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Quest: Countless faces for a headless skeleton

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Ladies and gentlemen, here's a new quest for all of you.

It's a chance to obtain a headless skeleton, but most of all a chance to unleash the dark side of your creativity. 


You have to create/design a new undead / build-able creature.


So, first of all you need to put down a list of the ingredients you're going to use.

You can use only items or resources already existing in MD.

That said, all categories can be used: resources, common items, personal items, default items… everything, but already implemented.


You can use these lists as official reference on what's on the market right now: ItemsResources.


Second, once you have the ingredients and all the needed quantities, you have to detail all the steps of the procedure (the recipe, if you wish) to obtain such a creature.


Third, your creation needs a name and an image; therefore you have to draw the result of your experiments and name it.


The drawing must follow these rules:

1 drawing per submission, hand-made, original (not copied), black/white, MD noted on one corner - NO player name, NO player ID


Submissions are to be sent to me via forum PM, not posted on the forums.

I will act as a filter and forward your submissions to 3 judges (unaware of the authors).


All participants will receive either an unholy priest or a tormented soul.

Main rewards will depend on the n° of participants:


if n° < 10: best submission gets a headless skeleton;

if n° > 10: best submission can pick either a WP or a headless skeleton, second best submission gets the remaining one.

if n° > 20: … surprise!


Deadline: 31 May at midnight.


If you wish to judge this quest, please send me a forum PM.

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Ok, judging time is over, time to draw the conclusions!

Despite the low number of entries (3) I was very happy with the submissions I received, because they all matched perfectly what I was looking for.

For this reason I'm going to share them publicly (see attached pdf); I hope you will enjoy this small, yet new bestiary as much as I did.

Submission n°0 is mine, it was not an entry to rate but an example for the judges of what I had in mind.

The judges (3) were unaware of the authors and were asked to rate the submissions considering:

  • the choice and originality of materials/ingredients (0 to 3 pts)
  • the accuracy of the procedure/recipe (0 to 3 points)
  • the quality of the artwork (0 to 4 points)

Here are the judges verdicts:

Sub n° Author Judge 1 - Zleiphneir Judge 2 - Junior Judge 3 - Neno Veliki TOTAL
0 lashtal x x x  
1 Aeoshattr 7 4 9 20
2 dst 7 8 7 22
3 Eara Meraia 5 4 8 17

And here are the rewards!

1st place: dst - headless skeleton + tormented soul

2nd place: Aeoshattr - tormented soul

3rd place: Eara Meraia - tormented soul


Congratulations to all!


note: partial scores can be provided upon request.

countless faces for a headless skeleton.pdf

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