worms and maggots! Yuck! Squish squish through the worms to your next room:
12) Attack and PM sound room! This should make most of MD players anxious and the rest just annoyed. The sound surrounds you and you have to spend a predefined amount of time in here. Once you are released you have to walk through a high AP corridor! Curse the viscosity and your lack of boosts then slowly move to the next room:
13) Crappy RP room. RP-ers will be disgusted while non RP-ers will be bored to death. You are trapped here for a predefined amount of time, reading crappy RP. When the door opens you can now go through your last room. But first you need to get through a tunnel filled with dst pictures! If you manage you will enter the supreme room of torture!!!
[spoiler]14) The room where MD server is down. Welcome to the mother of all tortures! And enjoy!!! Muahahahahahaha!![/spoiler]

Edited by dst
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Poison patch

Sketch: http://storenow.net/my/?f=810c4f323d804d85c53f73a458581e1c

Model: http://storenow.net/my/?f=317001211616313c113cc676f5fe9b5f


I recommend wearing gloves and a surgical mask until after the making part is over.



In a sealable container mix about 4-6 tablespoons of ground nutmeg with a cup of boiling water, close it, and let that infuse for a day. Collect a matching amount of “milk” from the stalks of oleander and repeat the process used for nutmeg. Make sure not to ingest any or get it on your hands and that you wash very well after collecting since these are fairly large quantities of these substances and you don’t want the effects you intend for others. After the waters are infused, cook them down a few times to get the concentrations up. You want the mixture to be very potent to ensure you get the effects of both plants quickly. Mix the concentrated infusions together, maybe add some calamine lotion (if you’re trying to not have the application be noticed), and keep the mix sealed until ready to apply to the patch.


Delivery patch:

You start by peeling the thin skin off an onion. You will want enough to be shaped along your hand. Soak this in water so it doesn’t smell particularly like onion and doesn’t sting later if you put it on your skin or near your face. In the mean time, melt and mix candle wax to the approximate color of your skin. You will need to find some plant with very small needles or barbs as well. I went with nettles but very fine needled thistle or cactus might work. The idea is that the needles will be able to stick in and hold the weapon onto the skin for a while and possibly cause either numbing or itching effects. Peel off some skin with the needles attached or otherwise remove individual barbs (if they do not come off with the plant skin). Lay your swatch of onion skin out on a curved surface and apply a thin layer of wax over it. Let this solidify slightly before placing the needles in rows such that the barbs stand up in multiple, opposing directions. Cover the base of the needles with another very thin layer of wax if you can and let the patch solidify. Wear this patch before you go off to meet the victim. When you are ready, apply some of the liquid to the needles and go off to meet the intended.


How it works:

Arrange for a situation where you shake hands or pat the victim on the back. Shaking hands has the advantage of you being able to keep shaking the hand (if somewhat awkwardly) and applying enough pressure to hurt just enough to cover up the possible sting of the needles and for the liquid to get under the skin but may keep you close when the victim discovers the patch in their skin. Placement on the back or neck will be harder to visually notice but may take longer for the liquid to work. Congratulations after having a successful meeting or finishing a quest tends to be unsuspecting times of contact. Or in this case, sneaking into Azull’s favorite hidey hole and poking him while he sleeps. We’re going to pick on Azull because he’s fairly humanoid, has skin, doesn’t have extra blood pumping organs, and doesn’t have any particular resistances to poison or death (that I know of) unlike others in his land.


When we apply the patch to Azull’s skin, the alternating barbs will pierce through the skin and hang on since they are going in multiple directions. This allows the needles to hang in and be useful even if the patch is found shortly after application. After the initial contact, I advise walking elsewhere. Preferably to a nearby place with drinks and a splash shield so you’ll be comfy when watching the effects. The myristicin in the nutmeg will cause hallucinations (giving Necrovion another mad king!) and possibly other fun effects like vomiting and problems with vision and balance. If the needles have a slight numbing effect (on their own or with help of a little lotion), haven’t caused the skin to become inflamed, and haven’t been noticed during placement then poor Azull (or whoever your choice is) will not have any idea why they are seeing strange things. If we manage to tag Azull in his lair and he somehow sleeps through it, we can count on extra time for the hallucinogenic aspect of the nutmeg extract to kick in and have a truly mad king upon wake up. The nutmeg may also cause him to vomit so he’ll be crazy and be avoided in fear of projectile spew.  If he’s been asleep long enough, he’ll wake up crazy with a serious reversal of fortune (lots of vomiting) from the nutmeg and oleander as well as heart problems and seizures or a coma! If you tag him while he’s awake, you may need to find your own hidey hole until the effects kick in and you can take advantage of his hallucinations to hide in front of his face until he collapses from the other effects.

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I think on the whole the focus of MDers appears to be torture over death :)) shocking! absolutely shocking!


We looked at whether you actually managed to kill them, duration, liquid spatter, public amusement, the thought you put into the uniqueness of your concept, and your design.


The winners are:


1st - Dst
2nd - Amberrune
3rd - Myth
Most horrific - Amberrune

Further reasoning is in the spoiler.





Dst - gauntlet of fun

end result? - mutilated body, possible death at any point
quick or long? - long
liquid? - yes
humour? - yes
unique? - yes
included basic sketch

Comments: More of a torture chamber than a weapon, but lots of gore and torment of all kinds for an audience to enjoy. Pretty sure the person would die, just a matter of at what point- all part of the fun there.

Amberrune - poisoned patch

end result? - coma or death
quick or long? - long
story? - yes
liquid? - yes
humour? - yes
unique? - yes
included sketch and a model

Comments: Its possible the person could survive this, but its pretty horrific, entirely devious and certainly a crowd pleaser.

Myth - Silent Killer

end result? - suicide via madness
quick or long? - long
story? - yes
liquid? - possibly
humour? - yes
unique? - yes
included basic sketch

Comments: Based on precedent, the person is going to kill themselves. How? that's the issue here. We could be looking at something entirely unsatisfying. As a torture device, this is right on.

Miq - spikey book

end result? - mutilation, mental impairment, possible death
quick or long? - quick
story? - yes
liquid? - yes
humour? - yes
unique? - yes
included basic sketch

Comments: This would definitely be hilarious, but it hasn't been specified enough. We don't know enough details about the item to say if the person would definitely die.

Rhaegar - Reverse Umbrella

End result? - stolen soul, either coma or death
Quick or Long? - Quick
Story? - no
Liquid? - no
Humour? - yes
Unique? - sort of
included basic sketch

Comments: No where near enough horror, way too clean, and more confusing than funny to onlookers who don't know the person's history. Clever concept though, linked into MD history.

Eagle Eye - Rubber Sling Shot

End result? - slow paralysis leading to death
Quick or long? - long
Story? - yes
Liquid? - no
humour? - no
unique? - sort of
included basic sketch

Comments: Im not sure this would be much fun to watch. They'd die alright, but its a fairly static situation.

Change - bird killing

end result? - covered in bloody poison, possible death
story? - yes
liquid? - yes but not the victims
humour? - yes
unique? - sort of
included basic sketch

Comments: There are not enough specifics here, we have blood, but it isn't the victims and what is the poison? As I see it, unless they ingest it, they won't die, no matter how amusing it is to see everyone covered in bird's blood.



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