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Exploring points

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We all know and use creatures.

What we read and discard immediately are the upgrade costs. This is an example :


Upgrade costs

Action points 50

Value points 2000

Sacrificed vitality 5000

Exploring Points 3


It seems that there is one status that is not taken into account for the upgrade: Exploring points.

When upgrading 1 creature ... you don't usually care about it, you have enough. For 2 creatures ... still plenty.

What about 12 creatures ? I did that much and still remained with 20 Exploring points.


Is it a bug or a feature ?

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Did you reload the page, upon seeing that it wasnt updated, to ensure it wasnt just a display issue?

Aaaa, it doesn't really matter. I upgraded 12 creatures requiring 3 EP each. 36 exploring points in total.

It showed the lowering of VP & VE, the increase of HEAT (and decrease due to saccing it) but the EP didn't changed.


So, unless you gain 20EP (or more) after each counter reset ... and I was lucky ... then it is an issue in the code.

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- upgraded 7 Bird Eggs to level 2

- returned to creature page

- refreshed

- noticed no change in current exploring points: max/max

- upgraded 1 of the birds to level 3

- returned to creature page

- refreshed

- noticed no change in current exploring points: max/max


I was gonna ask if it could be Trade Sense related, but then I noticed I only had 17 of that, so it can't be the case



what if it needs exploring points only the first time you upgrade a certain creature type to certain level (kinda like with scenes). would seem pretty reasonable to me


And if that's the case, the Costs section shouldn't include exploring points :p

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