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Requesting Shade sentinal to talk

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Today, for my 777th post, i have made a difficult choice. For reasons i can not disclose at the moment, i have chosen to begin a new era in Necrovion History, if the Shades that inhabit that land would have it so. I have entered and plan to stay in an Illusion known only as Necrovion Army Reinforcements. The description is as follows.

Gives You 4 Weak But Very Rare Creatures, And Tags You As A Warrior Of Necrovion, Servent Of The Shades.

This Illusion Comes With A Terrible Curse, And Lowers Your Regeneration By -100


As the newest and only current Servant of the Shades, i humbly ask the Shade Sentinel for an Audience with myself and Aethon. I know nothing in this world or any other comes or goes without a price, but my hopes are that such things along with everything else can be set during the audience.

I would like to reiterate that i do not see myself as above, or even so much as equal to the Shades. I am far, far below them, and my request is just that. A request. It is not a demand, but a cry for help. Ill pay any price i must, if it means i can further my own goals with Aethon and those of the Shades simultaneously. I am their Servant. I am their Tool. I am their Weapon. I, am Fang Archbane.

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Necrovion got disbanded, shade sentinel did not appear even for the ex necrovion nobility...at worst you could achieve by messing with necrovion powers is that you become part of the wipeout,....and the best you can get is a mercyfull kill be the death patrol


cruel reality

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