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Today i come to you with a simple question. If you had to use any combination of the known principles to create a revival process, how and where would you do it?

All participants will be given some sort of reward for their participation, but age as well as reasoning and level of work put in will all be factored in when assigning rewards.

For any and all new/young participants who lack one we will be rewarding an Angien for your hard work and dedication.

If you already have an Angien or do not want one, you can pick between an Unholy Pope, a Tormented Soul, or Silver.

Thats all without sponsorship of any kind. If sponsors do appear we will update the rewards accordingly. This quest has no end date of any kind, so ponder at will.

When you are ready to submit your answer however, please find either Pipstickz or Mallos and pick a location to conduct your ceremony at, then RP it there.

Id like to thank everyone that participates in any way ahead of time, and to wish you all the best of luck, happy thinking ( ^^)7

(To clarify, anyone of any age can participate, but these are newbie specific rewards save for silver till sponsorship)

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If 'tis a recipe you seek
Of re-viviscent mystique
And Magic Principles unique - then hear me speak:

First take Cyclicity
Return to life at it's mercy
But know that its duality were truly deathly.

Then the Elements you desire
Earth, Water, Air, and Fire
A transfer doth transpire for a vessel to acquire.

Then take one with living breath
Cast Entropy upon its flesh
That it should take upon its death and grant a Fenth.

To Balance death one should surmise
To bring undeath were it's sure prize
Vessel, Fenth, and Soul arise to life's reprise.

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