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Aia's Murmas Quest

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In the spirit of Murmas, I wish to run a quest, and seek sponsorship for the quest rewards.

Rewards thus far:

1 Voice stone (donated by Burns)
6 Heat stones (donated by Lintara)
630 Iron Ore (donated by Fang Archbane)
6 gold coins (donated by Treasury - 3 to first, 2 to second, 1 to third place)

1 Petrify stone (donated by Jubaris - for the scariest entry)

As it were that Murmas approacheth, so must good spirits.

Thine quest were so:

Write a Murmas poem, or song, or chant. Thine offering must rhyme, and reference the realm in some way, either of the land, or its beings, or otherwise.

Magic-speak, or archaic-speak, is encouraged, as were wit, and humour, for which further reward should be bestowed.

I seek an offering that may bring mirth and cheer to others this Murmas, which were that which above all must affect the final judgment.

As to the length of thine submission, there remaineth no limit; yet, one must remain entertaining throughout.


Of judgment thereof, such were that of each of the following, a score of up to ten points should be given:

1. For magic-speak, or archaic tongue, or other mystical construct

2. For rhyme and prosody

3. For mirth, and wit - and for this, a double scoring.

4. For support of those of the realm, that were not scored of the judges.

I shall accept submissions, within the realm, or within this forum, and they shall be anonymous until they are scored.


I would like to have the entries in by Murmas, yet, I know that the other-realm doth pull one away at that time, and so, I shall accept submission if it were late. These may be given to me within the realm of Mur, or within the forum of Mur, afore the great Murmas celebration.


Merry Murmas, and may good fortune befall thee.

Edited by Aia del Mana
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As I believe it were quite difficult to be present over Murmas, I shall extend the entries for two more days.


If those who wish to enter would kindly post their entry via PM or in-game, I should accept it as valid.

Edited by Aia del Mana
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Any entry that is submitted to me will be posted within this thread, anonymously. I shall reveal the writer of't after judgment were made.

Entries remain open until the end of New Year's Day. If thou didst find mirth in reading the entry beneath, please "like" this post.


Entry #1 by (anonymous) - now revealed to be Ungod


There once was an incompetent necromancer who went by the name of Spencer
His head was thick like a brick and he spoke like a regular of a meth centre.
One day, around Murmas, while he was taking a shower,
He thought of awing the entire world with his great power-
With a spell that would forever change the tides of this age:
He'd bring the kings of old tales back on the stage.

So he bought a life-sized doll and stuck in it a magical core:
'Alakhazam, Alakhatum, Alakhabar, rise and live, oh king, once more!'
And a thunder struck and behold! on the beach stood proudly Yrthilian
Whose is of mixed ancestry - part irish, part reptilian
A drach to his left, yrth on the throne, another drach to his right!
(Spencer was fighting his bladder - and he was losing that fight).

First thing Yrthilain did was saddle his reindrachs and fly!
Higher and higher and higher 'till it was just too high,
Too close to Kelle'tha's fire - and you know how that story goes...
All that was left of him were his teeth and his toes,
Which fell into the sea and then were washed ashore.
(I blame the faulty wings - you just can't trust Amazon's anymore).

But Spencer didn't yield - he took the forest path, meeting Robin Hood
Who clearly didn't care about his plans and robbed 'im good.
To get revenge, Spencer pulled out his sould and bound it to a tree
Thus scaring the resident dryad, who found herself with a goatee.
But Spencer's wicked plan did not stop there - alas!
He cast a testosterone spell on the dryad, who became Firsanthalas.

Who can describe in mere words what happened in the forest next?
It was a mix of gore, and tenderness, and  vile and grotesque - 
An identity crisis is really bad when you're a nymph
The hair-rising scene was almost like Pan's labyrinth...

You'd think one would stop and maybe learn a new trick
But failures meant nothing to Spencer the hick.
From the foam - or maybe it was something else - from the angien lake
On a clam, a most beautiful form he did awake..
Oh, Lifeline! King of hearts with a line that's divine
Desire on two feet that makes gigolos resign!
With a honey coated tongue he made Spencer lose his will:
'See ya, pops, got a date with some girls at Golems'Mill'...

Spencer screamed, with one hand on a dark grimoire and one on a cup of coffee:
'Oh, Necrovion, help me! Shades, give this worthless servant The Body!'
Then the bell at the house of tainted times rang twelve times
And forth came Khalazdad, missing some dozin enzymes.
'You bloody moron, how dare you ressurect me in a such sorry state!
I'm taking back your necro skill, but first - your bones I'll break!'

You want to know the end of Spencer the ex necromancer?
He took up alchemy and brought it down to lower standards...
But how it happened, what he did, is for another story
Next Murmas, maybe, we'll find out the alchemy of shame and glory!


Edited by Aia del Mana
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Entry #2 by (anonymous) - now revealed to be Aia


A Murmas to Remember 

On a Murmas Eve so clear 
Betwixt a yellow user-bar 
And a eyeglass that doth slide above the entry to the Store 
I stumbled on a elf-man 
Overworked in over demand 
'Neath the Murmas greenery that riseth from Gazebo's floor 

And afore the Murmas dawning 
He explained to me a warning 
That the Curse of Murmas Past and Murmas future doth endure 
And within the realm's proceeding 
Lay a chaos slowly breeding 
For Santa were for sale, it seems, within the MD store 
Single credit, nothing more

So I purchased but a single 
And although I owned Kris Kringle 
And the Murmas preparations lay beneath the Archive's floor 
He then left for northern weather 
With a sleigh in Reindrach tether 
To prepare his handiwork that bringeth merriment galore 

But as his sleigh took flight 
Into the dark of Murmas night 
I saw another rise in synchrony upon a distant shore 
Then many wizened Santa Clauses
Well-prepared for gifting causes
Took to the night in red and white to add to the encore 
And the elf-man cried, no more!

And between the Loreroot treetops 
Came a thumping on the rooftops 
Of the weight of twenty Santas come to bring me new decor 
But there came more, never-ending 
Every one of them intending
To leave a gift and eat mine cookies left for them before 

But mine roof were not built stronger 
And it did not hold much longer 
As around me crashed the Santas and mine roof unto the floor 
And the treetops shook like thunder 
As the realm began to wonder 
Whence had arrived the presents - now that terrible downpour;
Gifts aplenty - an eyesore?

So we rounded up Father Murmases
With help from the MR's services
And a Boss Heads Master attacked 'til their vitality were naught 
Then lined them at the Fenth's Press
Sacrificed the Santa excess 
And the Fenths were all collected quickly from the grassy floor 

Then we called in the alt-army 
Poised on a gift collect-spree 
And slowly presents cleared from atop the forest floor 
But the realm were filled to burst 
As the alt-army did their worst 
That it sloweth to a trickle all the actions of alt-corps 
MagicDuel showed: 404.
Merry Murmas, nothing more.

Edited by Aia del Mana
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Judgment hath been made, and I have revealed the anonymous writers above following it. As very few hath entered, and one were myself, the quest-giver, presently the judges discuss how prizes should be given.

Edited by Aia del Mana
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  • 2 weeks later...

Of the submissions, Ungod hath been awarded First Place.

I have passed him the stones and the Iron Ore. @Burns if thou'rt in possession of the Voice stone, I would kindly ask thee to pass it to Ungod, or to myself, if thou dost wish to continue to sponsor this quest.

I await the provision of Treasury as well, to Ungod.

As had been decided by the judging staff, Tipu's entry had been deemed of low effort, and doth bring little mirth, nor doth it rhyme, so it had not been treated as a valid entry to this quest.

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gold has been given to Ungod as he deserved it. Since the rest of gold coins remain unclaimed TK decides to award them to Aia herself to use them as she wants. We think that Aias entry was worthy of a reward, even though she never made a submission to get a reward in a first row. Congratulations Aia to your nice quest and wonderful entry. We hope you will make more quests in the future.

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