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WTS Creatures and Items (Auction)


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I'll run this like an auction for a while (two weeks maximum).


- Reindrach ID: 757018 - Minimum bid: 5gc - 75 sc (5 gc) - dst

- Santa ID: 757630    Tokens: Stardust, Kelletha Fire - 48sc - Fang Archbane

- Imperial Aramor ID:715419

- Imperial Aramor ID:757179

Items (item - description): 

- Turtle Shell Hair Comb - A brown and white comb made out of a turtle shell. It can be used to untagle even the most strongheaded...fur.

- Wormy driftwood - I suppose its a habitat, so you could call them pets. I guess.

- Unaddressed ransom note - A ransom note not particularly addressed to anyone. Useful if you want to kidnap someone or something.

- Decisive Saying - A small metal plate with the engraving: “It's written in stone.”

- Torn Kite - This use to fly until children played with it.

- Yang's Fortune cookie #3 - Tastes like sugar and cardboard, the note inside reads “Will you marry me?”


Bidding shall stop when I like the price.

Edited by Aelis
Creatures sold. No bids on the imps.
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Deal, Ungod :) I'll send you a message!

As for the creatures, I'll leave it open like an auction for a while and then sell to the highest bidder. Also after checking Nim's creature auction I've decided to copy her and put a minimum bid of 5gc on the Rein. Will edit the first post stating this and putting the bids so far.

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