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Cyrus Siridius & the long wave of plushies

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So, the anniversary is over, but a new wave of plushies is descending on the realm.

As you may have noticed, Cyrus Siridius has been caught trespassing Necrovion and met a premature end.

Who is this fellow? What do we know about him? This is what a very accurate autopsy revealed:

You have one week (deadline: May 11 23.59 server time) to draw an avatar for Cyrus Siridius.

Quoting Aia, the drawing should be in black and white (no colours). Ideally, the proportions should be scalable to an Avatar (which, when scaled down, is 160 pixels high and 100 pixels wide) - however, the artwork should be much larger than this, so that it can be scaled down.

The best one, based on forum reputation, wins my entire collection of plushies + 13 silver coins (courtesy of TKs) + a little something else.

In case of a tie, the player with lower Mind Power wins. Should this criteria fail to name a winner, the lower Mind Power with lower number of plushies wins.

Cyrus Siridius is welcome to participate in the voting, and his vote will count x 10. (Ideally, he gets to keep the avatar, in case avatar managers agree)

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This is my contribution to this challenge.

I based it on the comments on self section only and went from there.


I believe the strong should support and guide those less able than themselves. Honesty is the greatest virtue even though it is hard to bear sometimes.

I wanted to make the scales look SUPER heavy to show the burden they cause, but I guess I was still thinking meme because I tried to draw that salt chef meme guy. The extended hand is supposed to show the support and guidance he purports it is crucial to provide.


cyrus siridius.png

For the record I have NO EARTHLY IDEA what happened with the eyes. I claim full responsibility for the butchering of what was otherwise a time-consuming and effortful drawing.

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Highly experienced in countless battles, Cyrus Siridius was revered by those who learned from him, students and teachers alike. His mastery of the blade wielding saved countless innocent lives from the hands of his foes. Cyrus also had a remarkable gift of teaching those who needs to learn the ways of a true champion. Fierce, agile and tactical, he applies his skills to defend his homeland, its people and most of all his family.

Beneath his now-unused armor stood a compassionate gentleman; a King in his own right, a Warrior of life, and a Lover of his people.

May he rest in peace.


Cyrus Siridius

(August 19, 2008 - May 3, 2020)

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I would like to thank all the participants. No doubt you all put some serious effort in this, you are awesome!

Based on reputation, the best submission is signed by Lazarus (I love it too, but decided against voting any).

He gets my entire collection of plushies, 13 silver coins + my autograph (usable for a 1 week pass in Necrovion).

But I don't want to forget the others: Ungod, Steno and Ailith all get a 1 week pass in Necrovion at the special price of a creature sacrifice (it can be any creature, even 0 heat, and it has to be sacrificed at the Eternal Toiler).

My only regret is, despite several messages to Cyrus Siridius (in game and here), I got no answer from him...

Perhaps Mur / Chew could e-mail him something like  'dude, you got killed but you won a freaking awesome avatar! check it out!"

Anyway, well done all of you! ????

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Thank you for making this quest lashtal, the artwork submissions were all great! Though I felt really overqualified for this, so I wish to part 15 of these plushies and give 5 each to Ungod, Steno and Ailith, I was planning on doing it myself but since the Plushies had become non-transferable I thought it would be helpful if I declare it. 


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