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7 hours ago, Blackshade Rider said:
(chiefly in science fiction) a person with the paranormal ability to apprehend the mental or emotional state of another individual.

I think the correct terms you're looking for are "Unstable" and/or "Temperamental"...


7 hours ago, Blackshade Rider said:

I hope you all enjoy this it is a very long read but i put serious thought and effort into this.

This is where the plagiarism really occurs, stating the works your own. I'd be careful doing that because it can cause serious troubles if you aren't. (I'd insert quote at least, to show what parts you did write.)

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  • Root Admin

As a more personal and general note, Im not convinced this marries up with your actual interactions with people in MD. it seems a lot more like you dont consider others, Similar to how when you disbanded GG and then suddenly realised you let your land down.

So given the fact that as far as I can see, what you wrote saying you are, and what you have shown are different it would be interesting to see your viewpoint on some of the more explosive incidents, and why you think you had empathy with people during that.

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17 hours ago, Blackshade Rider said:

moved to my own blog. i dont have time for people with no life that like to troll.


Why post something only to delete it when people give a bad critique? It's not trolling, it's giving our opinion from our perspective.

This type of reaction marries in perfectly to what Chewett says above - you react badly to something you don't like, much like a child not getting their own way, without actually considering others' opinions as well...


...It's sad because no matter how much people try with you, you always end up doing a full circle and biting them in the backside.

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  • Root Admin
11 hours ago, Blackshade Rider said:

If any wish to comment further or did not see my post you may contact me privately for my blog to see the post.

Thank you 


My post was hopefully trying to get you to ignore others and explain how your being an "empath" has affected your time in MD, espically those times when you have apparently been most misunderstood. I hoped this was a perfect time for you to step up and talk to people but I assume from the negative reputation you gave me that you took it negatively.

sorry for trying to help you with your problem. this is the perfect medium to explain but oh well I won't try again :(

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  • 2 months later...

@Chewett While I can't speak of blackshade rider specifically (especially as I have not read his blog post), I can tell you that one of the most distressing states (for me at least) is seeing a strong emotion in someone else (whether or not it's real) and not being able to connect to them at that point with a responsible action.  

I would not be surprised if that would lead some to take risks/do explosive things.  For me I tend to just go hide in a corner.


@Blackshade Rider looking through your forum activity and not seeing any follow-up to this, I'm going to resurrect.  the forum really is the perfect medium, like chew says...i too encourage you to open up, especially now that some time has passed.

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