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auction 2

Muratus del Mur

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Here is a nice package of themed items, the auction is again only for gold coins/notes, and is for the entire package only, not for idividual items in the pack


Muratus's Bottled emotions

Muratus's engraved ring

Muratus's autograph

Drop of blood (might be mine's might be not, depends who gets it and for how much the auction will be)

Acousticremains stone (1 use)

Toxic Concoctions Book (usable cauldron instructions set, however to be considered non functional. i never got to set it up properly, but still a nice rp item, Necrovion origin)

Never forget bracelet



no fixed deadline for the auction, will end when it gets inactive

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I know it doesn't matter, as it's not the point of the auction but:


A) I do agree with Berth slightly.




B) I dislike the fact that the two main bidders are accounts that are quite inactive within MD and therefore will hoard away items on near dead accounts (especially a possible future cauldron item...).


It's no personal dislike against the bidders, just selling them to inactive players is...saddening? I guess...

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That "future" cauldron is ... 5? 6? years old. I call it dead hope.


As for other items, they are just "personal" (item type) Mur's items, and as such they offer an illusion of power (having demon/demigod's blood might come in handy in weird demonic summoning rituals and "blackmailings").


Nothing useful for casual player hence they are nice big gold sink, well that's just my opinion.

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