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Treasure Hunt/Race (Shop Keeper's Lost his Marbles!)

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Greetings everyone!

Do you like a story? Do you like a race? Do you like a quest on the anniversary? Do you like creatures that you can't get your hands on anymore?

If so, then keep an eye out for this quest:

He's Lost His Marbles!

The Willow's Shop Keeper  has lost his memories and marbles! Help him get them back! This quest will be really hard for MP3s, and probably really easy for most MP5s. No alternates may participate. This quest shall take you throughout the whole of MD! It shall take you into every land (if you're MP5) and you will learn a little bit about what each land has meant to me! 


how to start: Say a greeting to Willow's Shop Keeper

requirements: Not in jail, dead, or on Gateway Island, able to roam mainland freely

rewards: Broken into MP tiers, 1 winner for MP3, 1 for MP4, and 2 for MP5-MP7. Winners will get various creatures,  gold coins, and possibly a WP. An Ancient Lorerootian Archer is in the mix as a reward! (my boy has 4535 age, lol). 

Every participant shall receive 1 silver if they complete quest.


Quest is over on May 5th, no longer on April 25th. Please use the time wisely.

The race is almost exclusively a clickie-quest, though there are segments and work-arounds that are not clickie-based. 

You do NOT need to register on this thread. I will be post here, in a calendar event, and through mood panel to discuss when race starts once I have timeline of anniversary. If you have questions, you can forum pm before race starts.


As of 5/7 this quest will remain open. the above mentioned rewards will not be available. Other rewards will be given as they come available.

Update June 1st, 2020: quest is ready for permanent launch, just needs permanent rewards.

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If no other MP3 participates, then I guess as long as you complete the quest you get a reward! Seems like a good deal to me. The same would be true of other mind powers.

I split rewards into MP tiers to try and foster greater involvement from the respective player bases.

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 Also clarification, as I've had a few questions about it: EVERY participant shall receive something in this quest, with the single stipulation that they complete it on the account that they want the reward on.

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If not, you'll need to use the forum and will have to PM me in game!

I'm sorry, but this is how I stop alts from completing (it wouldn't be fair for MP5 main to compete, then make their MP3 alt win that tier)


So hurry! Make your forum account and go, go GO!

The forum actions are a requirement to get participation rewards. If you have a forum under your name of your main, but want an alt to get rewards, then simply explain so in the forum message.

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Extended until May 5th, so people have plenty of time to complete. It is the same deadline as the hangover and Sage's Keep so it should be easy to remmeber: Cinco de Mayo, all my quests come calling.


There will be at least a Chapter 2, and there may be parts of chapter 1 that will help you complete chapter 2 -possibly other chapters(help, they are not required).

Just to encourage more people to finish.

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  • 2 weeks later...

I have left this quest up for all to enjoy should they so desire.

I have not changed any clickies or anything (though there may be some clickies that change locations permanently to make room for new quests as I write them)

The rules of still only having 2 guesses and 1 clue is still in effect.

There will be rewards for completion (in addition to knowledge that should prove useful in chapter 2). They will be updated here once I have access to more rewards. For MP3 & MP4 players, completion of this quest will earn you more than it will for an MP5 player, so the earlier you complete it, the better.


Oh winners of above race will be put in this post once I have confirmation from chewett about final details.

Check out the personal creature -attached- that is one of the creature reward options. (As I was one of the first people into LR and you can't recruit this creature type anymore). Every other winner will get a 20 anni creature


1st Place: @Ledah  (finished 1st overall and 1st MP5-7) Reward=WP, 2GC(since he let Tissy have first creature choice he gets 1GC from my personal stock), and 1 anniversary creature

2nd place MP5-7: @jakubhi (4th place), Reward=1GC and Anniversary crit (4th choice)

1st place MP4: InnervateD(3rd place) Reward=2GC and Anniversary crit (3rd choice)

1st place MP3: @Tissy, (2nd overall) Reward=2 GC and LR Archer below (2nd choice)

LR archer reward.png

All other participants get the silver participation prize.

Congratulations to our winners and participants! Stay tuned for Chapter II!

(because there will be some parts of Chapter II that will be easier to solve if you did Chapter I, I urge participants to not give people hints to solve race, future quest-goers can ask me)

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If you are in the middle of this quest, I made MAJOR changes to this quest today and will likely do so again going forward. I request that until you see an update here that you pause in this quest.


I apologize for any inconvenience. I am trying to turn this quest into a permanent quest, and that means I must change quite a lot so it doesn't need my involvement.

Thank you.

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