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The Hangover-MD edition (Registration Required)

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Hello everyone!

I am hosting another quest for the Anniversary!

This quest is all about waking up one morning with no idea what happened the night before! (Some of us have there several times)

Now it is going to be a little something like a murder-mystery style thing. I am going to give each player who registers 3 clues. Players can share clues. Players can also share fake clues.

However, there is going to be an "actual version of events" that happened. Each player should submit their version of events to me via forum pm at the end time.

The player who's story is closest to the real thing (by anonymous double-blind judging), shall win! (this is why you can share clues, but every clue you share with someone else makes them have more total clues, thereby giving more information about the story.)

1 WP for the best submission (either creative or closest to pre-determined story). Anniversary creature for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, if 2, 4, or 6+ players participate.

PLEASE PM me in the same message I sent you your clues in. This will reduce the sheer bulk of messages in my inbox. K thanks, bye!


To get your clues, and therefore participate, you must register here!

Registration closes by 5:00Pm ST on 4/14/20


Participants so far:


The un of god


The god of quandries

An oven

The A-lister

The horologist

An erstwhile Princ

The Twilight's Hope

The eisoptrophobic

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@TissyBecause you're a basilisk.

No, the clues are NOT this way. This was me having fun and trying to make myself think in riddles to prepare clues for another quest. The clues are very easy, at least in my mind. To say more would give more away.


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  • 2 weeks later...

Greetings everyone!

Our judge has completed their judging and the winner will be announced #SoonMD. 

Before that happens, we have a second part! This quest was all about community involvement and this time around, the community will decide. The community will decide which version they like best through reputation (like=1 point/love=2point/dislike=0point). This will be based on whatever paradigm you personally choose. I did not specify because of reasons, I wanted a degree of randomness to arise.

I will post the contestant's entries AS WELL AS the original story in separate posts below. DO NOT REACT TO POSTS UNTIL YOU SEE ONE THAT SAYS VOTING IS OPEN.

If the 'actual' story wins, then I will give the runner up 3GC and some some plushies. (If tie, then 1G7S for runner-ups and 1/2 plushies).

If a contestant's story beats the actual story in reputation, then the winner will get 3GC as well as a one-of-a-kind commemorative T-shirt! It is white, and it says "I ❤️ the King & Grand Duke" on it, with the heart in big red color. It's pretty cool. :) 

Reputation-giving will cease to be counted on: The 16th of May, 2020 at Server Time 23:59.


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Story 1:


Through my stomping hangover, various flashes of almost alien visual images come into my mind. As i sit up and sip some water from my pack my eyes widen in horror as I see Mr skull and stumpy.. The.. trial of Agony...? oh noo.. nonono. I grasp my face with my hands as the night starts to slowly relive itself.

It started as a normal event, where a bunch of us gathered together to chat and enjoy the evening. The usual suspects were there, I think, lashtal, Aelis, Lintara, Eara, Sunfire, Miq, MaGoHi... there were more but I can't recall. A few people had brought some casks of beer from Wind's Sanctuary. Were we toasting the new Grand Duke? Yes, possibly, that would explain why we were in Sage's Keep.

I remember stumbling outside with the others and there was some tussling. A few people felt ill, and they needed to regain some health, I hadn't seen them before but I remember offering to spar them so that they might regain a little vitality.

I made my way through Marind Bell, I took some water so that I might sober up a little for the walk home. I think I broke the hinges on Marind Bell gates by falling on it drunkenly or something. I remember being horrified and yelling to Ungod that I would fix it.

I don't remember walking to Necrovion.. I think I was knocked out.. was it someone with a weapon designed like a large hammer.. like Hemicar's? I can see the bruise on my chest so it must have been that. 

The next thing I remember is waking up to the sight of a drop of sunfire's blood glimmering faintly on the ground, as he helped me up I could see he had been hurt too.

What a night! I'll have to devise myself some community service to help Marind Bell!


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Story 2:


Well, the party Steno told you about started well, and you even won a special shirt, but as the beer was ending, you thought about helping people get over the hangover with some tea. There was none of that around, so you went to collect some water (which was dubbed 'stealing' by nad), then proceeded with a herb basket and a fine glass needle to get the required herbs. So you wandered far, passing the hut at memory lane (stopping in front of the cartography totem to get a selfie), reaching the MDA gates and going even further inside. As luck would have it, you noticed something at the entrance of the Labyrinth and got inside, meeting Taurion. As bad luck would have it, the bull was pissed and you somehow angered him even more, prompting him to hit you with his hammer (leaving a mark). You then ran as fast as you could, with the bull chasing you. Arriving at the Shop, you thought of fooling Taurion by taking a detour through the Alley, but no sooner you exited Marind Bell, you heard a loud noise - the gates were knocked off their hinges by the enraged bull. ''Damn, where can I hide?'' With no escape in sight, you pressed on to Golemus, and met Sunfire and Darvin at the weapon smith. A crazy idea came to you, and grabbing Darvin, entered the Ol' hidden shop. ''Old man, GLUE!'' you shouted; and handing over 10 gc, you got 20 glue. Poor Darvin! He was promptly stuck to Miq's trout - the indestructible weapon able to strike down all wrong-doers - and passed on to Sunfire. ''Your sacrifice won't be forgotten, Sunfire!'' you thought, making a tragic pained face. With this thought in mind, you rushed to the Necrovion gates, where you dueled with the first guy you met in order to get more heat. You fought 5 times, and your molima was loving all that heat, and finally you had enough to break through, releasing all your heat orbs. Once in Necrovion, you were safe from the bull! Too bad NC's defense mechanism activated and you got teleported into ToA. That's where lashtal found you and casually slipped you a note (since you fell asleep from exhaustion). Well, he didn't feel like killing someone asleep.


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Story 3:


There was a party in Marind Bell about Chewett becoming the King of Marind Bell once again.
The party started at Sage's Keep.

Lots of fans (Tissy, Ledah) had a shirt with "I [heart] the King & Grand Duke" on it.

A molimo was completely stuffed by Ailith with and sewn via a needle made of colored glass. The molimo was used as a pinata for the party (brutal and exotic rituals of the Easterners!).

Someone unleashed a herd of bovine that've knocked the gates of Marind Bell off the hinges. They passed by Whisper Alley and Willow's walk.
Aelis and Tissy offered to fix the gates.
Chewett sent them a note to let them know he'll consider their offer.

The party expanded to Wind's Sanctuary, the beer just kept flowing until it was no more (Ledah spent 10gc to get it)!
Darvin was glued to a fish (using 20 glue-a most costly enterprise)

I guess Clock Master and Aia were so desperate for a drink that they started drinking MB water supplies, until Nadrolski warned them not to do that.
The warning came in the form of a note, right after he smashed them with his hammer to the chest, leaving a bruise.

Aia, enraged, started to cast her sorcery left and right until her heat orbs were depleted.

I think Demon God and I somehow managed to hurt Sunfire and get him killed.
That action made Demon God contemplative so he went on a stroll to a cartography token. Distressed, he left his 7 cups of tea get cold.

I had 5 fights with Ungod, each one resulted in both of us losing 10 vitality, if I recall correctly, I think we were trying to sober up.

When we partly sobered up, Ungod and I were trying to collect as many flowers as we could to revive Sunfire.
We both went into Necrovion, but Lashtal sent us a death threat not to do that again.

Ailith and Clock Master ended up stuck in Trial of Agony.


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Story 4:


Aia yawned; grimacing as she attempted to sit up, the hammer-shaped bruise on her chest aching.

Blinking the fog from her eyes, she could just make out the flag-bearing Steno sitting behind an extinguished fireplace.

"About time you woke up."

Aia looked around. Skeletons of trees lined the path over a cracked, barren land, corpses hanging from their branches, and many holes dug in the landscape. Ah, this must be the Trial of Agony, she thought to herself. What in Mur's name was she doing here?

Steno chuckled to himself; the priestess had clearly forgotten about some very recent events. "So, it appears the Grand Duke held a party last night, and ordered the casks of beer in Sage's Keep opened and free-flowing for all."

Aia frowned; this was not her usual preferred beverage, but the unmistakeable smell of the ale-soaked T-shirt she was wearing seemed to agree. Aia glanced down at the "I ❤️ the Grand Duke" emblazoned across the T-shirt; feeling thankful that it covered most of the bruise; there was still a tag on it, which she immediately pulled off: "RRP: 10 gold coins". 

Beside her, she found a Lorerootian Herb Basket; in time past, these had been lovingly cared for, but this one's weave seemed to be fraying at the edges. Within it, she noticed the remnants of some herbs - definitely some hallucinogenics in there, she thought to herself, enough to tip a poisonous needle with enough extract to make even the most hardy of bovine beasts lose touch with reality.

"Ah, yes. I am glad you didn't end up mixing any more of those into the feed. I am sure Taurion would not appreciate it." Memories flooded back of Taurion charging through the Marind Bell gates, landing on Aia with a very heavy hammer strike, and then charging off at some invisible beings in Willow's Walk.

Aia carefully moved the poisonous herbs aside to reveal some other items; a blood-tipped glass needle, and two scrolls. Aia unrolled the scroll, which read: 
"Take the blood and leave; I promise that death will find you should you step again into Necrovion". A wax seal from lashtal adorned the bottom, as well as a carefully suspended drop of blood in a box labelled "Sunfire". It had taken a lot of convincing Sunfire to extract his blood, but the threat of malevolent treasure-chests had done the trick.

Steno handed Aia the other end of a very makeshift leash adorning one of Aia's Molimae. Aia grasped the leash and pulled gently on it, the Molima on the other end feeling very, very heavy. Aia grasped harder; she had been raising them on a very stringent diet of vitality from Golemian monarchs, and not on the fattening Necrovian bones. No more bones for thee, Aia thought to herself, as the Necrovian winds howled through
the holes in the landscape agreed. Lashtal would probably not be happy; his own Molimae would starve for weeks.

Aia stood up and gathered up the remaining items into the herb basket, and then waved Steno towards the exit. "I do assume that thou shouldst not wish to remain?" Steno nodded and headed toward the exit.

Walking towards the Well of Tears, she reached into her very cold erolin-device; empty spheres taunting her efforts; clearly, she had used them all on the way in. 

Not an issue; thought Aia, as she drank from the Moon Chalice and ascended again to the seventh Mind-Power. Directing Steno to attack her, they loaded the heat-boots and walked back through the Howling Gates. Aia glanced at her combat-log; the presence of some very light combat with a stranger was evident; perhaps whoever it had been had been needing to heat some Necrovian boots also.

"Milady, may I draw attention to this also?" Steno pointed at the other unopened scroll in the Herb Basket. 

Aia unrolled it to find a note from Nadrolski: "I note there has been much thievery of water recently. Although I have no proof that it was you, I am happy to overlook it for now if you fix the Gates."


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Story 5:


What I remember is:
A party was happening at MB to celebrate Chewett's election. Everyone that attended received a shirt with "I [heart] the King & Grand Duke" on it and people were drinking a lot, especially Taurion, who had come out of the Labyrinth to pay his respects to the new ruler. After some strange bug (Chew wouldn't stop celebrating to fix it at that point) that made every fight show up in the log as against "stranger", with only 10 Vitality lost per person, people decided to keep drinking in Sanctuaries: Wind's Sanctuary and Sage's Keep. That day, people were particularly focused on playing beer pong and after a couple hours, Wind's Sanctuary had emptied its beer stock, with a lot of the empty casks being left at Sage's Keep too. Taurion, who was particularly drunk excited, suggested we made a secret forbidden drink: the Sun's poison, which consisted of several toxic plants, hence this severely-used herb basket lying next to me, and a very special ingredient: a drop of Sunfire's blood! After some negotiation (I had to pay Sunfire 10 gold coins), he "donated" a little of his blood and the drink was ready.

After that, things got really out of control: Steno glued Darvin to the fish in Marind's Roundabout -- "now you won't move, you bastard!", he said -- Taurion went on a drunk rampage and after jumping like crazy at Willow's Walk, he proceeded to headbutt the gates of MB and severely damage it. Now this note from those Golemians about fixing the MB gates make sense. I believe Ledah also went a little crazy inside Sage's Keep, because he was trying to create a new killing item with Mallos which consisted of a needle made of colored glass from Sage's Keep windows. Now for the craziest part: Tissy somehow showed up with this completely stuffed molimo (who knows how he got that) and he actually convinced us to play a prank and hang it at one of the trees in Trial of Agony. Fast-forwarding a bit, we're there, molimo hanged, all heat orbs empty because we used them to move around and hang the stuffed molimo, and a very angry lashtal is moving towards us. Luckily, we are old friends and I managed to convince him to kick us out of NC without killing us, but he left us this creepy note saying that we'd die if we ever set foot in NC again. Damn, what a crazy night!


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Story 6:


Ledah gets up with a groan and a mental pledge to stay away from the Grasan Ferment next time he is in town. As he does so he realises he is clutching a note with the following written down: “We’ll be in touch about your offer to fix the gates of Marind Bell.”. Marind Bell… the words triggered a sudden flashback: Steno babbling incoherently about marbles and shopkeepers then mentioning a party in MB that night, more specifically Sage’s Keep.


Ledah decided the only way to get any answers was to go to Marind Bell. There was just one slight problem – he was currently stuck in Trial of Agony! More importantly all of his heat orbs were empty. “How the hell did I use 23 of these things in one night?!” he mumbles to himself annoyed. Panicking, he begins to search the area. Soon enough, he finds a completely stuffed molimo hidden in the surrounding area. “What the hell is a Molimo? Some sort of nonsense Molima?!?!” The question soon faded from his mind as he found a note addressed to him from lashtal. “Probably complaining about bones or something as usual” was his first thought. The note, unfortunately, instead promised death should he ever set foot in NC again.


It was at this moment the ever lovable lashtal appeared: “I told you I would kill you if you ever set foot in this land again!” As he began readying the mysterious device our favourite rapscallion protagonist reminded lashtal that, technically, as he has not left Necrovion and re-enetered he has not, technically, set foot in Necrovion since his warning. “...I suppose that makes sense” lashtal mumbles bitterly “However, how is it you intend to leave this place?” It was at that moment the ever lovable Ledah realised he could not freely leave of his own accord. “I could get you out…. In return for that.” Lashtal mumbled as he gestured towards a drop of Sunfire’s blood, glimmering faintly in it’s container. Ledah promptly offered it up to lashtal, suspecting it was fair game. After all, he probably won it in a game of poker or something. Lashtal greedily grabbed the container and within an instant Ledah found himself sat at the Howling Gates. Most curious, he thought, as there was a shirt emblazoned with the words I [heart] the King & Grand Duke on it draped over the usually scowling face. Quite an improvement, in his opinion.


Our dear protagonist merrily whistled as he made the short journey to Marind Bell, making sure to scowl harshly at Bob on his way past. On arrival however he was shocked to discover that the gates to Marind Bell are knocked off their hinges! Pinned up next to them is a note from nadrolski about stealing MB’s water yet again. Ledah sighs heavily, as this was his third note of the day and he was not used to reading so much. It was at this moment he suffered a bout of nausea and a image of Darvin glued to a giant fish flashed into his mind. “Shit…” Ledah mouthed silently as he darted to Marind’s Roundabout, gingerly stepping over the various bottles and debris.


“I am watching you Ledah” were the first words he heard followed by “I am going to patrol these lands for now”. The sight that greeted our affable friend was one of absolute beauty. There, indeed, was Darvin, glued upside down to the fish, mumbling nonsense and surrounded by 20 bottles of glue. The sight brought a tear to Ledah’s eye; truly, this was a statement on something… what that was he was not sure but in time it would certainly become clear. The foolishness of man, the importance on separation of powers, or perhaps simply a metaphor for our modern lives... He decided to leave such thoughts to…. Better educated minds. It was only then he noticed that the area was absolutely soaked in water… no doubt an artistic statement of some kind too, he thought to himself.


Our wonderful protagonist then decided it was time to make it over to Sage’s Keep – surely that was where he would get the answers he needed. Still, he was in no hurry and so decided to take the scenic route. It was at this point he discovered there were random tracks of some kind of large bovine on Willow’s Walk! Pete?! Is Pete back!? He hurried on to Willow’s Shop where a disgruntled Taurion was leaning against the wall, trusty hammer by their side. “Oh, it’s you” Ledah mumbled diplomatically. “YOU!” Taurion thundered. “These gold pieces you gave me are counterfeit!” Our protagonist, thoroughly confused, was about to protest his innocence when he notice he was indeed suffering a deficit of 10 gold coins. “Still” Taurion continued “I supposed it makes up for…. That” he stated sheepishly while gesturing towards Ledah’s bare, tightly toned and extremely muscular chest. Indeed, there was a bruise in the shape of a hammer on his chest! Before he could question the scoundrel they had already scarped! Ledah made a mental note to buy more glue and get his revenge next year… for now it was time to get to the Keep.


After a brief jaunt our superlative protagonist made his way inside the Keep. The scene inside was one of complete devastation. Heaps of unconscious bodies, piles of medals spewing forth from a medal box and a bunch of empty beer casks in Sage’s Keep. “What the hell happened here?!” Ledah exclaimed in shock and disbelief. “Hah, tkoo you...hic… lnog enoghu ot get back hree...hic...” he hears from the corner of the room. “Sunfire?!” he exclaims “What the hell happened?!” Sunfire motions to the table in the middle of the room. “Just look at the table, it will wrap it up for you in a nice, quest-friendly manner.” Ledah sighed deeply then walked to the table in a defeated manner. Upon touching the table, the events of the previous night were revealed to him with absolute clarity and certainty.


It began, as always, with an invitation to a party, passed along by Steno. Upon arriving at Sage’s Keep he was given a shirt with "I [heart] the King & Grand Duke" on it. At some point the beer ran out and the fun was running out too. It was at this point Taurion offered to sell some glue to Ledah and Sunfire for the low price of 10GC. Ledah accepted, knowing he had some counterfeit coin to spare. Taurion however spotted the fakes and sent him tumbling out of the Keep with a swift hammer strike to the chest. Whilst the police dealt with Taurion, our pair of misfits roamed MB looking for some fun. Upon sighting Darvin at Marble Dale Park, they had an ingenious idea. Luring the innocent heatvein traveller to the Roundabout, they glued him upside down to the statue there for shits and giggles. However, they were immediately filled with regret for his plight as the bot spouted nonsense about new paths and such. They gathered as much water as they could but unfortunately it was not water soluble…


Struck with panic, they went back to the roundabout where Taurion, now released on bail, stumbled out of Whisper Alley. After shouting obscenities at the innocent pair, he headbutted the Gates, destroying what was left with his hammer. It was at this point the authorities showed up, as expected.  Ledah offered to repair the Gates, no, make them better than before, he just needed to take Sunfire with him to get the money. The fools let them go, after which our duo realised they were now outlaws. Seeing no other paths left to them, they immediately ran to Necrovion to seek sanctuary.


Upon crossing the gate to the Well of Tears they found Syrian, playing with her dolls as always. Sunfire, being the villain he is, stole the innocent child’s stuffed Molimo, truly despicable and canon. Our pair then heated up all the boots, mainly because they could, then passed out at the Trial of Agony.


Ledah came to, lucid once more, and turned to Sunfire who was smirking by his side. “So how the hell did you get out, why did you leave me?!” Sunfire chuckled and replied: “Hey, MP7 don’t use up AP. Besides, I left you some of my blood to get out of there.” Ledah smiled. He hadn’t left him COMPLETELY up the swanny after all. Ledah smirked. “What’s so funny?” Sunfire enquired. “Nothing.” Ledah replied, making a mental note to never leave anything to the last minute again.


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Story 7:


You wake up, bleary eyed, disoriented, your tongue like sandpaper. Dang, did I drink that much! Why the heck am I in Trial of Agony?!! I don't go into NC for a very good reason! You manage to find Azull, who happens to let you out of Necrovion. Luckily, Azull was apparently there the entire the entire time last night (I don't remember, I sure hope he isn't spinning a tale for me...) *squints eyes at Azull*.

Azull puts his hands up "hey, it was pretty fun being your sober buddy, or DD all night. Do you even remember anything?"

"No" I say, completed stumbling over such a simple word "What happened?"

Azull smiles a huge grin, one that you can't really tell if it is from joyful, pleasant memories of great companionship, or if it is purely from Schadenfreude, laughing at the mess you made of youself.

He begins to tell you the story.

"So were you are having a meeting with a bunch of friends to celebrate Chewett's coronation earlier that week. You decide to start drinking. You and your friends go and break into the treasury of Marind Bell to steal the beer (what else would be worth storing in there?) You haul it all the way to Sage's Keep to get stupid drunk in the hall of wisdom. As the party goes on your ideas get dumber and dumber. Eventually you get a pm from Mur saying that he wishes to have a meeting with you in private. Worried by such a message, you realize that your raiment is not enough for a meeting with the creator, nor are you sober enough. You decide, in your inebriated state that you should first worry about your attire. You have a fresh blank T-shirt that you just got from a RP totem. You decide that you want to celebrate Chewett's new title in style while you are present in front of Mur. You decide to spruce up your shirt. You rummage around Sage's keep, where you find a find needle made of colored glass (like that will be handy).

You need some red dye to make your shirt snazzy, so you go to the one place you know you can get some bright colored dye: MDP. You go to MDP and use your needle to prick Sunfire, obtaining a droplet of his blood, which glimmers faintly. You end up being attacked by a  random stranger, 5 times, each time each of you only dealt 10 damage overall, you have no idea how that kept happening. It turns out that the "player" was Darvin, so to get back at Darvin, you buy everyone's glue off them. You ended up using  10 gold coins for all that glue (an amazing deal considering how much resin it takes). You then use that glue to stick a fish to Darvin's back, probably permanently, with the amount of glue that you used. You make it back to Sage's Keep, your new bastion to begin dying your shirt. You dye your shirt and leave it to dry. While sitting there, you decide it might be best to make some tea, so you start by getting water. You deplete all of the water in Marind Bell and promise Taurion that you will give him half of the tea if he helps you make it. You run outside to the community garden and gather what you need. After making all of the tea your drunken self reneges on the agreement with Taurion and he gets furious with you! He hits you in the chest with his hammer! Fearful of your life, you run away from Taurion, who chases you all the way to the gates of Marind Bell! You run full into the gates, knocking them off their hinges, Taurion starts laughing and gives up on you. You stumble out into NML.

You notice that your molimo is incredibly hungry, so you decide to sneak into Necrovion to get some bones (lashtal is idle at the moment). You break into Necrovion and excavate all of the bones in Necrovion (quite a feat indeed-especially by yourself). Your molimo is now stuffed beyond belief. You look at the time, oh drat! It's almost time to meet with Mur! You have to use all of your heat orbs just to get out of NC. You stumble back into Sage's keep, where you don your newly dried shirt that says "I [heart] The King and Grand Duke!". You rush off to your meeting with Mur sprinting the whole way (you kept mumbling about wishing the game creator could have just ported you, but it must be a test of your determination). It turns out Mur wanted to speak with you about the way your actions had been impacting the realm recently. Good thing you brought your new shirt. Turns out Mur was furious with you after the havoc that you wreaked! He then threw you into ToA to suffer for your offenses!

Azull continues to grin as I continue to bury my face in my hands, disappointed by what can only be called a wreak of a night. I am almost glad that I didn't remember it and have only memories from a proxy.

You groan as you get up, "come on, let's get out of here. Let's see what I can fix" you tell Azull as the two of you leave Necrovion.


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Story 8:


Retracing the clues shared with me, I slowly recall the event that happened. There was a party - yes, one so wild, that it quite literally, knocked the memory out of me.

It... was the coronation of Chewett. Or something like that. Or, at the very least, that was part of the agenda. The party was at Sage's Keep, the original site where numerous parties grant their blessings and support for the new King and Grand Duke. Quite appropriate, if I were to say so myself. The evening started out quite normally, Steno had ordered T-shirts for the occasion, and sent them out before hand. We all wore the shirt, a lovely white with a big red heart, voicing their love for the new ruler. Beers were shipped out of the Wind Sanctuary en masses, to supply all the party goers. Beer poured all night long, and this... was where things got hazy.

I remembered going outside to catch some air. The party was getting to its peak, and everyone had decided to continue the celebration elsewhere. We headed to Willow's walk, a nice walk around Angien's lake, where everyone decided that it'd be fun to go for a brawl. It was... quite a brawl, indeed. Half of our punches didn't connect, and those which did, often did nothing. We were going to have a full cycle - until the fifth round, where everybody agreed that losing 10 vitality per fight, wasn't as exiting as we had intended. So someone had the brilliant idea of poking fun at Taurion. Something about his dropping, or his eye. It's one or the other. But whatever it is... it worked. If you think a centaurian charging at you is scary, think how a bunch of drunken idiot would feel, when the two-tons man-bull charges at us. We scattered, me along with a smaller group ran straight into Necrovion. That was fun. But we were in a pickle, now that we realized... the boot wasn't enough to get out. But... it was enough for the lot of us to chip in and roam around. One found a stuffed molimo from a nearby crypt, and carried it around, parading it like it's Cinco de Mayo. I myself raided the capitol, and found a bunch of tea. I drank tons, hoping to drown the crazy headache, before realizing what a huge mistake it was. Nearly pissed myself before I can pull down my pants and have a go at a strange, nearby pillar. Which... happened to be a RP totem, and somehow rewarded my drunken idiocracy with a needle made of colored grass, and for whatever reason, a drop of Sunfire's blood. The destruction and rampage continues, as none even remembers how to get out of Necrovion, and we continue to heat and reheat the boots, roaming, puking, and basically doing anything our drunken mind considers to be funny. Eventually, my drunken ass got into the trial of agony, and without the AP to exit, I passed out.

I woke up, with a simple note from Lashtal, apparently pissed at the fact he was asked not to kill any of us. He did, however, confiscated a bunch of gold coin as reparations for the destruction. Albeit, he did seem to imply that our luck won't last forever...

VOTING IS NOW OPEN! Remember, vote with reputation. like=+1/Love=+2/Dislike=+0.

Closes on The 16th of May, 2020 at Server Time 23:59.

P.S. The hope is that you DON'T pick my submission, because then there will be one-less hilarious RP item in the realm.

Edited by Steno
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