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Annual statless&tokenless tournament?


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There are no official contests that are held annually, something that players can look up to and prepare.

Christmas and MD birthday are great, but you never really know what type of quests/events it will bring.


Combat tournament (statless, tokenless, more requirements optional) is a natural idea.


I was thinking that it would be held two times a year, maybe three (once in every four months).


With WP restriction gone, it can be done 'on our own' until it gains admin support (if it doesn't get it straight away), I can sponsor first few years of the competition :P


What interests me is:

- Are there enough interested people for this.

- Best combination of rules for the competition to be unpredictable, and avoiding the situation of having one ritual that bests all the others. (experience of players that participated in a lot of tournaments of this kind that would answer some questions as in - should premium creatures be allowed or not, should there only be recruitable creatures or does the presence of those other creatures really not make a damage to the balance)



I am also considering it to have rules that makes people from the same land avoid each other as much as possible (so the competition gains some inter-land contest image, fighting for the glory of your home, etc.)

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[spoiler]That last line made me think of MD Olympics. You'd hold an internal tournament and then send the best fighter from the land to the Olympics. As was sometimes done in the past, to avoid large-scale wars.[/spoiler]


I would fill in just to increase fighters quota and maybe have a little fun.

As for rules for it to be unpredictable, I wouldn't know, but I think that maybe creating a guard (with tokened/premium crits), whom you'd have to fight first to actually get in the competition (getting one or two tries), would be quite unpredictable :)

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Digression that could be useful for the future:


I did imagine it like a world cup of a sorts Richie, Olympics if it had more disciplines. Hypothetically, if it would succeed, and then some other annual contests to arise (only strict procedure stuff, without subjective judging, for instance Trivias), we could host MD Olympics.

Trivias would require credible people to host them, and since it requires an effort to lead it, trivia host needs to get payed somehow (i would like to avoid full-volunteer stuff).


This hypothetical Olympics would need a budget to pay for the staff it uses as hosts, and it would be funded by making an entrance fee, a couple of silvers per participant, and 100% coins would go into the pockets of the hosts.


Sounds good, but need more disciplines. Any ideas for MD traditional stuff, that doesn't require subjective judging, that can be used as a contest?

Something for the mind too, not just mechanical stuff like combat



Back on topic:

Helping the quota sounds delightful.

A 'guard' ensuring some level of quality for the contest can be good, but it wouldn't affect what I had in mind there, one combination of creatures being the most used and decisive in the tourney.


The problem with the rules will need help from experience of some people like Clock Master and Sunfire (who were in the finals of the Miq's last tourney which allowed all creatures), and probably everybody who participated in statless BHC competitions.


I had experience in Miq's tourney with recruitable creatures only, and it's fun, but people tend to stick to birds and elementals.


I am playing with the thought of adding only specific creatures, aside the recruitable ones:

- Imps

- Bloodpacts

- Sharptroopers

- Soulweavers

... ? etc.


Probably banning windies because of big big stats in comparison with the others, but may consider it if they can be countered without relying entirely on luck of freeze.


Limiting number of freeze auras?


This is the most important part of the discussion, and feedback is very welcome.

It will probably be an experiment in the first few contests in any case, but we are looking to minimize the potential damage to the balance of the contest.


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MD olympics that are completely fair without any possibility of shady play occurring?

You don't like that? Then how about gladiators? Wanna see you in the pit ^^



Edit: more on topic - some tests with complete removal of freezes (or allowing only one bird) can be made. Freezes are half of the problem here.

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@Myth: heat war, maybe, will need to check on the rules, could be quite nice!


I chattered a bit with Clock Master, gave some thought...


Trying with max 2 freeze auras (maybe even go with only 1 ?!), an option to take off your badge (longer fights would be more interesting, but number of people, especially ally leaders, will not look kindly on dropping their badges), should come either way.


List of creatures (draft):

- heretic archer and bloodpact

- elemental

- bird

- water being

- knator

- lr archers and sharptrooper

- remains

- unholy priest

- tormented soul and soulweaver

- darkling?

- nutcracker?

- santa?

- imps

- anniversary aramors?

- aramors

- grassans

- pimped grassans? (let's not make a charade? :D)

- jokers and dream mutations


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As a retrospect i must admit that i should have limited freezes. 


number of freezes allowed should depend on the allowed creature list (i dislike allowing most non recruitable ones).


Also when i did the CT i was also considering reversing the allowed thing. Allow all creatures in the beginning and keep taking them out in quater-, semi-, finals



As to dropping badge, i guess nullifing ally effects can easily be added to the BHC system :)

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how about a budget max?


players can use a max of creatures onto a max predefined value of example 3 gc

gamemaker would need to value creatures (around market value) including tokens if allowed (fe 2silver for each token)

using a sw would bring you to 2gc10 so you'd be only be able to add an imp/joker/pimp (1-2sc) with few tokens or a bp tokenless

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how about a budget max?


players can use a max of creatures onto a max predefined value of example 3 gc

gamemaker would need to value creatures (around market value) including tokens if allowed (fe 2silver for each token)

using a sw would bring you to 2gc10 so you'd be only be able to add an imp/joker/pimp (1-2sc) with few tokens or a bp tokenless

In that case we'd probably be best off using a points system where the point value of a creature should be directly proportional to its power level

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Budget max/point system sounds like a good idea and can work. But without allowing tokens, as Sunny suggested.


I need to meet up with Clock Master so we can test around combinations of rules, see if something would work out.

I'll consider this a good alternative to try out if standard stuff don't give satisfaction.


I gave some thought on how would the points be distributed though:


max:100 pts

snowballs,birds=10pts*(number_of_freeze_auras_in_the_rit)       //that would make two snowballs cost 80 pts (40 each) in a ritual for instance

windy=40 pts

elemental=15 pts

darkling=25 pts

imps=20 pts




standard recruitable creatures should be 15 pts, anything more rare, more expensive depending of the quality


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Slot usage is basically already charged with more 'expensive' creatures, if you take a windy for example, you ensured you can't go all 6 creatures.


Slider is not allowed :P

Similar thing that could be legit is allowing combo, but I am still very distant from considering it really. 

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  • 3 months later...

So standard statless rules, but adding some creatures:

Recruitables (NML, MB, NC, LR) + Imps, Sharptroopers, Soulweavers, jokers, Blood pacts and anniversary aramors.


I'll contact the treasure keepers, ideally I would like to participate myself, but if that doesn't work, I'll just be the sponsor for now.


It will be a knockout tourney, and the pairs will be determined by dice rolls inside the game.

People from same land will be put in different branches of the tourney tree, avoiding to meet each other as much as possible. (doesn't count for those without a homeland)


Start preparing, I will leave some time for that, but not too much, no more than a month.

Will make a new topic for applying and full details later.

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  • 4 weeks later...

Sponsorship has been granted, WP and a trophy for the winner, coins for the 2nd (and probably 3rd) place(s).


If the response is good - it will indeed be annual, or to be more precise, once per 6 months (nothing definitive, that's my view at the moment).


Give me a few days and I'll make a new topic with the system, details, and to open applications.

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