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A story about friendship and revenge


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Liberty. Goddamn. You were the one who brought me up and made me stay in MD in my early days. I knew after you made and showed me 50 accounts... you couldn't suddenly quit MD after that. I knew you were way too addicted. All this time I wondered where you were, and I just got my answer now... I don't even know what to say. Shocked. 


You are indeed legendary. Wow.

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  • Root Admin

i must say i had no clue about this "alt" ... in a way i am very happy you CAN play alts in a safe way while not abusing alts. Not getting in a situation where alts need to be checked is not so easy when you get so "famous" :))) I am surprised


I wonder what kind of retaliation the ex necrovians will prepare for this, with so many enemies, you should prepare being the queen of the underworld one day ..willing or not :))

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  • Root Admin

natural balance i would say. nc had(has) its purpose in this balance, and "the Dead" can't be without it...in fact its directly related to it in all ways, from how it appeared to how its accessed and how will be treated.

You can see this pattern in the east lands where two "lands" are required to balance a land without people (somehow). Dominion and tribunal are similar in a conceptual way to necrovion and the dead. But the new land will not be a full featured land ..same way domion will never be.

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I actively track down and keep records of all the people I suspect of being alts. It's one of the things that keeps me around, because it amuses the hell out of me. But while I always figured Ary for a non-original account (just like myself) I never would have guessed just who they were.

Not once.

Bloody brilliant work good sir, I tip my hat to thee.

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Kyphis, you knew he was an alt and you would never guess it was liberty?
Same question for dst.

He has a relatively rare Croatian flag. Even though people can use proxies, you don't dismiss that first clue. His gameplay and forum activities were relatively the same except he grew up and is more cold headed now.
He successfully cut out the "ya"s in his posts, that's a plus :D
Other than that, he tastes similar.

Worrisome that a lot of our rookies of the year are alts, tho? :P

99% of allies can be infiltrated with the amount of dedication Ary provided, as long as you are so and so smart.
Interesting that nobody tried that to Dst considering the amount of enemies she made lol.

Other than Ary's patience being impressive, it's also impressive that it took years for such a player to take down TWs, kudos to them.

So Ary, are you done or are we seeing more from you in MD? :)

Edit: didn't see lightys post, he summed it up

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