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The Concierge ;)


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After almost 5 years of service i think it's time to end. Was a good run and i'm probably the longest running official role without any complaints :).


So unless GM's interfere i'm suggesting the that those who wish to manage The Sunny Bedroom but your name here and then we can have a vote.


I don't know what becomes of the tag, spell as i can't transfer them but i'll ask Chew about this. 




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Personal Information

Birthday: 04.03

Partial DNA Sample: 0101000111

Avatar Gen: 2



BBus - MDU - (document falsified)

MChemPhys - LotECC (document falsified)

DUniv - GoEIT (document falsified)


Prime Directive

Field research for my new gossip rag, coming soon to a pants pocket near you!

We'll get you the hottest gossip on this side of a cube!  :))  Mur's newest late-night partner? ;) Secret inter-land relationships? :blink: Just how many beautiful ladies has Azull spirited away in the night?  :o


Disclaimer: The anonymity and privacy of all renters is our primary focus! If you have a complaint or concern, please drop us a line at 555-6363!

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Don't forget to count my old mist in.


Fire Starter. ID 202147(nothing random about that  ;)  )


I tend to forget a lot. So no point worrying about your secrets being spoiled :)


And what is this "pay" thing about? Is it eatable?

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Reading some comments, chats and blogs i come to this :)


Let's be clear, i'm not going anywhere it's just i don't like hoarding "power/responsibility" I like to to few things and to them well. Concierge thing i'm not actually that good at. I mean i have not failed in anything but at getting more clients and that one thing bothers me. 


Somehow you have already managed to drive Chew into denying the spell that i think is a really important part of this (and i did fight for it 4 years.).......


Anyhow, I'll have the next Concierge murdered for half an year if some "data abuse" cases surface.



Edited by Miq
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