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Option to hide / unhide creatures from sacrifice interface.


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As the title says, would it be possible to have a tickbox to be able to prevent certain creatures from showing up in the altar sacrifice interface? I'm thinking that this could be something that appears in the creatures tab, next to the heal button of each creature maybe. New creatures would by default be unhidden.

I always live with the fear that I'll accidentally (and permanently as fork) sacrifice an important critter.

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18 hours ago, Chewett said:

What do people think of favouriting special or your rare creatures?

This is a "must have tool" to avoid sacrificing the unwanted creature, as well to facilitating the lives of those who have countless creatures (you favorite most of them, then only those that really are available for sacrifice will appear); Separating only the rare ones will probably not have the same effect for everyone, after all, most players have high level common creatures that have no interest in sacrificing ...

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or if that is a dificult task, maybe You activate a button on the creature page, and then only the creatures that are marked will appear, like hide all, and you pick one by one what will show up (or at least appear 1st in relation to the others, something like a new selection method of creatures, but you choose individually) and this is what will show when you goes to a altar.

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