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Gateway bug #2

Blackshade Rider

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Not sure if the heads thing mur did last night has anything to do with this, but this is a sanctuary so shouldnt a player be safe here? Or does the heads hill tag also have something to do with it? I know for certain before mur did the heads stuff last night that you could not be attacked here at this location. Can some one enlighten me on this?


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Ann. 215 - [2008-01-23 07:05:37 - Alpha 5] - Permalink - Posted By Muratus del Mur
Players in sanctuary with more than 15 heads can be attacked...no more hidding to keep those heads.

" Ann. 291 - [2008-03-15 04:48:03 - Alpha 5] - Permalink - Posted By Muratus del Mur
Number of heads that will cancel your imunity in the sanctuary is now 6 instead of 15, so if you have more than 6 heads and you are in a sanctuary you are no longer protected by it. As soon as you lose your heads you are again protected. "

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