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 the list will be updated continuously.Every thing in this list is sold to the highest bidder (private or public) also everything in this list will NOT be withdrawn from list, UNLESS it has been sold. Sometimes free items , sometimes valuables . Check in time to time you might find something you want or need.

items for sale

Resources are 3sc each, unless stated otherwise 

8 Aromatic herbs 

12 Clay 
Fine Sand            free
2 Flowers       free
4 Gems 
Golemus dust 
5 Gravel            5sc minimum 
2 Lonsdaleite Shards 

8 Paper             4sc minimum

18 Rainwater 
Rare Metals      free

6 Rock Salt 
Sawdust          free

5 Skull          5sc minimum 
6 Syntropic Dust              8sc minimum
12 Tea leaves 

12 Toxic plants 
10 Tree bark 
Uncut Diamond          
13 Unidentified Ore 
8 Unidentified plants 
18 Water 
2 Wiiya 
Common items 3sc minimum \
Shade card
Marble slab 
Broken thermometer 






-- 2 heat stones ( FREE to NEW players only 180 Active days and below. 1 per player) and all players during holidays and events

Edited by Blackshade Rider
updated list
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  • Root Admin
18 hours ago, blackrider said:


Aethon already bought the two items he had asked for

Oh ok my bid was before you accepted aethons but I see the items are no longer on this list. I will have another look over the list :)

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1 hour ago, Chewett said:

my bid was before you accepted aethons

Was it? I think Aethons was first for the two items. then he had paid for them the same day. Just a ITC problem trying to fix. If your bid was before his i am sorry that i didnt notice it .

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  • Root Admin

Aethons bid: Thursday at 12:58 AM
My bid: Thursday at 07:41 PM
You updated and sold/removed Aethons items: Thursday at 09:37 PM

Obviously at the time of bidding I was bidding on the full set.

Its not a massive issue, but as you saw I was asking for clarification since you couldnt accept both Aethons and my bid, since they were supersets. I will review the item list and obviously adjust the amount I am to pay since the list has changed.

Edited by Chewett
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