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Pysanka - An MD Bday RICA quest

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Happy 11th Birthday MD people!

Few of you have finished the Prologue. Now it’s time for the real Quest.

Few things to note before you start this Quest:

1.  Post your Names and player Ids in this thread to register.

2. This is again a ‘person taking the least time wins’ kind of clickey Quest. If two people finish it in the same amount of time, the one finishing earlier will be placed higher.

3. Winners will be announced after the First 10 people finish the quest or by 30th April. Whichever comes first.

4. Rewards:

First place: Choice of one from pool of (2 wps (from me), 2 drach charms(from burns), and a send to GOC stone (duxie)) + Reward from the dream sequence (sponsored by me and 3 by the TKS)

Second place: Choice from the remaining pool of rewards + Reward from Dream sequence

Third place: Choice from the remaining pool of rewards + Reward from Dream sequence

Fourth place: Choice from the remaining pool of rewards + Reward from Dream Sequence

Fifth place: Choice from the remaining pool of rewards + Reward from Dream Sequence

Anyone who completes the quest successfully but doesn't win, gets 5sc per head.

5. Note every little thing. If you forget to take notes and ask me later I will not repeat it for you. :)

6. This is a long Quest. Being patient will help you a lot.

7. Plenty of chances to get kicked out in the initial stages. Plenty of Chances to get delayed throughout the quest too. Be wary. Be careful. Do not be reckless.

8. Quest starts on 16th of April at 0000 hours MD ST.

Check this thread for more updates.

Good Luck. Enjoy yourself :)


UPDATE: WE NOW HAVE WOOKIE POINTS! : First place : 4 points, Second place: 3 points, third place: 2 points, Rest of the participants get 1 point each.



Registration is open. Just add your name and id here in this thread :D




You are a retriever by profession and do petty to major retrieval jobs for earning your daily bread. Your most consistent customer is an organization called RICA (Rare Item Collectors Asso.) which is known to send retrievers on dangerous jobs for items which are usually heard of in Grandma’s tales or read in dusty old books. The requisitions are always sent by a woman named *Nimrodel*. Getting further details about the RICA has been very very difficult if not impossible. On one fine morning, the postman knocks at your door and delivers you a white envelope which bears a mild fragrance of lilies. You immediately tear open the envelope and find a letter inside, a letter you've been waiting for.Edited_letter_zps2qx2361l.jpg


Visit the signpost at the Willows signpost

Last date of completion of Quest bumped uptill 30th April

HINTS will be provided via Pms.


First Place: dst: 4 wookie points + 1 wishpoint

Second place: Clock Master: 3 Wookie points + 1 drach charm

Third place: Ungod : 2 wookie points + 1 Wishpoint

Dream sequence will not be held as five people didnt complete the quest.

All the three players are requested to give their feedback here

This how this Quest Ended:



Getting the healing item required you to hatch the egg which could be done only in the dream sequence. Had five people solved it, there would've been a dream sequence and one of the winners would've recieved the healing item, which would've been a little yellow bird named tanpopo with a different species of drachorns per person to the others (yes people missed a windy :P) But since all that did not happen, the magical item for which the Quest was designed - A rare magical Pysanka - couldnt hatch. As a result, Anya will die. Fate of Yuri is unknown. Those of you who finished the Onyx Bible might have remembered Leonora as the witch in the Wraith's wreck. She is still the dimensional witch. And will reappear in the consequent RICA quests. Mokona (the fur ball) is asleep.



Edited by Nimrodel
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